Have ALL you want, not just breadcrumbs

Have ALL you want, not just breadcrumbs

Manifesting Power: Embrace Your Inner God

Are you tired of settling for mere breadcrumbs in life? It’s time to awaken to your true potential and manifest abundance beyond your wildest dreams. In this blog post we will explore the path to becoming a master manifester by tapping into the power of your pure state and aligning with your deepest desires. With each step, you’ll gain the tools to release limitations, ignite love within, and embrace the divine essence that resides within you.

Reclaiming Your Divine Nature:

Remember, you hold the key to manifesting your dreams. Release the old patterns of dependence and reclaim your power as a co-creator with the Universe. As Abraham Hicks wisely says. You can reconnect with your true essence and align with the desired state right now. There is nothing standing between yourself and your fulfilled desire except for all the reasons that you have stacked against yourself. Pause, breathe, and listen to the wisdom that resonates within your body and emotions. Nurture yourself with love, giving your being exactly what it needs to thrive. Discover your divine nature and you will discover that you are THE ONE, the only one who creates.

Inner Transformation Precedes External Manifestation:

True fulfillment begins on the inside. Always. Shift your focus from seeking external validation to exploring the rich landscape of your inner thoughts. Understand that the materialization of your desires is a reflection of the creative power within you. You are not separate from the divine; you are a divine being yourself. Embrace the profound truth that you are God in your own right. God in drag. God who came down to be (wo)man. You have the power to create a life that aligns with your vision. Pause, reflect, and decide to be the kind of God that you want to be.

Embracing the Power of Positivity:

In ancient texts on spirituality and manifestation, the wisdom of focusing solely on the good, joyful, and loving aspects of life shines through. This step is crucial, especially in cultivating happy and fulfilling relationships. When you lose sight of the happiness and love that exist within you, things spiral into negativity. Remember, as the God of your reality, you have the choice to create only what you desire. Cease entertaining thoughts of wrongdoing, problems, or doubts. This is not a game of odds; it is a journey of sure manifestation. Shift your thoughts to what you want and leave behind what you don’t want.

Embracing Love, Creativity, and Playfulness:

Manifesting love goes beyond just thoughts. It involves the engagement of your heart and second chakra, which encompasses playfulness, creativity, and a purity of desire, no pretense. Commit to single-pointed focus on your desires while infusing your manifestation with a sense of joy and play. Open your heart and connect with your emotions, leaving behind the limitations of the analytical mind. Explore your own desires, be open to giving and receiving. You will never manifest your dreams if you negate your own inner truth, or if you are afraid to even explore what your heart contains.

Release the Need for Control:

The true release comes when you let go of the imagined control The importance lies in the fact that the circumstances you have created and are now reacting to with resistance, but that also came from within originally, let go of micromanaging what is old news, let that go. Free yourself from the illusion of circumstance, allowing each moment to pass. Let go of accidental circumstances as soon as they manifest, reducing their importance. Embrace the flow of life and trust in the divine orchestration of your manifestations. Let go of trying to control yesterdays news.

You are a magnificent creator, capable of manifesting your dreams and desires. By embracing your inner divinity, shifting your desired aspirations, and surrendering control, you unlock the gateway to a life of abundance, love, and joy.

Step into your power, be the God that you want to be, and manifest the extraordinary life you desire.

Remember, the journey begins within, and you have the power to create magic.

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