Combat your limiting beliefs in LOA | 6 mythbusters | Manifest with confidence

Combat your limiting beliefs in LOA, 6 mythbusters, manifest with confidence

Turn everything around today!

The Midas touch & manifesting

I still see a lot of people asking questions that tell me that they don’t understand the law, so, I thought I would make a post of the main things that have nothing to do with LOA!

There is NO God or Universe outside of you

There is nothing outside of your consciousness that is granting or preventing things from you. As the operant power, YOU are the CAUSE 100%. What you believe to be true, good, bad, or neutral will be true to you. Period. This whole reality is in a sense made by your own imagination, that is, there could be an infinite amount of different circumstances in your life but only the ones that are consistent with what is in your mind actually show up. Physical reality changes only when you change your beliefs and it has nothing to do with being awarded anything by the universe, or attracting good vibes, or God punishing you.

There is actually NO ONE no one judging you, not God but also no other people even if you experience them as judgmental…

I know that as humans we were raised to see and believe things according to the accepted worldview but it is false, and this is the time to break free from the old world view.

The law is impartial, it does not judge anymore than gravity judges you.  HOWEVER, if you judge others you may also feel judged… You are of course free to believe whatever you want and you are free to judge but remember that if you judge others for wanting their desires… well… Judgment might come back to you, but it depends on your own beliefs! Either way, no one else was judging you, but rather, you created this judgment out of your judgmental state and it has nothing to do with God.

It was just your own state, and that is something you can change.

The law never  judges, gravity never judges, and it rains on the just and the unjust, and the only way that you are judged is if you create a state of judgmental beliefs.

The bible is NOT literal

The Bible, and other metaphorical texts are NOT literal. The Law is based more closely on the Bible of the old testament and most closely aligns with kabbalah, all religious teachings are nonsense if you try to apply them literally. If you do, you will become a neurotic mess. The best way to learn more accurate meanings of the Bible is by reading Neville Goddard and I have created audiobooks of most of his teachings so you can find that on this blog. 

When I teach about manifesting a specific person the only place that you need to find agreement with is within your own heart, and there is no literal answer about this in the Bible because, again, the Bible, is not literal and when the Bible talks about marriage it is an allegory . Some people  refer to the Bible and declare it wrong to manifest a specific person, but again, the leap you have to make is to understand that NOTHING in the Bible is literal and everything is an allegory for an important aspect that you need understand in order to manifest your life in a way that pleases you and everyone that you love.  When the Bible talks about a husband and a wife, (For example: That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh from Genesis 2)   It is actually talking about the conscious and rational mind represented by the husband  and the subconscious mind which is represented by the wife.  Understand that every single time that the Bible talks about marriage it is actually referring  to the merging of your rational mind, with which you decide the direction you want to go in life, and the  subconscious mind which is the impartial engine that drives it home.

They work together in a husband and wife sort of team. The “wife” has to be submissive to the “husband”, and I hope that for the first time this weird sexist nonsense makes sense to you! The subconscious mind has to submit to the conscious mind with which we have decided what we want, because that is what the subconscious mind does, it submits, and the only problem is that you have not controlled your conscious mind until now.

Now you know why that is so important. The conscious mind has to be like a husband that decides the direction the household goes in and the subconscious mind in the submissive way of a wife, always goes to work according to what she is told.

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Techniques DON’T manifest!

Maybe I bring this up every blog , but it is consistently misunderstood anyway, so here it goes again: Techniques are GREAT and I love using some to set my mind straight, but there is no magical power in the technique. It is not a magic spell, it is a placebo. Use it to your advantage.  YOU manifest with your intention, and that is basically it, it is like wearing the magic pants that always have money in the pockets, just keep putting your hand in the pocket and pull out more money. When you intend, just imagine that you are pulling more money out and the supply is limitless.  Some techniques may work for some people some of the time and they don’t work for others but don’t worry about that, just put your hand in your limitless pocket, and pull out more magic, by intending.  

