Desire + Detachment from outcome = Manifestation

Detach and embrace….

Detach and commit to your already manifested desire and do not be distracted by any other thoughts!

Desire, or a burning desire, a true desire that motivates you forward in life is a feeling that is generated from WITHIN ourselves. Our desires is the reason for why creation is still continuing. It is what has created every last manmade thing or idea, it is what continues to cause children to be borne, it is what prompts us to live in homes rather than under the stars. It is also the reason for why the universe exist at all!

It is creation. 

It is CREATED by ourselves WITHIN ourselves. Desire is the GUIDING LIGHT

“Made by “the holy spirit” and we are meant to follow that, to honor that, not to withhold it. If we withhold natural desire then we withhold creation from coming into being. Your desire is as unique to you as a finger print. It is your unique vibrational signature. Command your desire into being by speaking it into existence!

Detaching is when the outcome of the desire is surrendered,  to the generation the creation of the desire by GOD or UNIVERSE. It is NOT detaching from the desire, that is the wrong idea. Detach from how the outcome will be done, but not from the desire itself.

If we don’t detach from the how, then the actual creation, the step by step making will be forced and willed  by ourselves.  You will be the one making your manifestation happen by your own actions, only if you surrender it will it be made for you, this requires trust, so that you can comfortably check off a done, on your to do list. Done. God is doing it. The universe is working on this with a whole team. Take your mind off of it.

Think about baking a cake. You get the ingredients (make sure it is the right ingredients) mix it and put in the oven. Once it is in the oven, the baking is being done by the heat. This is where you don’t do anything. You don’t have to become heat and bake. 

This is how you detach from your burning desire.  After you have tended to the burning desire, spoken out that your have this desire, and that it is your birthright to receive it, since it is in YOUR heart, it is YOUR unique desire, and it is also your purpose, now, leave it alone. Let it be in the oven, let the heat bake it. You can comfortably go on to to other things for a awhile.

See there IS NOTHING TO DO at that point. Let  go, …….eat, sleep, live life….This is DETACHMENT, and the reason why it is hard to detach, at first, is because we are programmed to DO things.

Detach from DOING the doing, and just sit down.

Let the heat do the baking

Let the universe assemble itself in order to please you and to give you a beautiful version of your desire.

Let the doing take care of itself for a few minutes. That is a good start of detaching.

When you find yourself in a space of just BEING, you suddenly enter into a completely different brainwave state,  it is a Zen state. This is when your manifestation is done.

THIS MEANS that you are no longer in conflict WITH OURSELF, the with yourself part is important because that is the ONLY thing that you actually have to do when you are wondering what to to. Resolve all conflicts within yourself, the resistance gives way. 

Photo by Yan Krukov

The universe appears dual. But, it is non-dual. The universe springs forth from with you, and so your universe is a little different from mine.  There is no way to prove anything except awareness. Consider that your whole experience is just yours and it is created by your thoughts.

What can you manifest?

Well, anything you desire.

What is in you awareness?

Jesus says whatsoever you desire. (Please don’t let the word desire be the word that goes unnoticed in this sentence). Anything you DESIRE. If you don’t desire it, why manifest it?  But if you do desire it, why deny it?

Your ideas of limitations are a little different from mine, and your ideas of limitation are different from Elon Musk’s. Can you live on Mars? Well, depending on how we have accepted the ideas of “the matrix”, this is how much or how little we accept limitations. Elon Musk does not accept the limitations that cars cannot drive by themselves, or that we can only live on planet earth. Did Jesus accept the limitations of the Matrix?  Did he or did he not heal the sick, walk on water and raise the dead?  Did Jesus have to try to convince anyone that you can raise people from the dead? Or did he just do it?

There is a Taoist saying that those who say you can’t do it should not stop those who are doing it. 

Your limitations are created by you, and can be removed by you. Don’t accept them. Deny any limitation.

If you stop arguing for your limitations, you are half way there already. The resolution happens within and only within. This is why the Bible says go and tell no-one, so you don’t need to tell anyone, you just need to know with in yourself that’s all.

When something is already done, your burning desire is fully 100 % satisfied so this is your only job.

Detach from the HOW of the outcome is going to be put together. You don’ have to become the heat in the oven, you just have to put in the cake, and turn on the heat, and then you can sit back. You don’t argue with yourself about whether you have a right to bake a cake, running in and out of the kitchen taking the cake out, and changing your mind and guilting and shaming yourself about baking a cake. Wondering if everyone else is baking a cake or not. It would never get done if you did that

So allow yourself to have your desire so that you can observe how it comes into being.

Command it. Sit back. Allow.

Know that your cake is done just like your desire is already done. YOUR JOB, is to ALIGN yourself with the doneness of your desire. Embrace your desire to have a cake, detach from how it gets baked and there is your cake.

Embrace your desire, whatever it is, detach from how it will happen, and there is your manifestation.

Anna Bäck

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