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Vajrayogini Mantra | Most Powerful Deity | VAJRAYOGINI DAKINI

 Vajrayogini is a tantric deity with no counterpart in Mahayana Buddhism. 

She is a Dakini, a sky-dancer.

Meditate on the union of great bliss and emptiness, which is the actual inconceivability. 


Who Is She?

She is red in color

ओं ओं ओं सर्वबुद्धडाकिणीये वज्र वर्णनीये वज्र वैरोचनीये हूं हूं हूं फट् फट् फट् स्वाहा

oṃ oṃ oṃ sa rva bu ddha ḍā ki ṇī ye ben sa va jra va  rṇa nī ye ben sa vai ro ca nī ye hūṃ hūṃ hūṃ pha ṭ pha ṭ pha ṭ svā hā

Her Mantra is part of the Three Root sadhana.

The Three Root sadhana needs to be practiced every day in certain Tibetan traditions.

(If you come from a different faith background think of this practice a a sacred ritualistic practice similar to the Holy Rosary, or  Fajr, Dhuhr Asr, Maghrib, and Isha, or  the Amidah at Shacharit, Mincha), and Ma’ariv and other such sacred and ritualistic practices.)

I am NOT saying that it is ACTUALLY comparable, I am only saying that this is to be practiced with devotion every day.

Through the practice of meditation on VajraYogini you will learn to naturally see yourself as the sacred , healed, powerful, blissful and awakened being that you truly are. She is You.

Her Mantra is considered a secret and sacred practice.

I don’t “believe” in secret practices since this only leads to abusive practices on a global scale…

So rather than keeping secrets, it is my pleasure to share these ancient, beautiful, magical and wonderful practices with you. If this mantra appeals to you, you can make it part of your daily routine. It is your choice.

Fill your life with mystery with the female embodiment of indestructible enlightenment.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayogini is the most important of all female Goddesses. No one is comparable to her.

Vajrayoginī is a tantric deity with no counterpart. 

She is a Dakini 


An archetypal symbol of the feminine, Vajrayogini brings us the deep instinctuality of the feminine.

In the words of Rinpoche:

“Vajravarahi (One aspect of Vajrayogini’s iconography) is the most important of all female deities. There are three planes of Dakinis that fill the ‘space above’, ‘the ground in the middle’, and ‘below ground’. This world has sixty-four places of power: the twenty-four sacred places, the thirty-two sacred lands and the eight charnel grounds.

Each one of these sixty-four places is presided over by a principal Dakini, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Dakas and Dakinis. The most important, or chief, or principal of all these Dakinis is Vajravarahi.

On the absolute level, wisdom manifests in female forms such as Vajrayogini.

She is red in color, red representing control, and she is naked except for elaborate ornaments of human bone, and a necklace of skulls! Each skull corresponds to the sixteen vowels and thirty-four consonants of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizing the purification of speech.

Sanskrit sounds are thought to create reverberations in the brain that have essentially a “brainwave state effect”.

In her right hand she holds a knife with a “vajra” handle, with  which she cuts off attachments and ego. Her death-knife also protects us from black magic. Our ego is vulnerable to spiritual attacks but her knife cuts through it all. In her left hand is a skull cup filled with nectar of the Gods, the nectar of Great bliss, which has the effect of intoxicating beliefs, especially extremist beliefs, rendering them useless.

Her Mantra is: 

“om om om sarva buddha dakiniyé benza warnaniye benza bairotsaniyé hung hung hung phat phat phat soha”

To be pronounced like this:

oṃ oṃ oṃ sa rva bu ddha ḍā ki ṇī ye ben sa va jra va  rṇa nī ye ben sa vai ro ca nī ye hūṃ hūṃ hūṃ pha ṭ pha ṭ pha ṭ svā hā

She stands in a way that does not show modesty, that is because she is the goddess of control. She command control, and when we meditate on her we gain control over our lustful desires that have control over us. Her hair is loose unlike other female deities, because she is free and in full control. Nothing outside of ourselves should have control, nothing at all, we should be in control of every aspect and she gives us this. She gives us total surrender of the ego, , dissolution of our beliefs, and she gives us control of our desires.

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