Don’t Look Down! Staying Focused on Manifestation

 Don’t Look Down! Staying Focused on Manifestation

Let’s talk about applying the law of assumption!

It’s crucial to keep our focus on the ultimate goal and aspirations because losing sight of the end state (the state of the wish fulfilled, Neville Goddard) can lead to fear and doubt, creating roadblocks on our path to manifestation. By staying laser-focused on the fulfilled goal, we can experience the effortless flow of the Law of assumption. Today, we’ll discuss how to navigate those moments when our dreams feel far beyond our comfort zone.

Conquering Manifestation Vertigo:

Imagine standing at the base of a ladder, about to climb up to reach the top for a specific purpose—let’s say to change a light bulb. If you keep your vision fixed on the top, everything goes smoothly. However, looking down might trigger feelings of fear, dizziness, or even faintness. This phenomenon, known as “height vertigo,” occurs when signals from different systems in our body, such as our eyes, feet and legs, and inner ear, conflict with each other. Similarly, when we desire something that seems way beyond our comfort zone, taking stock of our current reality can induce a similar sensation of “Manifestation Vertigo.” Many people panic at this point, and that’s precisely when I receive their emails. But fear not, for there is a solution—don’t look down!

Overcoming Obstacles:

Let me share a personal experience from a couple of decades ago. I visited the ancient pre-Columbian city of Chichen Itza with my ten-year-old daughter. We decided to climb the pyramid to the Temple of Kukulcán , which involved ascending 365 steep steps to reach the 98 ft tall pyramid top. However, halfway up, I made the mistake of looking down, and height vertigo struck. In a split second, I experienced a panic attack, envisioning myself falling even though I wasn’t. We had to retreat, missing the opportunity to explore an architectural wonder that is now closed to tourists. Had I kept my gaze focused on the end, we would have witnessed the beauty that awaited us.

The Power of Focused Attention:

Where we direct our attention greatly influences our state of being. Our physical senses—sight, smell, touch, and sound—play a vital role in shaping our state. In the case of manifestation, the key is focused attention. Looking away from the desired end result stirs up anxiety, self-doubt, and a sense of limitation, hindering progress. On the other hand, when we look up and stay focused on the fulfillment of our goal, it ignites possibilities, fuels our courage and determination, and instills a belief that anything is possible.

Step-by-Step Approach:

Imagine having a huge deadline at work, feeling exhausted and pressed for time. If you start losing focus, dwelling on fatigue and the complexities of the task, you’ll likely fail. However, if you maintain your focus solely on the next goal in front of you and tackle it step by step, you’ll get it done. This approach works wonders when your desired outcome feels overwhelming, such as a court date or any significant challenge. Keep your attention on each step and hold onto the assumption that all will be well. Avoid veering off track, as losing focus can trigger anxiety and panic. Remember, height vertigo can affect our state of mind.

Embracing Setbacks and Moving Forward:

Obstacles are an inevitable part of life, and they may even be necessary steps on our journey. When setbacks arise, it’s crucial not to let yourself be consumed by them. Instead, accept setbacks as temporary roadblocks and keep pushing forward. Don’t let moments of doubt take root. During challenging times, maintaining an unwavering focus on the fulfilled goal becomes even more critical.

The Power of Fixed Attention:

This is the essence of the law of assumption—the work is in your focused attention. While the fulfillment itself is not within your control, your unwavering attention is. By refusing to look away from the goal, you prevent yourself from seeing only impossibilities. Even something as innocent as looking down when climbing a ladder can throw you off balance completely. Similarly, if you shift your focus away from the state of wish fulfilled, you immediately disrupt the manifestation process.

The power of our focus can make or break our manifestations. Just as looking away from the top of a ladder can destabilize us physically, looking away from the end state can fill our minds with thoughts of impossibility. It’s as simple as this: refuse to look away from the goal. If you can maintain your unwavering gaze, you’ll remain firmly in the state of the wish fulfilled.

Remember, manifestation is a journey, and obstacles may arise, but with a steadfast focus, you can transform the seemingly impossible into a reality. So, keep your eyes on the prize, rise above the obstacles, and march forward, leaving doubt and anxiety behind, building confidence and a fearlessness in you.

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