“Changing a Negative Circumstance On the Spot: Mastering the Neville Goddard Way”

“Changing a Negative Circumstance On the Spot: Mastering the Neville Goddard Way”

Let’s discuss the power of immediate damage control using the teachings of Neville Goddard. We all encounter moments of bad news or situations gone wrong in our lives, but it’s crucial to remember that nothing in reality is set in stone. Despite how solid and real a negative event may seem, it is not the ultimate truth. Reality is produced from within our consciousness, and our reactions to these reflections can either exacerbate or diffuse the situation.

Instead of reacting impulsively, we can take immediate action by recognizing that life consists of countless moments in time, each forming a snapshot. The alignment of these snapshots has nothing to do with logic or linear time but everything to do with what we imagine will come next.

“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within – from the subconscious”

Neville Goddard

Consider my personal experiences where I manifested seemingly absurd things. For instance, I imagined and manifested free flights for a year when I needed to travel frequently. Unexpectedly, a friend gave me buddy passes without my request or expectation, defying rational expectations based on our friendship dynamics. I have also manifested finding a missing person within one hour after three months of being missing. Against all odds, through the power of imagination alone, I was able to locate them swiftly. Miraculous turnarounds, whether through prayer or other methods, occur when we believe in our prayers and imagine the perfect outcome, allowing faith to guide us.

At times, our imagination may be riddled with contradictions, resulting in chaotic or unusual outcomes. However, by recognizing that our imagination shapes our reality, we can refine our imaginative process and perform what may seem like miracles.

Resistance and negative imagining create detours into strange circumstances. By eliminating any trace of negative imagination, we can accelerate our manifestation process. This immediate shift is experienced by many individuals within minutes. Cleansing our imagination is key.

When we are shocked or triggered, our survival instincts take over, leading to cascades of negative imaginal scenes and a chain of unfortunate events. Reclaiming our imaginative and creative brain can disrupt this cycle and prevent negative manifestations. In moments of shock, take a moment to breathe and emotionally distance yourself from the situation or news. Find a silent place, sit down, and create a mental distance from your initial knee-jerk reaction. Close your eyes and count down from ten to one. In your imagination, revise the shock and replace it with its total opposite. Swap loss with abundance, rejection with love, embarrassment with success. Leave no room for doubt, detach fully from the initial sensation, and immerse yourself in an imaginal scene that denies the evidence of anything negative.

“Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption
and watch the world play its part
relative to to its fulfillment.”

Neville Goddard

This technique is the fastest way to halt unwanted circumstances and can bring about profound change in an instant. Embrace the power of immediate transformation and share your success stories with me.

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