Thank you for this, that I have manifested and asked for!

Take my message to heart and live by it. Practice the art of prayer daily, and then one day you will find the most effective prayer is: “Thank you Father.” You will feel this being within you as your very self. You can speak of it as “thou” yet know it is “I.” You will then have a thou/I relationship, and say to yourself: “Thank you, Father”. If I want something, I know the desire comes from the Father, because all thought springs from Him. Having given me the urge, I thank Him for fulfilling it. Then I walk by faith, in confidence that he who gave it to me through the medium of desire will clothe it in bodily form for me to encounter in the flesh.

Neville Goddard

Thank you for this, that I have manifested and asked for!

Neville Goddard’s “thank you” technique offers a powerful alternative when the traditional method of visualizing / imagining and feeling the wish fulfilled feels challenging. This technique is particularly useful when doubt, anxiety, or the complexity of the desired state hinder the imaigal scene or “living from the end” process. It is also useful ANY day, ANY time, and ALWAYS 😃

The essence of this technique lies in simplifying the process by condensing your desire into a concise, powerful phrase—typically “Thank you.” By saying “thank you” as if your desire has already been fulfilled, you shift your mindset into one of gratitude and assumption that your desire is already a reality. Neville Goddard also uses “Isn’t it wonderful!”. I personally use “I am so thankful and grateful” …(That I have thisthing that I have prayed for, it feels so good to have seen it come to fruition) You can elaborate however you like!

Expressing gratitude in advance creates a sense of already having received what you desire. It cultivates a feeling of contentment and faith, it eliminates doubts and anxieties, and it automatically makes you imagine the “state of the wish fulfulled”.

In practice, it’s about stating your desire clearly, then inwardly or outwardly saying “thank you” for its fulfillment. It’s a mantra that reminds you to acknowledge and appreciate the imminent realization of your wish, helping you embody the feeling of already having what you desire. Use it a few times a day, to reset your mind.

This quick little method is perfect for when your mind has spiralled, or when you start asking yourself why it hasn’t “worked”. Stop the spiral by expressing gratitude. Say it out loud, and be emphatic. Mean it when you say it!

Thank you!

I am so thankful and grateful that you found this post helpful!

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