Manifesting: Channeled Entities, Ascended Masters, Angels & Demons Within Our Consciousness

Manifesting: Channeled Entities, Ascended Masters, Angels & Demons Within Our Consciousness

Let’s dive into a new topic today

We’re going to adress  channeled entities (like “Seth” and “Abraham,”) angels, demons, and ascended masters today. Let’s explore whether they’re just part of consiousness, or if there’s more to it. What is Neville Goddard’s perspective?

All in This Together?

Alright, before we jump into the whole channeled entities and angels thing, let’s talk about oneness. If the assumption of a nondual (oneness) practice such as the law of assumption is that one is everything, then do channeled entities and angels really have their own separate existence?  If all is one and one is all…then what?

Channeling: Your Mind’s Phone Call

About channeling. Picture this: you’re chatting with these higher-level entities like “Seth” or “Abraham,” getting some wisdom. But here’s the thing – that conversation is happening within your own consciousness. You’re clearly tuning into your own radio station and listening to the depths of your own mind.

So, are these entities really hanging out in another dimension? Out there? Or are they part of a collective conscious mind? Are they manifested by you, and being received also by you?

Angels and Demons?

What about angels and demons? Angels are usually considered good vibes but they can also be evil. They’ve been a part of our stories since forever, spreading love and wisdom, and also fear. We have imagined them for thousands of years.

Now, demons on the other hand, they feed off negativity and fear. But  where do  they come from? The universe? Or your own consciousness?

  They not only feed off of fear, they come from fear.

So he became as far superior to the angels
    as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.

Hebrews 1.1.4

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who were once humans and have undergone a series of spiritual transformations, eventually reaching a state of higher consciousness and wisdom. They are thought to have transcended the cycle of reincarnation and remain accessible to guide and help humanity from higher realms.

The concept of Ascended Masters has roots in various spiritual and mystical traditions throughout history, but it became more prominent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Theosophical Society, founded by Helena Blavatsky in the late 19th century, played a significant role in popularizing the idea of Ascended Masters. Blavatsky and other Theosophists claimed that these enlightened beings were guiding human evolution and that they could impart spiritual teachings to those willing to receive them.

Law of Assumption: You’re the Director

If you view this exclusively from the perspective of the Law of Assumption, then, what you assume to be true becomes your reality. So, if you assume that angels are guiding you, you’ll see signs of that guidance everywhere. And if you’re convinced that demons are lurking around, you’ll find evidence of that too.If you believe that channeled entities can deliver deeper truths, then that can become true for you. By your DISBLIEF in oneness, in One singular power that is love, consiousness, awareness and bliss, you give space for fear to take root, and your assumptions “manifest”.

Think of it like being the director of your own movie. Your assumptions are the script, and the universe is the stage. You’re not just the director, or a player – you’re calling ALL the shots, you are the  director, producer, writer, and actor. It’s all you.

Creation is finished

To recap a little right here, what he have discussed is this: Every thought, word, and action carries the power to shape an accompanying energy structure—a felt experience of an angelic presence,  or a shadowy entity exuding dark energy, a channeled entity, or the inspiration of an ascended master. The creation of these energies is an internal process, emanating from our own being. 

Bhagavad Gita:

BG 7.22: Endowed with faith, the devotee worships a particular celestial god and obtains the objects of desire. But in reality, I alone arrange these benefits.

BG 7.23: But the fruit gained by these people of little understanding is perishable. Those who worship the celestial gods go to the celestial abodes, while My devotees come to Me.

BG 7.24: The less intelligent think that I, the Supreme Lord Shree Krishna, was formless earlier and have now assumed this personality. They do not understand the imperishable exalted nature of My personal form.

BG 7.25: I am not manifest to everyone, being veiled by My divine Yogmaya energy. Hence, those without knowledge do not know that I am without birth and changeless.

These SUTRA’S are from The Bhagavad Gits, and it is the CREATOR of the universe speaking.

According to these verses, God is revealed in the form that resonates with an individual’s needs or readiness. This may contradict prevailing beliefs, as even a person inclined towards a different faith may have an experience with a different deity or spiritual figure, such as a follower of a different religion experiencing the presence of Jesus.

We Are All Unique

The religious experience is deeply personal. Some may perceive the divine in apparitions like Jesus, Mother Mary, or Lord Krishna. Others might witness the divine presence in the beauty of nature, like trees, fields, and meadows. Not everyone perceives this presence; however, the potential to perceive God exists within everyone. The intensity and depth of this experience may vary based on individual desire and readiness. Saint Bernadette’s visions of Mother Mary serve as a powerful reminder of the profound spiritual experiences and dedication to faith.

Someone dabbling in the occult will see demons or have experiences of “haunting”, such as nightmares and hallucinations of evil

The creator of the universe in the BG Sutra’s also let us know that if we are focused solely on God we skip all that, he brings us to him without stopping at go. We have a choice, it is called free will.

