Can I change my specific person to be faithful to me? Viewer Question

Manifestations happen ALL THE TIME.

This is an answer to a viewer question:

I found out that my sp wants to be with others in intimate way for a living, can I manifest him not wanting to do this for a living and just be with me?”

Manifestations are happening all the time, right now.

Now, and now, and now.

And also now.

Everything, and I mean literally everything is a manifestation, constantly, and it never stops. This means that everything that we entertain in our minds is on the conveyor belt RIGHT NOW, soon it will show up, somehow, someway, but when it does we are always bewildered! How did I manifest THAT? I didn’t want that, I never THOUGHT that I wanted THAT?  So why did it show up?

Not only is everything a manifestation (It is made manifest, so it MUST be a manifestation, and you are tho operant power so it isn’t somebody else’s manifestation) everything manifests instantly.

Now. And Now. And now.

Our perception is SMALL, and that is why we don’t get it. If we widen and broaden our perspective, and reverse engineer our life, we can see that everything manifests literally.

Our current circumstances have the possibility to drastically change instantly, IF we drastically change our thoughts, so you can observe the instant manifestation in real time. The only reason we think it takes a certain amount of time, is because we don’t drastically change our thoughts!

Try it!

Try the LULLABY METHOD, just as an experiment. Keep saying Thank you! Over and over again for two hours, and see what happens. This is my “ladder experiment”. You will prove to yourself that manifesting is real, and your doubts will cease.

When we see the outside circumstances, we are focused on a mirage.  We want that projection, but since it is a mirage, it runs away and disappears. There is NO manifesting that is happening “out there” and your specific person is not doing anything to you, you are projecting.

If you can stop projecting your current small view on the specific person, that is your own idea of them that you are projecting out, and if you can change your thoughts about them, expand your view of them, you will have an instant change.

You would have to stop being reactive to what you believe ‘they’ are doing, this is what we meant by not reacting to circumstance. This of it instead as reacting to a mirage in the desert. It is YOUR OWN DISTORTED VIEW. The amount of time it takes to change someone is the amount of time that it takes for you to erase your current perception of them, and replace it with a positive expanded view. And by the way. THIS is love! Being able to give someone the gift of seeing them for who they truly are, that is love. If you want to continue your idea of “they did this, and they are bad, they are cheating” and “They just have to change in all of these ways and then I will love them”, that is NOT love. We think that a “tit for tat exchange of favors” is love, because that is what we have been taught, but no, consistently maintaining an expanded view point of someone, without reacting to unwanted behavior, that is love.

I have changed people dramatically, from narcissist to amazing and generous, and so can you. 

Imagine if you raised your children with the same narrow viewpoint that you offer your specific person? Some people do, and those children end up in therapy, because why? Because THEY DIDN’T FEEL LOVED! That is all the proof that you need to know, that that style of love is never experienced as love.  If you want your love to be received as love by the mirage, you have to dig in a little deeper into your heart, and pull out a bigger and better view of our specific person, keep that view, even when they are showing you something else. This is how you create the change that you want.

If you want them to be committed to you, then see only that. If you want them to be faithful, then experience them as only that.

If they are not, you have perceived that BEFORE the rejection or cheating happened. It is always that way because that is universal law.

If you don’t change your mind about them they will not change.

You have already been manifesting the whole entire time, now you just need to do it deliberately and consciously. You have to manifest a whole new and completely different version of them. Most people try to “manifest the exact same version” and that ends up in a back and forth, how and cold behavior.  That ends up as breaking up and getting back together over and over again, you have decided to change your mind completely about them, and then the behavior will stop!

Dr Anna Bäck

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I found out that my sp wants to be with others in intimate way for a living, can I manifest him not wanting to do this for a living and just be with me?

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