Overcome any resistance and manifest your dreams


Number one: Resistance in yourself.


“If” is the magical word that will move you beyond your limitations, when it comes to health, money, friendship, career, love, all of it can be moved by the word if.

When you are faced with resistance, in yourself words like:

I can’t

I shouldn’t

I mustn’t

I couldn’t

And similar resistance phrases that come into your mind.

They are limitations

These words are called: Modal operators.

When you use these words in your mind about your desire, you are basically DEFINING you r reality.

The resistant words are basically describing for you, what your reality looks like.

Remember that your reality is based on your beliefs, and very often people have a hard time grasping this, and to top it off they don’t know WHAT they actually believe. It is like a mystery to many. If this is you, and you encounter resistant feelings in yourself, look  for thoughts like “I shouldn’t desire that “Am I bad for wanting that” etc.

THESE words are describing your belief model for you. Now you know, what the limiting beliefs are that you are operating under. 

This is your map of your reality that you have created through reality distortions, through generalizations and deletions. We don’t experience reality as it is. Nobody does. We experience it through our distortion. It is a map of reality, and it is a quick way to get through reality and make decisions quickly. It is however NOT reality. If you encounter resistance in your manifestation, take a look at your MODAL OPERATORS. Your words of limitations.

I can’t

They can’t

He’s not like that

I am not good enough

I am not pretty enough

I shouldn’t want that

She is too good for me

Your modal operators are part of your MAP of reality, but NOT actual reality. 

You created this map in your mind, and it is probably a useful map at times, it is a quick way to get through the day, making quicker judgements, and making  decisions about things. Big things and little things.

Unfortunately, if you want to manifest your reality in a whole new way, and you encounter resistance, you are then LIMITED by this map.

 “I can’t.”

The only way to get out of our reality is by use of our imagination. 

Imagination creates.

The use of the word IF can navigate you through the brain map of modal operators.

If you are a guy who is trying to get a chance to talk to the dream girl, but she has so many guys pursuing her, and you have compared yourself to all of her suitors, and your modal operator has declared that you are not able to get noticed by her. You are in her vicinity, hanging out with the friends group, and you can just tell that she will reject you if you walk up to her. You know the feeling. You feel like you will never get anywhere with her, but you have never seen anyone so pretty in your life, and you are smitten.

Now. What if you could go out with her, what would you want to do on your first date?

Notice that the word if, opened up the imagination. 

Now suddenly you are imagining a reality that is outside of your map.

Imagination creates.

Your mind will talk back to you, when you start doing this, using its map, and keep using if, what if, if I did, or if I could then what would I do?

This is the way to create extraordinary things.

If you were going to win the 100 meter race in the Olympics, you would have to imagine winning, if you are not able to imagine it you can’t win it. This is called thinking outside of the box. When you begin to expand your distorted map of reality and begin to question it. 

What would it be like IF I won the 100 meter race? 

Now imagination opens up.

I ran the Los Angeles marathon, it is 26 miles. I ran it in 4 hours. I am not an athlete, me and a friend said to each other “what if” we could run it? Suddenly we imagined running it. We both ran it!

 What if? 

NOW your imagination has kicked in.

Imagination creates.

Your subconscious mind opens up in times of ambiguity, because the map of reality, the distorted map of reality, does not have space for ambiguity.

Are you thinking “I can’t call her again” because she said “never call me again”, 

What if I sent her an email, now, what would I say to her that could heal the rift?

What if I sent her an email and that led to us repairing our rift, what if ten years from now we would be happily ever after and have forgotten about this time apart?

IF opens up your imagination towards what you actually want.

Imagination creates.

What are you imagining?

I can’t?

She hates me?

What if….

Number Two: Resistance in others:

If you are in sales and you are trying to land a sale and you can tell the customer is not interested, you can use the same IF. 

“If you were to buy this, now, I am just curious. Which option would suit you best?” 

You are asking THEM to imagine outside of THEIR map.  Imagination creates. Now they are imagining which option they would choose, you have opened up the subconscious part of the mind, and their map of reality can change. It might not be enough obviously, but you can keep going in this direction, opening their box of reality, getting them to think outside of their box, with more what if questions, by getting them to wonder and to be curious.

The girl that is so high above you that you feel that you are number 100 in line, how could you approach HER?

“If you were to go out with me, I am just curious, what would you like to do on our first date?

Apply the same IF method to all resistance that you meet in others. What if? Open up their imagination toward imagining what you desire.

 Bottom line.

The bottom line is this, when it comes to our own reality distortion, our own words: I can’t, I shouldn’t, I must not, or  I won’t, are limiting your reality. If you want to create a better reality, start asking yourself IF.

What if I could, what would I feel like?  If I did, what would be the first thing I would do?

Ask yourself:

What if you could. What if you did.

Imagination creates. Imagine outside of your box.

You can’t solve a problem on the same level that created the problem, you have to get out of the reality that created the problem, and the only way to do that is to create new choices. 

You created this reality from within this box and you have to get out of the box to find the solution, and this requires your imagination. 

If it wasn’t possible from your distorted reality, you have to imagine the reality where it is possible. 

Your map of reality is creating your problems, so you have to expand your map, and get out of your limitations. 

Add more choices and possibilities to your map, your imagination overcomes your skills and logic and your intellect. 

Your skills operate within your current map of reality.

Your logic operates within your current distorted map of reality. 

Your intellect operates within your distorted map of reality.

The only thing that does NOT operate on the current map of reality is YOUR IMAGINATION.

Imagination creates.

Imagine what if.

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