Step into A New Reality Like This!

Unlock A New Reality Like This!

“Self-surrender is essential and by that is meant the confession of personal impotence. “I can of mine own self do nothing.” Since creation is finished it is impossible to force anything into being. The example of magnetism previously given is a good illustration. You cannot make magnetism, it can only be displayed. You cannot make the law of magnetism. If you want to build a magnet, you can do so only by conforming to the law of magnetism. In other words, you surrender yourself or yield to the law.”

“Visible states are either the vibratory effects of subconscious vibrations within you or they are vibratory causes of the corresponding vibrations within you. A disciplined man never permits them to be causes unless they awaken in him the desirable states of consciousness.

… Then I felt and saw myself as a golden liquid light moving up my spine in a serpentine motion; as I entered my skull, it vibrated like an earthquake. “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you, and you be found a liar” [Proverbs 30:5,6].

Neville Goddard

Energy and frequencies

Energy, as you see in the case of radio, is transmitted and received in a “field,” a place where changes in space occur. The field and energy are one and inseparable. The field or subject  becomes the embodiment of the word or energy received. The thinker and the thought, the operator and the subject, the energy and the field are one. Were you still enough to hear the sound of your beliefs you would know what is meant by “the music of the spheres.”

Neville Goddard Collection

This change of vibration persists until it awakens a corresponding vibration in the subject, which vibration then expresses itself in a physical fact. “And the word was made flesh.”

“To move into another state or mansion necessitates a change of beliefs. All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs. But it must be matched, for that is the necessary condition by which alone it can be activated and objectified.”

… Then I felt and saw myself as a golden liquid light moving up my spine in a serpentine motion; as I entered my skull, it vibrated like an earthquake. “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you, and you be found a liar” [Proverbs 30:5,6]. …

This powerful experience of awakening reveals the truth of who we truly are.

 It is a recognition that the Christ of scripture, the divine spark within each of us, is not separate from us but an inherent part of our being. We realize that we possess the power to transcend our current limitations and embrace a new reality.

In this understanding, we come to realize the significance of our attention and focus. Whatever state captures our attention becomes the essence of our existence. 

To dwell on a former state is to return to that condition, limiting our growth and potential. As Neville reminds us, it is essential to remember not the former things and to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

The power to manifest:

The power to manifest lies within us. We are already complete and perfect in our creation. The kingdom of heaven, symbolizing our subconsciousness, resides within us. All that we need, all that we desire, is already present within our consciousness. The external world merely reflects what is awakened within us.

Consider the analogy of a sunburn. The burning rays of the sun awaken a corresponding reaction within us, but it is the potential for sunburn that already exists within us. The same principle applies to health and well-being. The affirmation of health resonates with the tones of health already contained within our consciousness. We do not give to others; we awaken within them that which is already dormant. We resurrect the dormant states within ourselves and others. The same applies to greater levels of existence. If we desire a deeper love, as you begin to apply the law of assumption you basically apply the necessary ingredient to move yourself into a greater state. Just like the uv of the sun awakened the sunburn, the law of assumption unlocks a greater level of existence. The state that was unknown to you before becomes reality.

As you begin to do this there will be challenges, and they are put there in order, as you need to “face” them. Your DNA forms new neural structures that are necessary for this new journey. If you had developed these abilities since birth they would have been developed then, but you are doing it later so you are aware of the challenges that you face. As a baby you just overcame it and learned “the new thing”. As an adult we often don’t know how to rise above it because we think something has gone wrong when we face circumstances, so we feel triggered. But if you overcome it you actually eventually begin to become triggered by the divine light in you. We aren’t even aware of where we are going as we generate this positive light in ourselves, we juts make it to another level, but everytime you overcome and manifest a new state, you unlock another spiritual level too, so to speak, the version of you that is completely aware and conscious is expressed within you a little more. This is why you can think of it as a higher level of reality. You are not merely learning how to move to other states, you are also allowing more of the true you to be revealed.  Godslef. This you, is closer to the divine light, or rather you become aware of this more and more. The obstacles that you face are there for you to advance to the next state, they are not there as punishment.

Imagine the transformers, the kids tv show, the kids who are transformers are put under stressful situations, and this applied stress unlocks the mutant super power. This is basically how a circumstance works in your life, they apply exactly what you need to overcome now, in order to get to your manifestation. So do not fear the circumstances, because this is YOUR placement of a circumstance. Overcome it.

When you were learning how to walk you fell many times. You fell on the floor, and that same floor that you fell on you used to push yourself back up. The same method applies throughout life. The same circumstance that you fell on you use to push yourself up.

Every level or state, isa stronger and more complete image of your divine soul, and of the collective soul. When you follow your desires, you are experiencing this divinity and collective oneness in the vessel that is meant for you to experience it in.

When you pursue this together with other people, your intention makes this faster, you learn and advance faster. This is why people create mastermind groups. The system of the master mind replicates the oneness of the whole creation.

