Being Chosen: The Art of Manifesting Love

Ever wondered how to manifest being chosen? It starts with a simple step: getting clear on what you truly want. Forget about hunting it down or making someone conform to your desires. The key is to choose yourself first and let the rest fall into place.

In this post, we explore the art of self-choice and its profound impact on manifesting love. Discover why being chosen by just anyone isn’t enough, and why choosing yourself sets the stage for a beautiful journey. Learn how assumptions play a crucial role in manifesting, and how to shift your perspective to embrace the feeling of being chosen.

Don’t settle for anything less than true connection and trust. Dive into this transformative read and unlock the secrets to manifesting a love that feels aligned, authentic, and built on a foundation of trust. It’s time to choose yourself and manifest the love you deserve.

Be chosen!

What does that mean?

Are you rejected? 

Or do you imagine that you have to “manifest commitment” or “affirm for commitment” or make them conform?

Nope, that is NOT how being chosen happens, first of all,  step one in ALL manifesting is GET CLEAR on what you want.

When you are wishy-washy about what you want, OR if you are getting all hung up and distraught about the MIDDLE, (that is, manifesting apologies, or text messages, or finagling the way that you will get brought together)  stop!

Stop and get clarity.

What do you want?

You want to be chosen?

That means that you CAN NOT go out there and HUNT IT DOWN. 

It is one or the other, does that make sense? 

You can’t be chosen if you are chasing it.

Imagine that you hunt “it” down, get “it” by the scruff of the neck, and put a gun to its head, will you celebrate that it is yours? It is ridiculous, and it is equally ridiculous to imagine that you are going to hunt your sp down energetically and make them conform, because THAT is not what you want.  At the end of the day, you want to FEEL chosen. Not like you forced someone to be with you with your foot on their neck. For that you have to chill, you have to receive, not take. Let it be given freely, with joy, with love and passion.

What else?

You don’t want to be chosen by any Joe or Jane. 

AS It turns out that being chosen isn’t enough either, at least,  it is not the essence of what we want. If it was, being chosen by Ted Bundy would be fine. It isn’t. Being chosen by someone you feel repulsion towards does nothing for us. So what does it mean that you want to manifest being chosen?


It means NOTHING.

I know that is a bit surprising, nut let’s understand this in a real and tangible way so that you can discover you END STATE:

Wanting to manifest being chosen is a sure sign that you are not choosing yourself, so begin to choose yourself, see how that feels.

Is it awkward, scary? What happens if you choose yourself for a week, two weeks, a month…a year?

Do you still feel compelled to manifest being chosen?

No, at the end, it won’t matter because you will enter a new state where you assume that you are chosen.

Your assumptions manifest. 

Your assumption of being chosen seals the deal for you automatically, so you can stop feeling neurotic and clingy about it. Let go, and just manifest THE ONE into your life and the choosing happens automatically because it is a built in part of any relationship, just like a tree or a blossom  is a built in part of a seed. You plant the seed, and in this example, you do that by choosing yourself, it is super simple.

But,  you say, I still want something to anchor my love manifestation onto, an end that I understand, a feeling it real that is within my energetic reach, how do I do that?

Here are a couple of hints:

In the end, within the commitment, you want to feel like you can trust HIM, no matter what, no matter what he does, no matter what he says, no matter where he goes. Wow, what an amazing relief, to trust. This is really how it is and how it should be. No  it is not an impossible idea, it is real. Trust him.  If you have a sp, and you feel desperate or clingy, or like you are not chosen. Then, manifest the version of him that you trust completely, and settle for nothing less. If he doesn’t become that version, you will still manifest your one, because that is your assumption. Former Sp will become a forgotten memory…

Trust is an inner energy, and NO, I do not mean an outer acquired trust, nor do I mean a fake inner trust, but ACTUALLY, a real trust that you feel for HIM. 

Not in general. 

Not because you are a trusting person (OR NOT), none of that. 

Because it is HIM that you trust. 


If he stays 27 hours late at the office, you trust HIM that he is working, if he goes on a research trip for a university course for three months with a group of people you trust HIM, because that is the energy that you have between you. If he surprises you and does a “white lie” to keep the surprise from you you KNOW IT, because you trust HIM, and you can tell when he is keeping something from you….like a surprise. 

HE evokes trust in you. This is not just any guy.

What if you are a guy, manifesting a girl? Is it the same?

Well yeah, of course you want to trust her, but there is something to think about here too: Do you want to take care of her for the rest of your life? Yeah, I am not saying to stereotype, this is not an outer expectation it is an inner need that SHE evokes within you, is it there? Wanting to take care of her for the rest of your life does not mean that she is needy or dependent as a person, it is a warmth that only the one you love can evoke.

This is how you are chosen. 

  1. Choose yourself
  2. Only accept THE ONE that feels energetically aligned with the end state: TRUST. ( and wanting to take care of) DIVE headfirst into the energy of TRUST, (Or dive headfirst into the energy of waiting to take care of her for the rest of your life).

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