Why BAD circumstances are GOOD!

Manifesting your dreams

Alchemy of Adversity: Turn the Worst Into The Best

The foundation of manifesting is rooted in the belief that there’s a fundamental, unified consciousness (whether termed as God, awareness, or nothingness) interwoven with our experiences. One and the same as us, our world, and our experience.

Onenss is CONSTANT:

This essence is a participant in every facet of our lives, including the challenges we face. NO circumstance is outside of ONENESS. No circumstance is TOO BIG, or TOO DIFFICULT. Nothing. Acknowledging this oneness, and understanding that the divine presence descends into and uplifts our experiences is at the heart of the manifesting process. It’s about recognizing that our journey is indivisibly connected to this higher consciousness, and through this understanding, we manifest and shape our realities. Nondoership. It is what life is all about.

Intention and Invitation:

The understanding is that this divine essence descends into our challenges, and it’s our trust and knowingness that it will also uplift us. Our INTENTION and awareness is ALL we need. God ascends every problem, and makes it beyond what we could ever strive for, or even imagine. Understanding this makes your manifestation miraculous. “ For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven” -Thessalonians. So invite God in, and intend for the total restoration and resolution beyond your wildest dreams.

So WHY the heck are bad circumstances GOOD?

Because if you follow the steps below, the negativity will be the EXACT stepping stone that you need to ELEVATE yourself to EXACTLY where you want to be! No one else is exactly like you, you need THIS to get where YOU want to be. SO stop panicking, and STOP REACTING, and start Iinviting.

Connecting your circumstance with God:

(Awareness / silence / nothingness / The divine / The creator)

Here is HOW you do this:

  1. Unifying Your Experience with God:
    At the core of this perspective is the understanding that every circumstance that you go through is an extension of the collective experiences and also the experience of a higher power. You are not in this ALONE. God, the divine, the creator is experiencing this too. NOTICE this. Become aware of this.
  2. Surrendering to Divine Guidance:
    Embracing this perspective involves letting go of control of the process. It is already solved, so invide awareness in and let go. Trusting your journey to a higher powe is about letting go and letting God.
  3. Transcending the Individual Self:
    By recognizing that our experiences are part of a greater divine plan, we move beyond our individual perspective of pain and suffering, if YOU suffer, God also suffere, HE (she / it) wants this resolved too. The solution, and restoral of harmony is in the whole universes interset. Not JUST yours.
  4. Finding Wisdom in Negative Circumstances:
    Each experience, be it positive or negative, holds valuable insights and wisdom. It just does. Don’t fight that part.
  5. Trusting the Journey:
    Trust and faith ascends and trancends your every negative circumstance into its polar opposite of absolute harmony, more that you dreamt of, it just does. Don’t fight that part. This is not “this or something better”, it is “better than I could EVEN have imagined”. Trusting that God is present in every experience and, by GRACE, elevate us through every circumstance. This is how miracles happen.
  6. Letting Go: Holding on to negative circumstances on our own, trying to understand without inviting God into our experience is like a caterpillar trying to undertsand what is happening and fighting against becoming a cocooned mush. There is a complete transformation waiting to happen, namely, a complete transformation of YOUR STATE (A Neville Goddard term) You must FULLY LEAVE your old state, and become your new state. SOmehwre in between a caterpillar and a butterlfy there is a state, even for a split second, of nothing, of neither, this is the moment of change. GOD makes this change.
  7. Intend, and invite, and your job is done: Your deliberate intention, and your invitation of the divine into your negative circumstance transforms it into the “butterfly” it was meant to be.

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