Creation is finished, and the law of assumption is just an alignment with a different state that is already created. Basically the frequency of the state exists already as frequency, and you attune to the frequency, and the state manifests for you.

A frequency just means that it is a  Vibration or waves, or wavelengths. Consider how a radio tunes into radio frequencies, they HAVE to be on the same wavelength. This is within our nature too. 

We unconsciously tune our frequency, based on our previous experiences. This habit of unconscious attuning is what changes, when you face circumstances, and the overcoming of the circumstance is the key that changes your habitual frequency. You change the radio station. You apply UV rays to unlock a tan. You develop the necessary neural pathways. Don’t fight this process so much. In fact, don’t fight it at all. The less you fight it the faster you  unlock your new state. The fact that our desires are completely attached to our state means that as you intend to have your desire and move into a new state, the desire might NOT feel fulfilled, but instead, you feel uncomfortable with it. The discomfort can be either because you are not used to it yet, it is as if you are wearing a new pair of shoes, but it can also be because you did not actually want that.

Many times, what we see as a desired thing, person, or experience ,from a state of lack, has nothing to do to with us. It was just a thing that pulled us forward, and from here, as we manifest something, that very thing suddenly means nothing to us, or it might even feel repelling! This is a sign of growing, and of a developing self concept. CONTINUE to have equanimity. It doesn’t mean something, it isn’t BAD, it doesn’t have any repercussions of negativity. It is just you becoming aware of what you don’t want. Readjust your intention, keep moving, stay open, and keep expanding.

If you engage in a fight with your circumstances you are thrown back into the previous state, and because you had attempted to change your life you might feel so defeated that you give up, or worse, start to fight LOA as well.  Keep moving! Stay open and keep expanding.

If you have read my posts on pendulums you will know that picking a fight with a pendulum is futile. If this has happened to you just brush off your defeat now, and begin today to face your circumstance with equanimity. Overcoming a circumstance means to not give in to the natural habit of reacting negatively, or interpreting it negatively. It means acceptance, and letting go, and keep moving. It means that you are able to say, it is okay, no worries, I’m still open to my manifestation  and I am still expanding. It is okay, I am still headed in the right direction. 

One pendulum could for example be, people who have run into one is that they have been in a relationship with a narcissist and now that narcissist has somehow become their spouse, and suddenly you are in a deep battle with all things narcissism. You are on every channel that teaches narcissism, you know more than a psychologist knows, and you are in support groups and of course, in manifest specific person groups. STOP. You do not need to become a psychologist, this is NOT your pendulum. It is JUST an energy structure that swings back and forth and back and forth and you happened to stand its path and you got knocked on your ass. You can not fight a pendulum. Let it swing right by, develop equanimity, and know that the ins and outs of narcissism has NOTHING to do with you because what you ACTUALLY were manifesting is LOVE.

BEFORE you dated this person who caused you this horrific trauma, what you were looking for was love, and suddenly, you have allowed circumstances to completely change you, and you are in a fight. Let go. Get back on the horse, get back to manifesting your desires, and stop fighting pendulums.

“To dissolve a problem that now seems so real to you all that you do is remove your attention from it”

“Just as a branch has no life except it be rooted in the vine, so likewise things have no life except you be conscious of them. Just as a branch withers and dies if the sap of the vine ceases to flow towards it, so do things in your world pass away if you take your attention from them, because your attention is as the sap of life that keeps alive and sustains the things of your world.”

The highest levels of our divine conscious awareness are unlocked in the same way, by overcoming, by intending, by following desires. Desires inevitably change, as we go through life and as they are fulfilled. Imagine that you never fulfilled your most primal desires, you would be stuck wanting the same thing throughout life. The desire is a vessel into which you receive your divinity.

As a desire is fulfilled, you become satisfied, and your intention changes. Your next desire is based on the new state that you are in, the new level, and the old desire dissolves into the past.

If you punish yourself by never giving yourself the desires, they never dissolve into the past.

Desire starts out as very primal, but they become more and more sophisticated the more divinity we receive through their fulfillment.


Desires to feel connected with humanity, or God, desires of awakening, desires of liberation all come as a natural byproduct. If you feel loneliness your desire is for connection.

The next desire is your natural path to this connection. The illusion of life is of course separation, and the desire is  a natural path for us to see through this illusion. Oneness is always there, it hasn’t changed, it is our belief in separation that causes us to only be able to fill ourselves up with divinity one little cup of desire ata time. As we grow, the desires change. 

Everytime you intend to have it, you plant an even better seed, in even richer soil. You need to plant your seed in spiritually positive environments where it has everything it needs to grow. This is why I am creating the new group experience, SpiritFlow Pathways, these groups will always be small, at most 10 people per group. The follow through with intention helps you to not be thrown around your ups and downs.

This process builds belief, a knowing, so it becomes part of what you know to be true. Experience gives you direct knowledge.

“Come and taste, the creator is good”

Conscious awareness is beyond nature.

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