Godtime, The Mirror and Manifestation

In Godtime, all things happen simultaneously, and mirroring reflects how our inner world shapes our external experiences. When our internal state is filled with rage, we encounter anger and hatred in the world, surrounded by what we perceive as filth and unworthy individuals. Conversely, an inner state of calm and serenity projects a world filled with smiles and benevolent people. Who are you on the inside? Inside your mind? Inside your heart? Is your heart open to wonderful experiences or is closed off in anger? Your mirror will tell you the turth, so look into the world and tell me what you see….


God, the embodiment of consciousness, awareness, omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience, resides in a dimension beyond time. For God, past, present, and future are all unfolding simultaneously. When God prophesies or predicts, it’s not foreseeing but a recognition of the eternal “now.” Now, it is time to be calm. The appointed hour is NOW,

Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself. Forget the past, for it is gone from your domain! Forget the future, for it is beyond your reach!

Parmahansa Yogananda

Everything exists within you NOW:

Within your being, you already possess all that you need. There’s no need to request, to act a certain way, or even to desire, for everything you seek is already present within you. Experience gratitude to discover the feeling of having.

The holy name of I AM:

The name of I AM serves as your portal to access the timeless consciousness of God. By simply knocking on this door, making a conscious decision about who you are and what you desire, it will swing open, granting you access to boundless possibilities. It’s a profound yet simple journey into a higher understanding of yourself and the world.

You may walk in water and live in fire; But control of the mind is better and more difficult. You have come to earth to entertain and to be entertained. Stillness is the altar of spirit.

Parmahansa Yogananda

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