Complete body healing meditation | Reprogram cells & Regenerate total health

Complete body healing meditation | Reprogram cells & Regenerate total health

In Far Eastern, and near Eastern traditions, oneness is the spiritual basis for the whole universe, and as above so below, the human is also considered “whole”.

The different levels of who we are must be healed on the level. Physical can only heal physica, emotional can only heal emotional and so on. The spiritual healing that all of mankind needs is necessary to heal on a spiritual level, that is wholism, holism. There is no separation of body-mind-spirit, that separation is an illusion created by the West, but as we now see that thought model no longer works, we have outgrown it.

As we grow into a new thought model we can, again, reach to the East for the already perfected science that has been ours since the very beginning. Healing your body begins from the top down, as above so below. Heal on the highest level and the reflection of a harmonies spirit appears in your body as reduced pain, and reduced illness. There might still be a need for physical medicine, but until this inner healing is done, you will not know the extent to which your illness exist also on another level.

This is a normal built in part of healing in other traditions due to their advanced science, and only the West has yet to catch up.

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