From Seed To Fruition: You do not have to manifest commitment, it is already done

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.


I have created this word, to symbolize “who does what” in terms of manifesting.

The very idea of the Law of assumption, of “manifesting” , taps into a universal law. The law that says that: “imagination creates, or “ your assumption cretates”.

It is by far the hardest of all to grasp, I struggled  SO MUCH with this, and I recognize the same struggle in others.

Who is supposed to do what?

The YouTube viewer called Eternal abundance recently pointed out that Neville said that we don’t have to “lift a finger”, it will come to pass, and this is correct.

This means that we have to recognize that God/Universe/ Consciousness does the arranging behind the scene, and puts people in the right place at the right time and so on. God puts the oxygen next to the hydrogen and binds them so that we can have water. 

This means that our intention is enough. Our assumption is enough. Our imagination is enough.

When you wonder if you should “affirm for commitment” you have forgotten to give over doership.

This wondering, can be felt like a tension inside, a resistance in the chest, or a tightness of the shoulders. Carrying the world on the shoulders. 

Doership means that you recognize WHAT you are supposed to do, i.e., should you wash the dishes so that your family can eat off of clean plates? Yes. Should you “affirm for the water molecule formation” so that you can wash the dishes? No.

Understanding Doership means that you understand that going beyond your duty or manipulating the turn of events, is you micromanaging God. 

Who created relationships, who created male and female, who created our soul and the split of the primordial soul into two souls that fit perfectly into two human bodies at the same time in this dimension, perfectly together like puzzle pieces? God.

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.

What do you have to do to create this person? Nothing. It is already done.

Can you be open hearted enough to notice when you might have met them? If you meet them do you have to “manifest commitment” from them? No. That is ALREADY BUILT INTO THE CREATION. It is already done.

This part is already done, and when you meet someone and there is a spark of recognition, and an interest on both parts, that means that this already has the potential of marriage manifested. Everything is already made manifest. You do NOT have to create this. 

You never have to manifest all the moving parts, you never have to worry about getting commitment, this is part and parcel of your love, of the relationship, it is completely safe to assume that commitment is part of meeting this person in the first place. There is no need to work on more self love, (especially if you can’t get a handle on what that even means) There is no need to worry about a single thing. God is the doer, and this is already done. If you have met your person, then the commitment is done, but just let things take their time, let yourself get to know this person without creating tension. AT least try to wait to create tension until you are in a relationship and you know each other better….

When we meet someone who God has lined up as a potential life partner, he didn’t just FORGET the part about commitment. It is already part of the plan.


The mirroring that we see in our love relationships begins when we begin to micromanage, and worry, and resist the natural flow. The longer we have been together, the more the relationship has become a mirror, and it can easily be a phenomenal, good, juicy, and amazing mirror. BUT if it isn’t that is FINE. This is part of what enlightenment calls “chop wood and carry water”. Just treat whatever comes up in the relationship down the line as something that is meant for you, as a stepping stone, to get you two to be closer, and for you to know yourself better, know yourself as soul, and as God. 

That is all that any of it means. 

If the tension and resistance happens within you so fast, that you are barely out of the initial dating stages yet,  and you think that you have to “manifest commitment”, then you just got a hint from yourself to work on boundaries, on self respect, on self validation, and general self care. It could be that you need to address some remnants of codependency or love addiction, or it could be something else. Are you from a divorced home and need to work on understanding what is expected of you and a partner because you didn’t naturally get that, then go ahead and find some couples who you can use as a model for a good relationship.

Everything is already created, so all you have to do is intend. All you have to do is assume that you are the person who you want to be. Who is that person? Happy, relaxed, and at easy in your relationship.

Lifting a finger?


You DO actually have to lift a finger still though, but not in terms of taking over doership from God, he has already created this for you remember, it is done.

What you have to do is to be a GOOD partner. Obviously.  Be that as soon as possible, so if you still have a few rough spots still, like codependency, or  manipulative behavior or control issues, then work on those for the time being. There is nothing that is going to happen faster by “affirming for commitment”  THAT is God’s work, and he already did that. It is done.   The commitment is done. You can go ahead and focus on something else, like thinking about how amazing you feel when you are together.

Not lifting a finger refers to the fact that you will not have to fuse the water molecules together in order to get the water into your sink to wash the dishes so that your family has clean plates. But you still have to wash the dishes. In other words, you still have to live a normal life, so try to learn how to enjoy the journey.  

And for the specific person who prompted this video, if you have an addiction to sex, this is what you have to focus on fist. I bring this up in my free codependency course on my website. Drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addictions should be treated like emergencies. Dive into a twelve step group, let your prospective partners know about this when the time is right. The moment you take yourself seriously, the world will too. The moment you admit to having this problem, and that it seriously destroys your life, that is the moment your life turns around. An emergency is something that takes priority right now, in the moment. For example, if a monastery full of zen monks smell smoke and see flames coming from the monastery, they still have to run outside and call 911 no matter how zen they are. An emergency has to be handled NOW. Sex addictions should be treated like an emergency, it will destroy your life hard and fast otherwise.

So, in short, you do not ever have to manifest a commitment.

God is not waiting for you to affirm for commitment, he is waiting for you to be an okay partner for your specific person. 

Get that handled and things will move forward. 

Addicts really do have a hard time getting to the point of seeing how much it hampers your life, but if you want to become more and more like the image of God, then you have to understand that everything that you give your power away to, like an addiction,  reduces your likeness with God.

Miracles happen by following this recipe. Know who the doer really is, understand that your surroundings are mirroring what you should overcome by showing indifference and by being mindful of the correction that happens when you rise above, and when you get out of the way of God’s actions by focusing on your own actions.


Doership means that you recognize that everything is already made manifest, and you don’t have to create anything. It is done. Just do your normal human living life part. All you have to do is to INTEND.

Mirroring happens in all relationships after a while, but if you have a lot of resistance it happens faster.

Lifting a finger. You still have to chop wood and carry water. The normal stuff.

This is how miracles happen

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