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In my video this week, I talk about doership, letting go, and finding the sweet spot called “flow state” or “do-nothing’ to manifest that REALLY BIG THING.

Do you think that you have to affirm more and dig in deeper to your toolbox when things aren’t going your way?

Maybe you are the persist persist persist personality….

Or have you been told that you have to believe?

Or raise your vibration?

In Taoism, manifesting or the law of assumption is known as the “do-nothing” method, and this much closer to what you have to actually do.  Nothing.

If you are still putting in a ton of effort then you might be missing this bit of understanding.

All things are already made manifest and you don’t actually have to create anything. Nothing is outside of self out there somewhere in space so you don’t have to attract anything either. Imagine that all of reality, all of time from beginning to end, is already made, and imagine that all possible versions of yourself are already in existence ready to be embodied by your consciousness. There is a version of you that is enjoying the freedom of wealth and there is a version of you who is struggling with the fear of not being able to pay the bills, and many versions in between.

If you have experienced yourself in two different stages of progress you know that you feel different before and after.  If you got a degree, then there was the you before who was studying and turning down social events so that you could stay up all night reading reference books, and there is the you who is experiencing the freedom of making more money and being able to treat your friends to dinner or a night out after. 

This is not the same as “changing” it is you being a different version of yourself, and you are free to embody any version you want regardless of circumstances and that is the essence of manifesting. There is nothing to attract and nothing to create.

The power lies within your ability to accept something as true right here and now and nothing else, and how you get there, well that is up to you. 

You can say affirmations.

Or not.

You can create a vision board.

Or not.

You can listen to subliminals and all night meditations.

Or not.

Can you accept it as true now? Then you are done, and you can go ahead and “do nothing”

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