Success story | Removing a third party, after divorce and remarriage!

Removing a third party, after they married and had a baby!

I thought I could change others through effort. Now I know I cannot change another unless I first change myself. To change another within my world I must first change my concept of that other; and to do it best I change my concept of self. For it was the concept I held of self that made me see others as I did.

Neville Goddard

This is an example of how SELF CONCEPT does all the work for you, and love that is real, JUST SHINES THROUGH.

Paul, is a middle aged man who had met an American woman years ago, he moved to LA to live with her. They married and had children. He worked as a piano tuner, and that is how I met him. I saw him once a year, and that is pretty much all, in between tunings, his life went on, and eventfully so.

His wife met someone else, and at one point had left him. The next year she had come back again, I was surprised that he had taken her back, but I was still relatively inexperienced in life, so in my mind “I would never”, well you know…

Paul and his wife eventually did divorce, and she married the other person, and they had kids. During this time, I am SURE Paul went through some heartache, but he was still in love with his wife, and he wished her happiness in her new marriage. Does this sound familiar? This is the same scenario as Florence Scovel Shinn tells about in her chapter on “The Cap”. If you haven’t read it, “The Cap” is the specific person of a woman who got sick and tired of his endless cheating. She eventually visited Florence Scovel Shinn for help, and was told that she doesn’t actually “love” “the Cap”, she was hating him.

Maybe you can recognize yourself here? How often do you have ruminating thoughts take over your mind, and are they at all kind?

If you can’t think kind thoughts about an ex that you are manifesting back, simply refuse to think anything at all, and stich with enjoying your life exactly as it is. Whatever love you are able to give, is the same measure of love that you will receive, so work on increasing the gift of love somehow, somewhere. Your life is like a cup, that you have to take the lid off of by giving what you want the cup filled with.

If you want more money, you have to give money, you can tithe you can give to the homeless, you can spend it in your community. This takes the lid off the cup, and it can be filled. Unless you give off the same energy, you can’t receive it. If you give no love, you can’t receive love. People might be literally throwing love at you but you don’t gain the experience of love anyway. 

Back to Paul and his now ex wife, and her new family. Paul continued to love her, no matter what she was up to now, and he seemingly kept his self confidence high. Self concept means that you choose who you want to be, and you adopt that concept of self. If your circumstances look opposite, this is just your subconscious beliefs percolating up to the surface, remain solid in your concept of self.

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One year, Pail came back to tune the piano, and he had remarried his wife, he was taking care of the baby she had with her other husband, and they lived happily ever after! This is a real success story, and I hope it inspires you to focus more on self concept and less on your thoughts of wanting an “apology” or having them be “obsessed”. None of that matters to someone who is rock solidly happy with who they are. So to manifest the state of someone who is happily married with their specific person, go straight there, to the rock solid, unshakeable, concept of self.

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