STATES of Infinite Potential | Manifest Mystery | Becoming YOU

STATES of Infinite Potential | Manifest Mystery | Becoming YOU

If I ask you a question…

Where are you?

At home

At work?

In front of your computer? 

Or a smartphone?

In your body?

In a city?

Are you on a planet?

Are you in love?

In pain?

In yearning?

Where are you and why are you there?

The way you perceive reality depends on “where” you are.

Let’s start with the WHOLE of reality. All of it.

The future, the ast, outer space, all the things you don’t know yet, that you can’t know, and the things that you want to know. The Big Bang, and before the big bang.  Let’s start with ALL.

What is this? This ALL.

It is unbounded pleasures, known as bliss. 

It is connection and oneness.

It is all knowing 

It is all loving.

If you can see reality as it is you would know where you are and where you are going, and who you are. But it’s hidden from us, we have no sense of the ALL, so it is AS IF it doesn’t exist.

Complete perception and total  connection with the force that builds the universe; THAT is you.

The ALL exists in totality. Your future self,  your past, right now, all the states of potential it is all part of the ALL that we can not perceive.

We are like a closed little box with five openings, one for each sense, and we only experience what we can perceive in that little box. 

Our state.

What are you experiencing in there?

Limited perception?

Fleeting pleasures?


All kinds of problems that cause you suffering?

This is your state.

This is “where you are”

Why don’t we experience something “from out there”, from the total of reality? From The ALL?

When we notice something from “out there” from outside of the box, we never really know what it is that we are sensing. Imagine yourself in the box, and your hand blindly reaching out though its box hole, touching and sensing “something’, we think that we know what it is but we never get it right, we never really know the totality of what is out there. Another dimension that we can not perceive.

We determine what we experience, by interpreting it, and giving it an identity, and of course, a meaning.  

The meaning we gave it is entirely dependent on our program.

Our program never tells us what the outer reality is, it simply reduces it to the smallest meaning that our own individual program can perceive. 

Many people want LOA to be as simple as possible, a good sign that our program is pretty small.  LOA has become a children’s version of what manifesting actually is.Many people live inside their box, and never understand that manifesting includes the ALL. All of the states that exist in potential, and not just the experience from within the box.

Everything that you perceive through the five box holes, your senses, is processed by a program called “ego”, and I mean the ego the way it is defined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra’s. The “I-Maker”. The definition of ego can vary depending on again…your programming, but here I mean it as the tool for identification.

The input of the box comes through the five box openings, and the meaning creation of the input is handled by the program called the Ego, and the output of the interpretation is called “the world around us”, or our circumstance.

But THIS isn’t REAL reality. It is just the way it appears to us.

Out there, The ALL, the total reality operates on an entirely different program. The ALL builds and guides the entire universe. 

The senses aren’t really openings, they are a screen, a retina, and eardrum, a taste bud, that interprets what’s out there, with limited perception.The ego program asks, “What does this have to do with ME, how does it relate to me”? The ALL is so completely opposite to this limited function and interpretation, it only gives, and creates, it is unbounded and complete. 

All states exist in potential, and if the mind can perceive it,it appears in the box reality.

So, you see it isn’t the Law of Attraction, it is the law of Assumption. The appearance of a perception makes a whole new potential reality available to you.

So if I ask, “Where are you?”

The answer you give me, is equal to your state, the state that you are in, and that is how your world is created. If you become aware of another state, another reality materializes. All states exist in potential. If your mind can perceive it, it can materialize in your reality.

What is it that you want to become, who is it that you want to be?

If I ask the question, “Where are you”? Try instead to answer it from the state of potential that you want to embody, and you have shifted state. Now a new reality will begin to materialize for you.


Where are you?

In comfort?

In love?

At home?

In a nurturing state of mind?

Create the place where you are the person that you want to be in your mind, and live there. Ask yourself throughout the day, “where am I right now”? And consciously shift yourself back to your desired state.

Photo by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen

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