Law of Assumption or Law of Attraction?

Law of Assumption or Law of Attraction?

In Neville Goddard’s teachings, the concept of “states” refers to the different psychological states of being that we experience

These states determine the quality of our lives and shape our external reality. Neville emphasized the importance of assuming the desired state in our imagination, feeling its reality, and living from it as if it were already true. This is done by focused attention, a distracted mind won’t do the trick.

On the other hand, vibrational alignment is a term commonly used in the context of the Law of Attraction. It suggests that everything in the universe, including our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, carries a certain vibrational frequency. When we align our own vibration with the frequency of what we desire, we attract and manifest that desired reality into our lives.

While there are similarities between the two concepts, Neville Goddard’s concept of states focuses on the psychological states we embody, emphasizing the power of focus, assumption and imagination. Vibrational alignment, on the other hand, emphasizes the energetic resonance between our vibration and the desired outcome, highlighting the importance of positive thoughts, emotions, and elevated mood.

Ultimately, both concepts emphasize the power of our internal state  in creating our external reality. 

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