Thought Transmission, inner conversations, and EIYPO simply explained

Thought Transmission, inner conversations, and EIYPO simply explained

Can I send thoughts to someone and somehow they will know what I have sent?

What about if I harbor a grudge, or I talk behind someone’s back, does this affect our relationship?

And what if every time that me and my spouse have a problem or argument, I lean on my friends for support, does this affect my marriage?

If I am romantically interested in someone and I feel insecure and unworthy of them, will they in turn think that I am uninteresting?

What if I have a negative view of my friend, am I harming them by upholding this negative view?

Neville answers all of these questions, and leaves us understanding just the amount of power our thoughts have, and what amount of damage an rampant mind can cause.

“A very effective way to bring good tidings to another is to call before your minds eyes the subjective image of the person you wish to help and have him affirm that which you desired him to do. Mentally hear him tell you he has done it. This awakens within him the vibratory correlate of the state affirmed, which vibration persists until its mission is accomplished. It does not matter what it is you desire to have done, or whom you select to do it. As soon as you subjectively affirm that it is done, results follow.”

-Neville Goddard

This is the clearest possible way to state the idea of thought transmission, and this is also an example of the Everything is yourself pushed out, EIYPO. What is important is that WHATEVER is going on in your mind, WHATEVER you are imagining about another person has in fact an effect. Your thoughts affect and influence others in ways that we generally don’t like to think about.

You can also try to think of how very very differently some people see the same person, how their idea and concept is not congruent with the PERSON, but rather congruent with who they themselves are. They see what is inside of themselves, expressed in the form of another person, and so do you and I.

There is an Indian parable about six different blind men touching different parts of an elephant, and they are describing what they feel:

“The first blind man reached out and touched the side of the huge animal. “An elephant is smooth and solid like a wall!” he declared. “It must be very powerful.”

The second blind man put his hand on the elephant’s limber trunk. “An elephant is like a giant snake,” he announced.

The third blind man felt the elephant’s pointed tusk. “I was right,” he decided. “This creature is as sharp and deadly as a spear.”

The fourth blind man touched one of the elephant’s four legs. “What we have here,” he said, “is an extremely large cow.”

The fifth blind man felt the elephant’s giant ear. “I believe an elephant is like a huge fan or maybe a magic carpet that can fly over mountains and treetops,” he said.

The sixth blind man gave a tug on the elephant’s coarse tail. “Why, this is nothing more than a piece of old rope. Dangerous, indeed,” he scoffed.”

This illustrates that we never actually see the whole truth of another human, we just see what is right before our nose. If they expressed hostility, one person might see someone horrible and evil, and someone else might see someone hurting and emotionally wounded, and yet another person might see them as justified in their anger. This understanding is ancient, and predates Neville’s teachings by thousands of years, in the Rig Veda it is stated as:  “Reality is one, though wise men speak of it variously

This is AGAIN expressed by The Buddha, as follows: “In the society there are spiritual teachers who are ignorant towards other’s point of view, and hold their own views as the ultimate truth. It is because of their ignorant behavior towards others, that there are disputes in the society! ” The Buddha is not holding back on this fact that MAYA, or 3D, is just part of our fancy, and this has literally nothing to do with truth, and all it serves to do is to create CONFLICT.


How does this APPLY when it comes to OUR OWN inner conversations and our thoughts and opinions of others? Well, our opinion may in fact be correct, but each of our opinions has only touched a “different part of the elephant” , and that’s why all our opinions are correct, just as the elephant consists of all those characteristics, so do people posses the ability to express different characteristics. When it comes to our relationships, the important question then becomes, what do we WANT to see that person express!

It is never truly about another, but rather always ourselves. Once we come to accept that, our world, our circumstances, can begin to change in dramatic ways, at least if we are disciplined enough to maintain our vision of the other person in the best possible light. If we can keep our rose colored glasses on no matter what.

One could argue that this sums up the reason for our existence in human form, but I’ll leave that to your own imagination…

(No, do not misconstrue this to mean that you should stay in abusive situations.)

Back to Neville and his take on this:

“Failure can result only if you fail to accept the truth of your assertion or if the state affirmed would not be desired by the subject for himself or another. In the latter event, the state would realize itself in you, the operator.”