Neville Goddard, the Law of Assumption and Ascended Masters 

This  won’t be complete with Neville Goddard’s words on the matter, so what did he  think? Do we even know? Well, here is a transcript from one of his lectures:

 “No! No masters, elder brothers and all this nonsense. All through the world you have these isms glorifying the little individual who started it. No, you can’t meet anyone in this world, not anyone, who potentially is greater than you are.” 

-Neville Goddard

Q & A:


Neville, are there masters?


No! No masters, elder brothers and all this nonsense. All through the world you have these isms glorifying the little individual who started it. No, you can’t meet anyone in this world, not anyone, who potentially is greater than you are. You can’t, because you are God. You can’t meet anyone that he loved more than he loves you because he chose you. That’s what I said tonight of Paul. He rubbed out completely anything between himself and God. It has been my misfortune…and yet in a way I learned from it…but I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting “masters” and “holy people.” Had I known then I’d have turned right around and started running. Don’t believe in them. Yet there are people who insist on believing in them and are willing to pay for it. If I would tell them I’m a master, yes—I have no credentials to prove it but I’m a master—then you could charge $1,000…he’s a master! “

“Why, there are phonies all over the world and you can’t stop them. They thrive like the weeds. Read any Saturday morning’s paper advertising their little isms. They come down from heaven on a white horse and they come down on all kinds of things, blowing trumpets. When you read it, and see my little ad which comes out once a month on that same page, I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed to see that my little ad is on the same page with this monstrous thing. But you can’t help it; you can’t choose where you’re going to put it. They put it on that page, so you’re stuck. There aren’t any masters. You will find yourself one day the recipient of his bounty and the whole thing unfolds in you…and there was no master.”

“I know the book Masters of the Far East…I think he’s written five…he’s gone now. He never left America, Spalding never left this country, but he tells a beautiful story of how when I was in India and these masters and how the birds came and nested in his hair. His body was there, incapacitated for six months, just vegetating, when he, the spirit, returned to the body it was all cataleptic, and the birds had nested in the hair, and he simply moved back into the body and woke the body up. Spaulding was about that big, with a huge, big growth on his nose. I can see him now at my meetings at the Ebell. One day he simply stepped off the car and dropped…that was his exit. 

Maybe he has gone to India now… never saw India…but all these are the masters of the Far East. He wrote one just to boil the pot, as so many writers do. It caught on, so he wrote a second and a third. If he were still alive, he’d have a sixth now…he has five. I hope he is successful, because my publisher is his publisher.”

I think we get the picture… Nevile did NOT ascribe reality to ascended masters. But what about negative energioes or demons?

What does Neville say about dark energies?


In Luke, regarding the “unclean spirit” that comes out of a man, I don’t understand it.


When the unclean spirit has been caste out of a man? This is a disembodied idea. For a demon is not some disembodied spirit; it’s a prejudice, a superstition, a false pride. All these bedevil man. And so you entertain one and you’re going to get two, you get seven, and they never stop there. You start with one superstition and all of a sudden you have a thousand of them, but they have to have a man as the agent to express themselves. They can’t express themselves without a man. Man is the agent that expresses all the unlovely things in the world…these unclean spirits.

When you go outside and turn to a false god, you’ll never find him.

When you start with one idol, you multiply it.

So these are the demons spoken of in scripture. You have a superstition, you can’t stop at one. Were you ever in the theater? There you find them by the millions. Can’t whistle in your own room, you can’t put your shoe above where your head would be, can’t open an umbrella inside.

Talk about the superstitions, go into the theater, and I’m not fooling. They make you go outside and do all kinds of nonsense if you absent mindedly whistle in your own dressing room or do any of these silly little things. But they really believe it brings bad luck and to the degree that they are self-convinced that it does, it does.

So these are the demons that possess the mind of man. And certainly false pride is a frightful demon: I must be seen with what I call the proper people, and I can’t be seen in certain areas, certain restaurants, and certain this, that and the other, because it isn’t the thing to do. Well, that’s false pride.

What does Neville say about channeling?


Like Jean Dixon? You know who she is?


Yes, I’ve heard of her.


Ok. She prophesizes…like she gets these messages. Don’t you think it’s her Imagination that when she thinks something dire is going to happen and says it that that’s why it happens…because she has imagined it? Is that the way it works?


First of all, she’s not a woman of vision. She’s not a woman who actually has the vision of scripture, but she can become self-persuaded using any little technique. She can use cards, use the stars, use monkey bones, and to the degree that she is self-persuaded that these things mean what she thinks they do, well, to that degree they’ll come to pass. But you never hear them tell you of their mistakes. For instance, we had two candidates running for the presidency. All right, you can tell them both secretly that you’re going to be president. One has to be, so you’re fifty percent right. Well, that’s such a major thing, but you’re also fifty percent wrong. But you don’t talk about that…only talk about that which has been publicized ……?.

Let me explain more, because for the LOA student, this is CRUCIAL, for anyone else, it doesn’t matter, have your belief and enjoy it, I am not here to stop you from that, I am just going to explain what happens when people experience these things, channeled entities, angels, demons and such but if you listen from here on, be prepared to take full responsibility for your stuff….I warned you. 

