STATES, what are they anyway? Neville Goddard’s states explained.

STATES, what are they anyway? Neville Goddard’s states explained.

“There are an infinite number of states. The state of health, the state of sickness, the state of wealth, the state of poverty, the state of being known, the state of being unknown,  all are only states and everyone is always in a state.”

 -Neville Goddard

A state is your attitude of mind, your present sense of self, how you see yourself, how you see the world, it is your assumptions, your thoughts, wants and your desires and actions,  and you are always in a state. 

If you were to stop now and review your current state, what would you be? Who are you right now?

Does your state align to the life you want? Is your state putting you in the position you wish to be in?

If you don’t know what state you are in, your inner conversations will quickly identify the state you are in!

“We all have one state in which we are very comfortable, so we return to it moment after moment. That state constitutes our dwelling place.” 

 -Neville Goddard

Our dwelling place is what we get in life, this is why some people can have negative feelings, or have doubts, or fears,  but still manifest what they want, because their dwelling place, the state they most often return to, is their true belief, and that is NOT  the doubts. A wealthy person, most commonly in a state of “I always make the deal, ” can be in a bad mood, have fears or anxiety, but they don’t fall out of their most common dwelling place of ” I am a person who always makes the deal.” Dwelling place.

For others, they dwell in doubt, in poverty, or in struggle.  They dwell in the state of “Life is very hard, I have a bad set of circumstances, people are always against me, women only want my money, or men are cheaters and liars and users.” Some are in  a dwelling place of lack of self worth, or always depressed, or a dwelling place of taken advantage of, or overworked. This is their normal state, or comfort zone state, or dwelling place. What is your dwelling place? Your dwelling place becomes your life.

Now for the good news!

 Your state is ALL “mental,” there is not a single circumstance on the outside of yourself that can prevent you from being the person you want to be. It is 100% in your mind, and I don’t care how many people, and even coaches, that say otherwise. I have proof that it is all mental, because I have tested it again and again. All books, ancient books, and also Neville Goddard, tell us this as well. It is all mental. Let go of believing that there is a struggle. That just keeps the state of struggle alive longer.

Not another person’s belief system. Not your culture’s belief systems. Not your lack of an education. Not you being too fat or too ugly or too stupid or too thin. Nothing, not a single thing, except your mental state of mind, can keep you from becoming who you want to be.

“You must mentally adjust your thoughts to proceed from the desired state, all within yourself. You fell into your present state either deliberately or unwittingly; and because you are its life, the state became alive and grew like a tree, bearing its fruit which you do not like. Its fruit may be that of poverty, or distress, heartache, or pain. There are all kinds of unlovely fruit. But you can detach yourself from your unlovely harvest by making an adjustment in your human imagination.” 

 -Neville Goddard

I like to think of states as channeling your inner …..whatever you wish to be…. Don’t channel a bunch of bs that you don’t want just because you don’t want to change your dwelling state!

“If someone comes to you and tells you they want a job, don’t ask him how he lost his previous job; simply hear him tell you he now has a wonderful job. Do that and you have taken him out of the state of unemployment and placed him in the state of the gainfully employed.” 

 -Neville Goddard

This is how you manifest for others, exactly the same as for yourself. No more pity parties, they are you keeping your friends trapped in their old states, in the misery that they want out of. Your state of meeting them with joy alters their state, even if they are unaware of it.

A state feels NATURAL.

Not exciting, not ecstatic, not shouting for joy. Just NORMAL. Like this state you are in right now is normal to you.

If it doesn’t feel normal you are thinking ABOUT another state other than the state that you are in….The state you are in feels normal and natural.  Even as you move through many states in a day, they all feel right at home for you, because you are used to them, and you just “find yourself” in those states. But, if you want to make a significant shift in your life, you have to make an effort to find the  state of the person you wish to be, and remind yourself throughout the day that you are a new person, and find the state of that person again and again and again, until it becomes your new dwelling place.

