Manifest The Impossible!

Manifest The Impossible!

Do you feel like it is impossible to manifest, or that your desire is impossible?

I saw someone ask a question about manifesting a lottery win, the question was about if is “lack or poverty mindset”, to try to manifest winning the lottery. He had seen many coaches suggesting that it is poverty mindset, and had advised that is it a bad idea to manifest winning the lottery.

So here is the thing, the lack mindset is only if you think that the only way that you could ever have money is if you won the lottery, (but even so, you can still manifest that) but remember too, that the whole point is to manifest YOUR DESIRES, not someone else’s desires. And certainly not what you do NOT desire….

A lot of people want to manifest abundance and an easy free lifestyle and they do, furthermore many people who are celebrities have knowledge of manifesting and LOA, and many used LOA to get where they are. The same thing goes for athletes and breaking athletic records and so on. It is done in the mind before it is done on earth. It is replayed in the mind many many times before it takes place in real life.

Now if you think that your manifestation is impossible you should take comfort in the fact that that is the very point of it.

Now if you think that your manifestation is impossible you should take comfort in the fact that that is the very point of it.

IT IS A FACT that it is manifestation precisely BECAUSE it is impossible. If it was possible you would just do it of your own accord. You wouldn’t need manifesting. You wouldn’t need Law of Assumption. Now you have heard about manifesting so USE it for your IMPOSSIBLE desires and your desires that you DON”T DESERVE! That is what it is for.

This is HOW we are God.

Be it , Do the impossible!

Think about athletic wins for example, if it was possible to break that world record everyone would already have done it. It is precisely because it is impossible that it is manifesting, or LOA, and everything that you think is impossible, that you desire, is waiting for you to take on the challenge, to materialize it in a magical way, into your world, so don’t loose hope.

In fact remind yourself that it is a GOOD thing that it is impossible, this is perfect, because IMPOSSIBLE that is the exact right ingredient for this!

BUT REMEMBER that you can not care so much about your manifestation that you are tormented by lack thoughts of it. You can’t think that this is “the only way for you to be happy”. This is the lack consciousness that you have to watch out for, not the fact that your desire is an impossibility. The impossibility is a piece of cake for the universe to deliver, the lack thoughts are the only block. If you want a lottery win, that is perfect, you will have it, but don’t NEED IT, don’t clamor for it.

The reason for why this needing clamoring and “oh I wish I could have that but i’ll never happen” has to go is that  you can not command a power or a circumstance that has power over you. It  is law.

One of you is God.

It is either you, or the circumstance. If you relinquish all your omnipotence to the “world of Cesar” as Neville calls it, that is, the 3d world you are no longer God of your circumstance. Only one of you will have the power.

 You must  have command, command equals FAITH. 

Have complete faith, and remember, you can not be addicted to your desire, you have to have dominion over it and when you do, you can command it. If you are addicted to your desire it has dominion over you.

Also this is why prayers have a high fail rate, if prayed with a sense of lack of control and lack of faith, then you have not given the God of your understanding enough power over the thing which you pray for, and again, you are at its mercy, this is the same mechanism as addiction, and only when you regain power can you overcome the addiction to believing in circumstance, and command them.  If you could pray in a way that you decree what you want it would be a different story. A decree is a command, and that is faith


Your desire cannot ever become an addiction or you will always be below it in power, and won’t be able to manifest this. If this has happened and you are recognizing that now, don’t worry.


Take power back.

This is done in a moments shift of consciousness.

Gain dominion.

Have no fears and don’t be a slave to your desires, no, command. Decree.

It is a power structure. Become Godlike and command your desire, not the other way around.

There are advanced manifesting techniques that you will never be able to harness as song as you allow yourself to have other Gods (god of circumstance)  and even if to some degree you are able to use these techniques, this is when they either backfire or it won’t work, or you don’t want it once it comes.

Being addicted to anything including circumstances is the same as NOT BEING GOD. 

For example. Adolf Hitler who knew all this knowledge, he knew THE LAW, and his manifestation of the “thousand year kingdom” only lasted five years, and ended with a cyanide pill in a bunker. He was addicted to his megalomania, he was not in control. His megalomania was in control of him.

You have to not care.

Lets talk about how to rise out of this predicament, and manifest our dreams instead of addictions!

First of all, there is a common trait among most people, almost all of us, when we have learn about manifesting, we try to manifest in little tiny increments, and bits and pieces of what we want. We are still afraid to “go for it”. For example, if you want a beautiful lifelong romance, you might be stuck trying to manifest a text message… Or, you want to be financially independent, but you are manifesting a 25 cent raise at work….

We have to learn how to go TO THE END. The end of the wish FULFILLED. Instead of dreaming smaller and with fear, dream bigger. Go to the whole entire completion of what you actually want, not breadcrumb. Don’t go smaller, go bigger, always go bigger, but let go of all sense of need , and decide to be fine right now, right here and now, and if you never ever get your desire, you would still be fine, otherwise you have given your GOD power away TO THE DESIRE.

You are God. The desire is not God.

So go big!

Happy manifesting.

Dr. Anna Bäck

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