So let’s talk about it:

Neville Goddard, emphasizing the immense power of our own imagination and intention, underscores the principle that our thoughts, whether consciously or unconsciously focused, will materialize into our reality, whether seen or unseen, whether tangible or ethereal. 

Beyond Neville:

In essence, we can imagine anything we desire, but drawing from Kabbalah, (the origin of the law of assumption,) we learn that Angels are our own creation—emanating from our actions and our being.

Our general disposition shapes a specific “type” of angel, and not all angels are inherently benevolent. This depends entirely on who we are. This explanation enlightens us; it highlights our ability to create “good angels” who operate in our favor. In this context, we can assert that angels are entities lesser than ourselves since they are created by us. They cease to exist without the canvas of our minds.

“The son is greater than the angels”

Hebrews 1.1.4

Why is the son greater? Isn’t he also just an “apparition”?

No. The son is Jesus, and Jesus is God.

The term “angel” stems from the Greek word for “messenger”. A messenger is not God. Meeting an angel, therefore, implies encountering a messenger. In our spiritual and religious discourse, an angel embodies a “messenger of God.” Jesus IS God. The same as God. The same as the creator.

In Kabbalistic literature, angels are described as forces that convey information and sensations between mankind and the Tetragrammaton. They are likened to atoms, wavelengths, or channels assisting God in His creation. (The Tretragrammaton is YHWH, Yod He Vau He, The I AM, God)

Consequently, they shouldn’t be venerated, prayed to, or invoked. They aren’t physical but spiritual entities, akin to spiritual atoms. Therefore, when they manifest in the Hebrew Bible, their portrayal is from the perspective of the recipient of the vision, prophecy, or event, often anthropomorphized. They’re not corporeal beings but are likened to a single emotion, feeling, or material, all controlled by God for His purpose of creation.

Each time you perform a benevolent act, act in a way that resonates with what’s right and humane, extending help without hidden motives, you create a positive energy field around yourself. These energy fields transmute into angelic energies among other things. It’s akin to stepping into a beam of light and suddenly perceiving it. An angel may manifest in the vision of individuals within this energy field.

Everyone can have these experiences!

If you are Catholic and your deeds are virtuous, your faith strong, and your subconscious dwells on goodness, you may witness the presence of Mother Mary.

If you pray to Lord Krishna or Hanuman, you may encounter a vision of Lord Hanuman. There are numerous accounts of Lord Hanuman manifesting alongside Ram Dass’ guru. People have seen a giant monkey, over 10 feet tall, in place of the where the Guru was.

Mother Mary embodies a profoundly healing energetic field. Similarly, Lord Hanuman emanates humility, healing, and the energy of bestowing grace—unearned gifts, blessings, and good fortune. Only a person who has a humility stronger than ego will begin to experience these divine energies in awesome visions.

Alongside with channeled entities, ascended masters and angels, of course we also have the idea of a negative spectrum. Dark energies and demons….

In Kabbalah, demons are energies we create within ourselves. The Zohar, a significant Kabbalistic text, connects these energies to a part of our consciousness linked to impurity. Understanding this sheds light on how we generate and interact with these energies. Impuruity can mean deciet, rage, hate, cheating, stealing, betraying, self pity etc. The more impurity you engage in, the more negative energies you generate around yourself.

Fading Energies

You have probably heard children’s stories in where the kids are told that because people don’t believe in say, Santa anymore, he is fading from existence. This is correct, in a manifestational sense, because without us sustaining these ideas and concepts, they do infact fade and die for you.

Counsiousness Creates, at Our Command:

This exploration prompts us to confront the profound role of our consciousness in shaping the energies that envelop us. If you perceive it outside of self, it originated within self, that is the simplest take away. If you perpetuate the outside cirumstances as being MORE true, than the Divine Connection within you, you manifest a world where you are at the mercy of unpredictable forces.

It’s a reminder of the significant responsibility we hold to cultivate positivity, love, and compassion within ourselves if we want to experience these things.

The energies we manifest, can not exist without us, whether it be angels, demons, ascended masters or anything in between. It is ourselves that create the dark or the light energies around ourseves, the entities that some people channel are created by themselves, and ALL angels and other deities are created by ourselves, and most importantly,  they are LESSER than us, and cannot sustain without us.  

Channeling is essentially tapping into a source of wisdom beyond our immediate understanding. It’s like tuning into a radio station that broadcasts insights from the universe, or from the recesses of our own minds . People have been doing this for ages, seeking guidance and knowledge that goes beyond what our regular senses can grasp.

Angels and dark entities might sound mysterious, but let’s simplify. Think of them as energetic reflections of our emotions and intentions. Angels might represent positivity, compassion, and support. On the flip side, dark entities embody negativity, often created out of our own fears, anger, or other heavy emotions. They’re like the clouds that temporarily block the sun.

And just for fun, imagine that for every good thing that you do, a personal angel is created, that acts as a messenger between your divine self and your physical self, that protects you and guides you, that does your bidding, just the way you want it to!

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