What you desire is already created, it is within you, and you do not have to create it, just find it within

What you desire is already created, it is within you, and you do not have to create it, just find it within

The idea of desires being caused by either the ego or the spiritual is a misconception in the law of assumption. In truth, every desire is rooted in the ego and is also influenced by the spirit. It’s not an either/or scenario; it’s both. Everything that appears in the dual world, the world of illusion and separation, is anchored in consciousness, spirit, or the divine. Without this anchoring, it would cease to exist. Pure consciousness itself does not possess desires; it simply exists as awareness. And since it is inherently Bliss, it represents the fulfillment of desires.

Desires only exist in the dualistic realm, serving as an intrinsic part of our being to guide us back to consciousness, unity, and oneness. The presence of desires signifies our yearning for our divine nature, for experiencing Bliss. These desires are planted within us by our divine spirit. Rather than battling against the ego, we should welcome our desires with open arms. Instead of questioning whether we are allowed to want something better, more, or different in life, we should seek perfect clarity.

When embarking on the journey of manifestation, the first step should not be confusion or self-doubt. Instead, we should ask ourselves how we can attain perfect clarity about our desires. By articulating our desires within ourselves, speaking them aloud, intending them, and embodying their fulfillment, we create alignment with what we truly seek. Additionally, it’s important to open ourselves up to receive the manifestation of our desires.

Let go of the notion of conflicting forces between the ego and the spirit. Embrace the understanding that desires are an integral part of our divine nature. Trust in the process of manifestation and align yourself with perfect clarity, so that you may effortlessly attract and embody the life you desire. Remember the profound words, “If you believe in your troubles, believe also in me (God).” By fully embracing your desires and cultivating clarity, you invite the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations.

Another important aspect to understand in the process of manifestation is that what you desire is already created. It exists within you, waiting to be discovered and brought into your experience. The act of manifestation is not about creating something entirely new; rather, it is about uncovering and aligning with what already exists within your consciousness.

Instead of approaching manifestation as a process of external creation, as in the law of attraction, shift your focus inward. This is Neville Goddard’s genius contribution to the west. Instead of ATTRACTING something from the external, discover that embodying the state, and assuming your natural born Bliss is your birthright. Cultivating a deep sense of inner knowing and connection with the desires that reside within you. The state of the wish-fulfilled!  Trust that all is  already present and available to you. 

The key lies in finding your CLEAR desires within yourself.  Not your confusion.  Not your doubts and fears. Your desire, pure and undiluted by your mind’s incessant and useless thoughts.   This involves introspection, self-reflection, and a willingness to explore your inner landscape. Take the time to connect with your heart’s desires, listening to the whispers of your soul. Only by turning inward, will you gain access to creativity and abundance within your own consciousness.

Rather than striving to create something out of nothing, or aligning with an external object, person, or lifestyle,  embrace the journey of an inner state.  Then, allow your desires to unfold naturally as you continue to attune yourself to the state. 

What you desire is not something you have to create from scratch.

It is already a part of you

You are the vessel through which the universe manifests itself.

In conclusion, desires arise from the ego but are intricately connected to the spiritual realm. They serve as a guiding force leading us back to our divine nature and unity consciousness. 

Rather than battling against the ego, seek perfect clarity and articulate your desires within yourself. Embrace your desires, trust the manifestation process, and open yourself to receive the abundant blessings that await you.

Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption!

Neville Goddard

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