Hear  your Good news Announced!

Imagine this: You’re chatting with a familiar face, someone you know and who knows you but NOT your best friend. Why not your best friend? Because your best friend already knows! You tell your best friend everything first, so imagine a person who maybe knows you both, but you don’t usually confide in them. In other words; An acquaintance!

Hear them say this to you: 

“I heard through the grapevine……”

“Someone told me that…….”

“[Name of best friend] told me that……”

“I heard a rumor that……” 

(Using the phrase of language that they ACTUALLY would use.) 

Follow this up with them telling you that they heard your GOOD NEWS, whether it’s “I heard a rumor that you got married,” “Congratulations on your successful business,” or “I heard you bought a new house,” you can insert any desire you have in mind.

When you imagine this casual conversation, you’re assuming that your desire has already come true. You’re not hoping or wishing; you’re confidently accepting it as reality. 

You can follow their statement with a confirmation if you like, tell them “Yes, it is so nice”, but you can also drop off the imagination immediately. It is so simple!

How to Use This Technique

1. Choose Your Desire: Start by pinpointing what you want to manifest

2. Imagine the Conversation:  Imagine the selected person you know but who wouldn’t already know your good news. Hear them saying the above statement in a way that fits with your language style.

3. Repeat a few times.

4. Done.

YOu can do it anytime during the day, when you wake up, or before bed. It DOESN’T matter.

Where does this method come from?

This story is from Neville Goddard’s “Freedom For all.” 

It is an UNDERUSED method, please make use of THIS more often. It is easy, and it is quick!

This also overlaps with an NLP technique that is used with huge success to quit addictions!

Just for all the folks who DO NOT like Neville Goddard’s constant referencing of the Bible, and even more importantly for all of us who are followers of Jesuss Christ, I have made a post about that HERE, where I address this.

Let’s now allow Neville to use his Biblical analogies, and remember that his Biblical beliefs should have no impact on YOURS:

Freedom For All, Chapter Nine

The Annunciation:

The use of a friend’s voice to impregnate one’s self with a desirable state is beautifully told in the story of the Immaculate Conception.

It is recorded that God sent an angel to Mary to announce the birth of His son. “And the angel said unto her… thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son… Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the highest shall over-shadow thee; therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God. For with God nothing shall be impossible”. [Luke 1:30-37]

This is the story that has been told for centuries the world over, but man was not told that it was written about himself so he has failed to receive the benefit it was intended to give him.

The story reveals the method by which the idea or Word was made flesh. God, we are told, germinated or begat an idea, a son, without the aid of another. Then He placed His germinal idea in the womb of Mary with the help of an angel who made the announcement to her and impregnated her with the idea.

No simpler method was ever recorded of consciousness impregnating itself than is found in the story of the Immaculate Conception.

The four characters in this drama of creation are the Father, the Son, Mary and the Angel.

The Father symbolizes your consciousness; the Son symbolizes your desire; Mary symbolizes your receptive attitude of mind; and the Angel symbolizes the method used to make the impregnation.

The drama unfolds in this manner. The Father begets a Son without the aid of another.

You define your objective – you clarify your desire without the help or suggestion of another.

Then the Father selects that angel who is best qualified to bear this message or germinal possibility to Mary.

You select the person in your world who would be sincerely thrilled in witnessing the fulfillment of your desire.

Then Mary learns through the angel that she has already conceived a Son without the aid of man.

You assume a receptive attitude of mind, a listening attitude, and imagine you are hearing the voice of the one you have chosen to tell you what you desire to know. Imagine that you hear him tell you that you are and have that which you desire to be and to have. You remain in this receptive state until you feel the thrill of having heard the good and wonderful news. Then like Mary of the story, you go about your business in secret telling no one of this wonderful and immaculate self-impregnation, confident that in due season you will express this impression.

The Father generates the seed or germinal possibility of a Son but in a eugenic impregnation; He does not convey the spermatozoa from Himself to the womb. He has it borne through another medium.

Consciousness desiring is the Father generating the seed or idea. A clarified desire is the perfectly formed seed or the only begotten Son. This seed is then carried from the Father (consciousness desiring) to the Mother (consciousness of being and having the state desired).

This change in consciousness is accomplished by the angel or imaginary voice of a friend telling you that you have already achieved your objective.

The use of an angel or friend’s voice to make a conscious impression is the shortest, safest and surest way to be self-impregnated.

With your desire properly defined, you assume an attitude of listening. Imagine you are hearing the voice of a friend; then make him tell you (imagine he is telling you) how lucky and fortunate you are to have fully realized your desire.

In this receptive attitude of mind you are receiving the message of an angel; you are receiving the impression that you are and have that which you desire to be and to have. The emotional thrill of having heard that which you desire to hear is the moment of conception. It is the moment you become self-impregnated, the moment you actually feel you are now that or have that which heretofore you but desired to be or to possess.

As you emerge from this subjective experience, you, like Mary of the story, will know by your changed attitude of mind that you have conceived a Son; that you have fixed a definite subjective state and will in a little while express or objectify this state.

Neville Goddard

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