Evolving Beyond Ego: Embracing the ‘I AM’ State”

Evolving Beyond Ego: Embracing the ‘I AM’ State”

Understanding the concept of “I AM” and reducing the influence of the ego is crucial in the journey towards spiritual growth and self-realization. The phrase “I am god of my reality” often signifies the earliest phase of the manifestation journey. However, true spiritual enlightenment and self-realization evolve gradually, transcending ego and connecting with the divine ‘I AM’ state.

Belief in Body and Ego

At the initial stage, identifying solely with the body limits our consciousness. In this state, one serves the perception that they are merely a servant of the physical self, missing the recognition of a higher reality. What I’m saying is that you THINK that you are “God of your reality” but you are a slave to your physical senses and your own thoughts. This is where manifesters begin to dabble in the “I AM”….

Awakening to Soul Consciousness

Understanding ourselves as souls, sparks of eternal Light, moves us beyond the confined perceptions of the body. It’s a significant shift towards recognizing the divine within, but it too, is not the final stage of realization.

Vision of Oneness

The ultimate realization occurs when the truth is unveiled, and the understanding dawns that the self and the divine are inseparable. “The I and My Father are one” marks the pinnacle of self-realization, emphasizing the oneness with the divine.

The Profoundness of “I AM”

The “I AM” is the very essence of existence, the source of life itself. It’s an infinite, indescribable force that cannot be confined by words or limited by human understanding.

Acknowledging the ‘I AM’ state in its fullness doesn’t happen immediately. Before reaching the final stage of self-realization, one might believe they are separate from the divine, considering the ‘I AM’ statement as “My false identification with my body and mind is God,” which is inherently false and indicates a lower stage of consciousness.

Recognizing the journey from body-centric identification to the oneness with the divine is a transformation that gradually elevates consciousness, leading to that “I AM” . Now, not just a statement but a state of being.

Transcending the “I AM” Identity

To say “I AM Anna” or any other label attaches the limitless “I AM” to the confines of a BODY with all its limitations. Regardless of what it is. “I AM” beyond any appended labels. I am consiousness not attached to any reality.

Release from Limiting Beliefs

The “I AM” goes beyond the mind, thoughts, or any preconceptions. It’s the merging of the divine experience with consciousness, not just a limited “God of my reality” but an infinite “I AM.”

Embrace the Divine, Beyond Limitations

The journey towards the true “I AM” involves shedding the limiting beliefs and identities and acknowledging the boundless, infinite nature of existence. It’s a state of pure “I AM,” free from any constraints or limitations.

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