Mental Health and the Law of Assumption: A Delicate Balance

The delicate balance between addressing mental health conditions like OCD, anxiety, and delusions while navigating the Law of Assumption/Attraction with care and mindfulness:

Mental Health and the Law of Assumption: A Delicate Balance

Mental health conditions, such as OCD, deep anxiety, obsession, phobias and delusions, can present profound challenges in daily life. The intricate nature of these conditions often leads individuals to seek various avenues for relief and healing. One such path is the Law of Assumption (or Attraction.) Manifesting desires by assuming their fulfillment seems like an easy way out of the painful intrusive thoughts, but in reality it can cause even more pain and confusion for some. While a powerful tool, its application in the realm of mental health requires delicate consideration and understanding.

The Human Nature to Avoid Accountability

As humans, it is innate to seek ways to alleviate our fears and anxieties. The Law of Assumption/Attraction offers an attractive prospect by allowing us to manifest positive outcomes, circumventing our fears and worries. However, for individuals grappling with conditions like OCD and anxiety, it’s crucial to tread carefully. The desire to escape the clutches of their condition can inadvertently lead to bypassing the necessary steps towards healing and understanding.

The Path to Healing: Understanding Mental Health Conditions

The journey towards healing mental health conditions begins with acknowledgment and acceptance. Mostly self-acceptance, which is something that I have talked a lot about in my podcast. Weekly therapy appointments using methods such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behavior (CBT)T or medication if prescribed, and participation in support groups offer essential foundations. These actions create a safety net, providing individuals with tools to understand their condition and cope effectively. Without this foundation, LAO may just be another delusion or obsession, creating worsening symptoms.

The Role of Law of Assumption/Attraction

Law of Assumption/Attraction, when introduced into the healing journey, should be approached with caution. Initially, it’s vital to maintain a lighthearted approach to manifesting desires. Overwhelming or intense manifestation attempts can inadvertently trigger anxiety and exacerbate the mental health condition. Individuals with OCD, especially, tend to approach LOA as a life or death situation. This is counterproductive.

The Importance of Light-hearted Manifestation

Choosing a light-hearted approach to manifestation involves infusing positivity, playfulness, and gentleness into the process. The focus should be on joy, gratitude, and hopeful anticipation, keeping manifestations within a comforting, safe space.

Avoiding Spiritual Bypassing

One must guard against spiritual bypassing, a tendency to use spiritual beliefs and practices to bypass or avoid facing the true depths of their mental health condition. A premature leap into intense manifesting can inadvertently become an escape from dealing with the underlying fears and anxieties.

Finding the Right Balance

The key lies in striking the right balance. Begin by focusing on understanding and managing the mental health condition effectively. Once a stable and well-maintained state is achieved, gentle exploration of the Law of Assumption/Attraction can take place.

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Imposed Pain

Awareness of the dual nature of manifestation allows us to break free from patterns that cause self-inflicted pain.

Closing Thoughts

This post has been created with the observation that just as many individuals cause themselves pain, as pleasure, using the Law of Assumption. Until an awareness of compulsions, phobias, delusions or intrusive thoughts has been established, LOA tends to be a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs. Understanding and addressing mental health conditions is a journey that demands patience, compassion, and self-awareness. The Law of Assumption/Attraction IS s transformative tool, when approached mindfully and in harmony with the individual’s mental well-being. Remember to always aim for a lighthearted manifestation approach, and to avoiding spiritual bypassing.

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