“You must feel its naturalness, like my own bed at night. At first the new state seems unnatural, like wearing a new suit or hat. Although no one knows your suit is new, you are so conscious of it you think everyone is looking at you. You are aware of its fit and its feeling until it becomes comfortable. So it is with your new state. At first you are conscious of its strangeness; but with regular wearing, the new state becomes comfortable, and its naturalness causes you to constantly return to it, thereby making it real.” 

 -Neville Goddard

It is also kind of like being an adolescent, you are not comfortable as an adult yet, but you are no longer a child, and you never will be again. Adolescence feels a little weird, like you don’t quite fit in anywhere. Don’t worry, soon you will feel comfortable as an adult. It is the same with states.  Persist.  Soon the new state will feel like wearing an old pair of shoes.  Drag your mind from its comfort zone, into the new state,  until you have created a brand new comfort zone.  A brand new dwelling place.

Notice Neville says it will feel unnatural at first. Keep persisting until it feels natural. Feeling natural is a calm and easy feeling. Not an excited and ecstatic feeling.  It’s a calm feeling and you will know, you can’t ask anyone else if you are there in the state yet,  because only you would know. It isn’t visible. But you know inside of you when you have arrived in your new state. Like when only you know that you are pregnant, but it isn’t visible yet.

“Now most of us, knowing what we want, construct it in our mind’s eye, but never occupy it. “ 

 -Neville Goddard

Some of us, we hear this, but we never move into the state  but rather we keep thinking ABOUT the state. 

Wishing about the state. 

Hoping for the state.

 Praying for the state, but never occupying it.

I could dream of owning a gorgeous mansion,  and hope to go there someday; but if I do not occupy it now, in my imagination, I just delay my manifestation indefinitely, maybe forever.

If all I do is create the state, but not occupy it, embody it  (or channel it, as I like to think of it)   then it is just perpetually  “under construction”.

Any time someone asks why something didn’t work, this is the answer: 

It did work. 

You remained in your old comfortable state, wishing and hoping, and it worked, You have exactly the same because you never shifted state. It always works, and it works when you fail to move into a new state too.  It worked. You remained in an old state and it worked.

Occupy the state. Channel the state. Become the state. Keep making your state feel natural, and keep making it natural, and keep making it natural….persist.

“You can be what you want to be if you know and apply this principle, but you are the operant power. It does not operate itself. You may know the law from A to Z, but knowing is not enough. Knowledge must be acted upon.” 

 -Neville Goddard

I am reminded of when I was trying to learn how to water-ski. I had all the instructions, and what I kept hearing was “Sit (in the water, with skis on) as if in a rocking chair, and when the boat pulls you, you just stand up from the rocking chair. “ The whole time I was practicing and failing, because I didn’t hear the “stand up “ part.  It was like I didn’t understand that I had to use my own leg muscles to physically stand myself up, I though the boat-pull would hold me up or something. Suddenly I got it, and I stood myself up, and went Duh!! I have to STAND UP!

“You may know the law from A to Z, but knowing is not enough. Knowledge must be acted upon.” 

 -Neville Goddard

Go put it to practice! You must physically put yourself into the state by your own will! If you don’t it is just more of the same old same old. You FIND yourself in a state. If you want something more out of life you have to will yourself into the new state, it doesn’t just happen by itself, if it did you would already be do or have whatever it is that you want. The state that you find yourself in by default, it is what has created this life, and everything that you see around you. The new dwellings state has to be consciously created by YOU.

Sometimes we make a half manifestation, it isn’t everything we wanted because we didn’t know beforehand that there was more to the whole picture, and that is fine. Just make adjustments and keep improving your state. 

A state is NOT your feelings. A state is NOT your thoughts. But a state contains those things within it.

  • A state is who/ what you are (or think you are)
  • A state is your identity. (what you think your identity is)

When manifesting, picking the state is step one. As a matter of fact, when manifesting, picking the state can be the only step you ever take. 

