Is there any such thing as”bad food” for a MANIFESTER? Neville Goddard

Can you just eat whatever the heck you want and be healthy anyway?

This is a question from Caleb’s Facebook group, and also my answer below:


I recently heard a manifestation coach say that “nothing is bad for you unless you truly believe it to be bad for you” in regards to like foods and other substances. Other people in manifestation communites seem to feel the same way about this idea and it has has always rubbed me the wrong way as someone who actively prioritizes not doing things that may cause harm to their health or physical appearance (especially skin). For example, I hardly ever drink alcohol and while I do feel like I’m missing out, it’s been proven that alcohol is a carcinogen, can slow your cognitive functioning, and can also cause the collagen levels in your body to deteriorate.

However, according to a handful of people in the manifesting community, nothing that health practitioners or psychologists say really seems to matter. A lot of people seem to go by this idea that If something has an unhealthy impact on your health or physical appearance t’s because you believed it would have that impact on you… if this is the case then wouldn’t that make all the research people have done relating to health, nutrition, and skincare just absolutely meaningless? You’re saying that the work they put out… doesn’t add value to people’s lives? You’re telling me I can smoke cigarettes, eat fast food, drink as much as I’d like, and do every party drug known to mankind without it taking a toll on my health or physical appearance? I mean I would absolutely love for that to be true but I just care about my health and physical appearance too much.

So yeah I’d like to hear other people’s opinions and commentary on this.”

This is what I answered in the group:

I have the answer to this, but most people want a lie, not an answer… and there in lies your answer 😃

I recently made a video on how the conscious mind interacts with the subconscious mind(programming) and that is part of the answer as well.

Your preprogramming wants to make you believe in the “unhealthy is fine because I determined that it won’t matter”. ONLY a person who has overcome their programming can make that statement and have it be a true statement. The coach who told you this might be one month away from a heart attack for all you know. This is the reason why people want a lie rather than the truth, and that is fine. You can decide when it is time for you to transcend your programming, no one else can or should decide that for you.

Think of a smoker…they will always say that they can quit whenever they want, but we all know that that isn’t true. It is the same. Saying that you can keep on eat big mac’s morning noon and night and still be a picture of health is not true. For most. Maybe Jesus or Buddha could, but the thing is, they WOULDN’T. They would make the better choice. Making the better choice is a sign of a healthy subconscious program.

I’ll link to my video, and you can watch it if you feel like it. The answer is in there, but it isn’t obvious, you still have to connect the dots.

I want to elaborate more, so here are a few more important ntres about STATES:

So what is really going on here is a OLD MAN state vs NEW MAN state battle, and the last thing you need in manifesting is a BATTLE.

Old man state does not come with you to your new man state. New man state might not even resemble your old man state.

Old man state does not come with you to your new man state. New man state might not even resemble your old man state.

Your old man state wants to lie to you that you can remain complacent, and not grow out of your comfort zone.

If you refuse to grow out of your comfort zone, and you keep listening to your old man state, that is telling you what is TRUE IN THAT STATE but FALSE IN THE NEW MAN STATE, you have not bought the pearl.

This is always a dance, between truth-lie-truth, and you are the one who decides what you will live by. Old man lies, or new man truths?

There are many examples of people who can eat what they want and be a picture of health, but again, you don’t know for sure if they are just weeks short of a heart attack.

There are examples of Gurus who can drink alcohol but never get drunk.

There are examples of people walking on fire and reclining on sharp spikes.

BUT what is YOUR MIND TELLING YOU. Make everything about you. Who are you in your new man state? Are you at war with foods? I am assuming in your new man state this battle does not exist, or that is what the OP is hoping for. Then end the battle now. Enter the new man state now, and stay there. Chances are that new man makes consistently healthy choices without any effort, enjoys the healthy choices in life, and on occasion indulges a bit for pleasure.

So you see, it isn’t about “the thing” out there, it never is. It is always about your state.

The state of NOT having the question in your mind, “Can I really eat this?”

The feeling of “such a question never arises.”

The feeling of never wondering if you could eat this.

What does that “new man state you” eat? Twinkies all day? Or does that “new man state you” start the day with maybe juicing, a lunch of greens and some protein, and herbal tea? I don’t know, because that is your job to find out, find out where your mind (old man vs new man) is telling you truth-lie-truth , it is your job to cease the war between the two and side with new man.

Once and for all.

The same can be applied in all manifestations, weather it is about staying in the same old job or going for your dream career, or improving a relationship or bettering your finances.

Can you take your bad old man habits with you into the new man state?

The answer is no.

No you have to fully enter the state, you have to “buy the pearl” as Neville calls’ it, and you have to be faithful to it, and every day, make a commitment to ceasing the war in your mind that the old man state is trying to start.

  1. Ask yourself -What do I want
  2. Become that NOW.
  3. Remain faithful to the new man state throughout the day.
  4. End the war caused by old man state.
  5. Feel the absence of battle and difficulty in making your perfect choices in new man state now.
  6. Make this about YOU, not about the thing (food)

When there is a noticeable absence of the old man fighting, become aware of how great you feel, how at ease you feel every time you prepare food, how secure you are that you are always choosing the best thing for YOUR body. Not every body is the same, but feel how good you are to your body, and how lovely it is to eat your perfect meals, that you enjoy for all the right reasons, it tastes good, it looks appetizing, it is prepared with love, and it nourishes you body mind and soul.

There are examples where Neville Goddard talks about his teacher, Abdullah’s ability to eat and drink whatever he wanted, but you are you, and so make this about you. The most important takeaway is that. Manifesting is always about you, and never about them, and most importantly NEVER about the “thing” which is food in this case.

If it is about you, then how do you feel in your state of healthy?

What DO YOU eat in your state of healthy.

Nobody cares what Abdulla ate in his state of healthy, or any one of the other 7.5 billion people on the planet either. How do you feel in YOUR state of healthy. Bite into that and feel it real.

(And as a little footnote here, that is perhaps the most important diet related sentence you will ever read, is that people who eat their meals in a happy group such as family are way healthier that those who eat alone, by their TV, or in the car. This proves that is is more about HOW we eat than anything else.)

Dr Anna Bäck

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