The Opposite of Receiving Mode: Understanding Repelling Mode

The Opposite of Receiving Mode: Understanding Repelling Mode

Imagine a dog off its leash, running away from its owner. The more you chase and call after it, the faster it runs. However, if you stop chasing and act like you’re engaged in something enjoyable, the dog may come running back to you. This scenario mirrors the dynamics of what we can call the ‘repelling mode.’

In manifestation, the more you push, worry, and obsess about the outcome, the more you repel it. It’s like chasing after your desire too eagerly. This state of being can create resistance, hindering the natural flow of manifesting. Think of it as being in repelling mode, where your actions and energy inadvertently push away what you’re trying to attract.”

Three important points summarized:

  1. Repelling Mode vs. Receiving Mode:
    Understand the concept of being in a repelling mode versus a receiving mode. Repelling mode involves chasing after manifestations with anxiety and worry, whereas receiving mode involves being open and receptive without pushing too hard.
  2. The Dog Analogy:
    Visualize a dog off its leash—when you chase it, it runs faster. Similarly, when you excessively pursue your desires and worry about their manifestation, you might unknowingly repel them. Learn to let go and adopt a more relaxed, receptive stance.
  3. Avoiding Resistance:
    Pushing too hard, obsessing over outcomes, and worrying can create resistance in the manifestation process. Instead, strive for a balance between focused intention and a relaxed, trust-filled approach, allowing the flow of manifestation to happen naturally.

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