Claim your label. Your identity is your superpower.

Claim your label! 

-I am Jane’s grandma, 

-I am Lisa’s mama 

-I am Sammie’s wife / husband.

-I am CEO of SpaceX!

I AM CEO of Living Wellness Coaching!

I am! 

YOUR  label your label is YOUR identity, 

Your identity is your SUPERPOWER! . 

Your label is your STATE. 

Your label is YOUR ASSUMPTION.

Your label identifies your assumption about yourself. The law of assumption states that your assumption creates. The law of creation is based on assumption.

Are you manifesting an sp? 

This is YOUR husband or wife. You are NOT manifesting an sp. (I hope you are not calling them sp in your mind), call them by their label. 

A husband is different from “a guy”.

 It is different from a lover, a boyfriend, a man. A man is something that there is plenty of. Plenty of fish in the sea!

A husband is not the same as “a man.”

A husband is off the market, 

Your husband. He HE is committed to his family, and most importantly, he is committed to you, the apple of his eye.  You are HIS person, his only real love. His soulmate. 

A man is available. A guy is available

A woman is available.

You are not manifesting a girl, or a woman, you are manifesting YOUR person. There is no one else for you, but your spouse.

Give the right label to YOURSELF.

 Are you a husband? 

Are you a wife?  

Notice the difference in WHO YOU FUNDAMENTALLY ARE.

Last year I became a grandmother. My whole internal world changed with the new assumption. What a responsibility! It is time to “clean up my act” lol!

(My act is already pretty clean, but GRANDMOTHER…that is HUGE. My heart is even more full, it contains even more love now. )

When I became a mother for the first time, the same thing happened. The pride in taking on this new responsibility remodeled my whole internal world. My mind was focused on creating  safe, happy, whimsical and playful experiences, and to be a soother and and comforter, with arms that hold and love.

YOUR label is who you are.

A wife is off the market. When I married, I understood that it is for forever. It is definitely different from dating, from having a lover, from having a boyfriend or a partner. (Or a FWB like some of you settle for….)

A wife is devoted, committed and focused on creating a happy marriage experience. If you remain a woman, or a girl, after you get married most likely your marriage has problems. A wife can be a girl, still, in the playful sense, and a woman, for her husband, OBVIOUSLY, but if she is still a woman for OTHER men, her marriage is most likely struggling. 

Imagine a mother who is equally interested in her neighbor’s baby as her own. Some Days she goes to her neighbors house and cares for their baby, and just leaves her own baby at home. Wtf you would say, that is wrong. It is the same with a spouse label. It is your home, your center of the universe and your role that you play every day is secure. It doesn’t mean boring, every day is a new day, JUST LIKE NOW, but who you are is clearly defined as “I am a wife”.

Right now you are perhaps clearly labelling yourself as…single? Rejected? Betrayed….or side chick?

Your label is your state, AND, this is how you become the state of the wish fulfilled. Use the right label.

 You don’t have to feel ecstatic or high vibrations, you don’t have to do the 369 method, or stand on your head. Just apply the correct label. Claim the right label.

When you are a husband or a wife, you are committed to one very specific and special man or woman for the rest of your life. 

It is DIFFERENT from being a girlfriend or a lover.

In today society’s divorce rates keep growing.

Are you just manifesting “a great guy, or a beautiful woman”? That isn’t what a husband or a wife is, although they can certainly be that too.

 If you are manifesting your sp, drop all other labels, and understand that you will be a wife or a husband, and the person you are manifesting is not “an sp”, not “a guy”, not “a girl”, it is “your husband” or wife. 

And your label is now that.

MANY people today are not able to imagine the happiness of marriage, instead they imagine the misery of a failed marriage or a toxic marriage …. This is why you have to fix your mind NOW. 

The only way a marriage will work is if the person you are manifesting is YOUR person, the ONE, YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE and this is the same as YOUR SOULMATE. 

YOUR person. 

We had to create the soulmate label because marriage has such awful connotations, but it should be the same thing.

You are not manifesting some guy or some girl who is nice and cute.

It is none of your concern that “all men are such and such” you are NOT manifesting ALL THE MEN! You are manifesting YOUR soulmate. Your husband/wife. Stop manifesting “All men”. (“All men are cheaters, all women are gold diggers” etc) THAT is none of your business, what do  you care what ALL THE MEN are doing?  It has nothing to do with you.

You are not manifesting them.

Use the label to manifest your desire. Become your label NOW.

A man, a woman, a guy, a girl have something to offer you that you want, and you are looking for THAT thing that they will provide you.

This is NOT a husband or a wife. Maybe she wants a guy with money. If that’s the case just give her the money and she’ll be happy. Happier even. If you are manifesting your sp, make sure that you get this difference: 

If you were manifesting your SP, you are manifesting the one, you are manifesting your soulmate, your twin flame, your husband. Your wife.

Not some guy, not a beautiful woman, not a great woman, not an interesting and quirky woman.

YOUR woman. Your only one.  There is only one. You don’t need all the men, you need your man. And he is your husband, not a man.” Your husband” is the correct label. YOUR soulmate. The one.

It is not hard to be in the state of the wish fulfilled, just stop trying to vibrate higher or whatever you are doing, and give yourself the right label, because your identity is the same as your label, and your assumption is your identity. This is the law of assumption.

If I had a penny for every girlfriend of mine who has dejectedly said to me: “But I am a good woman , why doesn’t he want me?”

Do you know why?

 Because he wasn’t looking for a good woman, he was looking for his soulmate. He was looking for one. She is probably nice too. Meanwhile my friend is looking for “a guy”…. Lets get this straight.

Are you jealous and insecure? 

You are not embodying your label! 

You’re 50 years old, and you are jealous of 21 year old’s on Instagram? 

Or the secretary at your spouses office?

You are not embodying your label!!!

You are the one. You are the only one. You ARE the soulmate. It doesn’t matter how many gorgeous women or hot men are out there, they don’t exist in your marriage, you are the wife/husband you are the only one. 

Embody your label. There are gorgeous women out there. It is EXACTLY the same as there being nice cars out there. So what? Oh that’s a nice car. Keep walking. It means nothing. Instagram society has made women and men insecure. Everyone is insecure now. They are all gorgeous on the  internet but remember it is just like a nice car, it is NOT a threat

In a healthy mind and heart, outer beauty and intimacy is NOT related or synonymous.

In some ways I feel sorry for the generations having to contend with the lack of intimacy that the internet world is creating, and I hope that you have someone or somewhere to look to for a truthful way of living. Intimacy is not beauty. A husband and wife are intimate on a soul to soul level and it doesn’t matter if the lights are out in the bedroom and you can’t see their beauty. It is even more intimate in the dark.  Stop worrying about your looks, and about other peoples looks, it has nothing to do with intimacy.

Soul to soul connection happens ONLY between you and your person.

YOUR wife is beautiful to YOU.

Your husband is beautiful, inside and out, because he is YOUR one.

 Your wife is the only one in the world. 

YOUR husband is YOUR person.  

No one else is your person.

Now and forever, and they are always beautiful to you.

YOUR  label your label is YOUR identity, 

Your identity is your SUPERPOWER. 

Your label is your STATE. 

Your label is YOUR ASSUMPTION.

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