The collective consciousness , universe, and astrological events only affects you think so, and until you wake up to your God state

After you find out about these teachings it is time to let go of old beliefs like this one. Now that you are free to decide to go your own way. As the God of your reality, anything that is happening, be it war, pandemics or civil unrest, is not relevant to you, in the sense that you are personally affected by anything, because  you have left the comforts of the nest of the collective. Now you are aligning with a different harmony, and that is the harmony of your own heart. Whatever the collective consciousness does or doesn’t do is irrelevant to YOUR own personal consciousness and experience. The circumstances of the world that are created by the collective consciousness are always bad, more or less, and will always continue to be so, until everyone of us makes LOA the most important thing. Most people don’t know that they create their reality out of the continents of their minds so yes, they contribute to the collective, and yes, they draw negativity back to themselves from the collective, and they move harmoniously with every event be it good or bad, but you have to learn how to rise above that! You will lead by example.  Other people are alway subject to being in victim mode but from now on you will not. 

 EIYPO Everyone is yourself  pushed out is NOT equal to thinking that other people  are puppets!

 EIYPO Everyone is yourself  pushed out is NOT equal to thinking that other people  are puppets! Or that they don’t exist, or that you are going to try to  control anyone. EIYPO is real and unavoidable though. You can not escape it anymore than you can escape gravity . You can learn what it really means and then use your wits to make something good with that information.

No matter what you believe, gravity pulls you down to earth, and no matter what you believe  people around you are yourself pushed out. No matter what you believe, people around you will reflect parts of your consciousness back to you. No matter what you believe, when you are experiencing the personalities of others, you are experiencing an aspect of yourself that you are unconscious to. If you understand this you can use the image that they show you to understand the contents of your mind and make corrections within yourself, and this has NOTHING to do with manipulating anyone or controlling them.   We always influence other people by our consciousness, even people we will never meet.  We influence them by our beliefs about ourselves and of course about them, and  about the world in general.  Whether you know it or not,  whether you understand it or not, whether you like it or not, and whether you want it or not, people around you are YOURSELF pushed out. Same as gravity.

Circumstances DON’T matter

And in the same vein, Circumstances DON’T matter. This is just a continuation of the last point. Everything is yourself pushed out, so you made these circumstances, similar to a human body that drinks water and eats food will excrete it. Sure it’s gross, nobody likes poop, but you made it, be done with it, flush it down, move on. If you stay and freak out about the circumstances it is basically like taking the toxins you just excreted and reabsorbing it, and then complaining about it. Just stop ingesting yesterday’s news and you’ll be fine. Your circumstances are your own manifestation. If you don’t like them, flush them down and don’t give it another thought. Instead, imagine your next meal, the 5 star cuisine that is what you are looking forward to right now.

No circumstance has the slightest meaning or relevance.  Dwell only in the wish fulfilled, and no matter what your circumstances are they will go away.  Faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains. You have the Midas touch, everything you touch turns to gold, remember that. There is no need to ask someone from circumstance (everyone is yourself pushed) out to tell you what will happen with your own self created circumstances like: psychics, tarot readers or  astrologers. You created it, stop ingesting that excreted byproduct now, and focus on the fulfilled desire now. You create, and you can do better if you don’t like what came out. You manifest everything around you 100% of the time already, whether you like it or not, 

The problem is that before you realize that  you  manifest your reality every day, you manifested from your fears, insecurities, doubts and negative beliefs, just as much as from your desires. As a matter of fact if you had been doubting that you can manifest, just look at how well you manifested things that you didn’t want out of those insecurite, then congratulate yourself for being so good at manifesting. Put the golden pants on, and pull  out some more cash, some more good things, some more fun, more of the stuff that you would rather see. Remind yourself that you created that because you used to believe those things, but now you don’t, and from now on you will make no judgment on circumstance, just an observation, and nothing else.

For example if you manifested ghosting, just remind yourself that you created out of a belief that ghosting happens to you, and now you have a different belief, that you get attention and respect, and from now on, if someone doesn’t answer a text, it means nothing because in your reality nobody ghosts you. The meaning is gone and now you are free from that old circumstance, it is flushed down, and your next yummy meals is waiting. In your new world, since people don’t ghost you, they no longer will. So … won’t happen in one second, but move on if it happens again. It means nothing since  circumstances have no meaning. You are the meaning, and you can assign any meaning you want or you can just drop it, leave it, and move on, with no meaning at all. You can start this by managing your inner conversations, and when you bump into an old circumstance you have already practiced it inside of you, and soon you’ll get the hang of it. If they ghost you again, you have practiced the inner conversation where you don’t even notice that.

You won’t fall for the illusion again, and you’ll remain calm and confident.

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