This is why I keep saying that manifesting methods don’t matter, all that they do is help you shift into your state. That is all.

Again, a state is NOT  an emotion.  It is NOT your feelings. 

A state has your inner conversations within it, and that is why, as a method, changing your inner conversations can help you shift state.

A state has feelings, attitudes, thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, desires, actions, inner conversations, etcetera in it. But a state is not one of those things alone. 

Practice this:

Imagine right now that you are Kim Kardashian. Imagine your state (who you are) as you wake up in the morning as Kim Kardashian.

Now imagine that you are a world famous concert pianist. Who are you then, imagine waking up in the morning in that body?

Imagine now that you are Bill Gates. Who are you when you wake up in the morning as Bill Gates?

Imagine that you are Beyonce. Now who are you as you wake up in the morning.

Imagine yourself into those different people, and you will discover different states.

Who are you now? 

Are you…..

Dog owner, fish tank aquarium owner,  nurse,  brain surgeon, housewife, and so and so’s  girlfriend? What is your identity? There are labels that you have on yourself, that you yourself have labeled, or agreed to because you unconsciously accepted those labels.

Re-label yourself if you want something new, different or better.

If I ask who you are you don’t say how you feel... I am not asking how you feel, I am asking who you are.

The states that we are currently manifesting are invisible states. Let’s say you are manifesting wealth, then you embody the state of being wealthy now. It is currently an invisible state, in the outside world, just like being pregnant is an invisible motherhood state. Soon it will be visible, you will have a baby, and everyone will know that you are a mother.

You can be in the state of student, state of overlooked employee, state of trophy wife, state of beat up and abused wife, state of cherished wife. You can be in a state of exhausted mom, cheerleader team leader soccer mom, or loving and nurturing mom. Or you can fluctuate between all these, but most people have a “comfort state”. It is who we default to due to programming in our youth. That is our dwelling state. If you want to grow and improve your life you have to find a new dwelling state. Reprogram.

If you want to make a serious shift in your life, this is why you have to get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort state. 

“Know that your consciousness is the only reality. Then know what you want to be. Then assume the feeling of being that which you want to be, and remain faithful to your assumption, living and acting on your conviction. Always make it fit that pattern.”

 -Neville Goddard

Some states are easier to occupy, to embody, to dwell in than others, but only in the beginning.  Make embodying or channeling your desired state your way of life from now on, you will get better and better at it.  It will get easier and easier.

Some states are WAY harder than others to embody. But only IN THE BEGINNING.

In the past, I have embodied  the state of a genius pianist, before I even owned a piano, or had taken my first piano lesson. In this way I channeled my inner pianist, I occupied a state of pianist, and I hadn’t even started my lessons yet. My piano was gifted to me, and lessons came for free, by an amazing teacher, AND I learned so fast. Way faster than people say you should be able to learn.

 I became an artist the same way, and I painted incredible paintings and I never had a lesson at all. Those were hobbies, just for fun, but you can and should do this with all areas of life. Incidentally, that was all a long time ago, and when I picked up a pencil to draw something recently I couldn’t draw! I wasn’t embodying the state of the artist and I didn’t know how to draw.

I embodied my career long before I was hired on the spot, in the interview that basically came chasing after me. Occupy the state, and you will become the state, it will become your natural dwelling place.

Every time you that you notice that you have a desire, or a wish, or that you simply want something, anything  at all, assume that it is true.  Practice makes perfect, and play makes it fun and takes it off  the pedestal, so practice at playing at this. Have fun!  

You might wonder what your “true” desires are, and there is really only one way to find out.  Use these teachings for everything, just to know that this is the easiest and most fun way to live.

“The true method of knowledge is through experiment. So we invite you to experiment. The true faculty of knowing is the faculty of experiencing. For, when you have had the experiences, you no longer care whether anyone else knows it or not. It does not matter. You know it, and you know that you know it” 

 -Neville Goddard

That is how you discover what your true desires are!

Have fun with this!

Anna Bäck

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