Creating a spark, make them fall in love with you again | Law Of Assumption (From the love course)

Creating a spark, make them fall in love with you again, and keep the sparks getting hotter throughout life. (From the love course)

Even a small desire activates a whole system of worlds of parallel realities, you don’t have to have a strong and overwhelming desire, but it has to be a FOCUSED desire. 

The focused attention is your manifestational power. Intention, and focused attention. Vast systems of worlds are activated by this, and you can connect with the reality you want by keeping focus, and denying distracting and contradicting  thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. The desire is the connection that you need to make this manifest, the desire is the connection between you and the reality / world that you want. Without the desire there is no connecting point. 

This is why we say that the desires are gifts bestowed by God, desires are gifts from your God self to your person self.  Your ego is what is aware that you even have the desire. If you don’t have an ego you are more or less like an animal and the desires don’t exist, it is more of survival instinct then. 

There is no need to separate egoic desires from God-desires because all desires are from God, and all desires are interpreted by our ego mechanism, and that is how it was designed to be. 

The beauty of this LOA practice happens when you understand how to direct your focused attention. The desire for loving another is a step closer to Godself, because we are all connected, and bringing us together in love, rejoins us as one.

It is the nature of hidden teachings that they only appear to us at such a time that we can understand them, so these teachings can be completely understood and embodied by you at this time. 

The understating has begiún to take place. Provided that your intentions are correct, that is, your intentions are focused on the desire, and not on something else.  

I read the Yoga Sutra, by Patanjali, where the idea of manifestation is first written down i detail, but for 15 years I didn’t grasp part three, the chapter on “superpowers”, or manifesting,  and then one day, after I found neville Goddard, chapter three popped out and that was all I could see. 

When you are ready to understand it reveals itself to you. 

Spirituality or religion is meaningless without the knowledge of how to make manifest a good life. Manifesting is an integral part of all spiritual teachings, and both religion and spiritual teachings hid away this, but it is more important than the religious part of the teachings. The path of understanding manifestation will also take you straight to the heart of the matter, God self.

Human desires have evolved and become more and more advanced, but also more and more intimately focused on inner happiness. Material desires are so easy to come by, but we now know that this does not complete us, knowledge, material, wealth, power, none of it is enough to  fulfill us, and instinctively we know that there is a truly deep sense of contentment and inner joy waiting for us somewhere, but where to find it? Inside, we are told, but have you noticed that self love isn’t as wonderful as shared love?  Research shows that happily married couples ARE happier, and married people even have an increased life expectancy. Our development towards material comforts have also led to a greater isolation, we are more independent, but less fulfilled on a soul level.

We need each other, this is the bottom line. We are all one, and we are designed to connect deeply, not to live isolated lives each with our own comfortable pile of wealth and success. But love and infatuation is complex, and after the initial period of mad infatuation love seems to fade, and get boring. So how do we keep the spark alive so that we can expand our joy and happiness rather than diminish it?

The evolution of a relationship is naturally, first  meeting, then connecting, and then encountering some conflict. When we resolve the conflict, we feel even more connected, and this is the growth of love. You can observe this in an unconscious relationship by the heat of makeup sex. However, it isn’t necessary to let a conflict take place to make use of the heat of make-up sex though, you just have to correct yourself when you want to react egoically, or when you are triggered. Everytime that you don’t react in your same old way, you are putting the heat of the make up sex into the divine space between you, and both of you get to withdraw from that divine account.  

Most relationships have some toxic traits, and that is because most of us have some unrealistic expectations. We can overcome this. We need each other to see us and to mirror us, and if we are toxic, they will mirror back some toxicity in some way or another.  Again, this is not something that they are doing TO you, it is you doing this FOR you, and this is the direct path to keeping the spark alive, and to enjoying a connection that increases, and grows deeper and deeper throughout life, rather than more and more distant.

What you begin to experience in this connection is God, and God is self. This is how we truly experience God, in our connections. This has been dabbled in a little tiny bit in the west by our misunderstanding of Tantra. We both know that our love connection holds the key to meeting God as self, and try to assert our independence. The shared divine between a man and a women, is not about only tantra. The trick is to maintain your state of connection, and to be non-reactive, and to rise above your old reality. To continue learning about the eternal spark, visit the LOVE COURSE!

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