-Neville Goddard

Here we have to come to terms with the fact that we alone are responsible for our failures, and that this possible failure is caused by an inability to stay in the state of our vision of the other as happy/loving/successful … Can you be faithful to your desire of your view of your friend or spouses wonderful personality? Or do you keep getting sucked back into your mental arguments, your spiraling negativity? Neville leaves no room for questions of as to why we fail here now does he…

(The only other possibility is if you have tried to manifest something for the other person that they don’t want, and that is something that you obviously should not do, and I do not teach that. This falls under the category of retaliation, or black magic, or spells, and other nonsense, that is not what I teach here. That type of behavior is NOT in accordance with how God would act. That type of behavior is consistent with feeling powerless and grasping. )

Inner conversations:

“The seemingly harmless habit of “talking to yourself” is the most fruitful form of prayer.

A mental argument with the subjective image of another is the surest way to pray for an argument.

You are asking to be offended by the other when you objectively meet.”

-Neville Goddard

Changing a relationship is NEVER about the other person, ever. It is always about our own inner conversations about them. No matter how you turn this, it will always come back to the fact that our inner conversations are “overheard” and later displayed in our outer circumstances. Think of it like looking into a mirror. All you are seeing is your own thoughts on display.

“As mental arguments produce conflicts, so happy mental conversations produce corresponding visible states of good tidings. Man creates himself out of his own imagination.”

-Neville Goddard

Using this understanding of another, we can re-create ourselves as well:

“If the state desired is for yourself and you find it difficult to accept as true what your senses deny, call before your mind’s eye the subjective image of a friend and have him mentally affirm that you are already that which you desire to be. This establishes in him, without his conscious consent or knowledge, the subconscious assumption that you are that which he mentally affirmed, which assumption, because it is unconsciously assumed, will persist until it fulfills its mission. Its mission is to awaken in you its vibratory correlate, which vibration when awakened in you realizes itself as an objective fact.”

-Neville Goddard

“Fix your attention on a friend and have the imaginary voice of your friend tell you that he is, or has that which is comparable to that which you desire to be or have.

As you mentally hear and see him, feel the thrill of his good fortune and sincerely wish him well. This awakens in him the corresponding vibration of the state affirmed, which vibration must then objectify itself as a physical fact.”

-Neville Goddard

“The good you subjectively accept as true of others will not only be expressed by them, but a full share will be realized by you.

Transformations are never total. Force A is always transformed into more than a force B. A blow with a hammer produces not only a mechanical concussion, but also heat, electricity, a sound, a magnetic change and so on. The vibratory correlate in the subject is not the entire transformation of the sentiment communicated.

The gift transmitted to another is the like the divine measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, so that after five thousand are fed from the five loaves and two fish, twelve baskets full are left over.”

-Neville Goddard

Our imaginations and visualizations that occur as a result of our inner conversations have a ripple effect, and exponential spill-over effect, if you will. Sincerely wish only the best for others, and watch how this in turn produces the same amount of good in your own life, and then some!

Now, if you find it difficult to only maintain positive thoughts about another, don’t worry you are not alone! This happens to everyone when we believe that a relationship is “especially difficult” but there is an easy way around it, and that is to ALWAYS circumvent the thoughts that want to take over and spiral into inner arguments. Simply stop thinking about that person entirely. This method works just as well. Every time the thoughts try to take power from you, and you find that you gave power away to the rampant thoughts, take back control by saying to yourself – No! I have decided to not think about that person for the time being! Then have a another thought ready to go, to replace it, the best hack here is to decide on the scenario that you ideally want to see with that person, but in your mind, play it our with a different person. It can be someone you know, or someone who is a celebrity, or fantasy person, or just a totally unknown person using just “the energy” of the person, using an energy that you want to see/feel.

This stops the continued recreation of negativity, and waters the seeds of the relationship that you desire to experience.

Stop for one moment and ask yourself, what am I thinking now? You are carrying on a little tiny inner speech at every moment of time. 

-Neville Goddard

There is absolutely no sense in focusing energy on fighting the negative, it does not accomplish anything really, but rather begin to tend to the seeds that you want to grow into big healthy plants or trees. The state is the manifestation, and by ignoring the negative and tending to the desired seeds, you maintain a state of calm. The state of battling the unwanted is a state of its own, and that only continues to produce more of the state of battling. Leave the battle, and turn your attention around completely, and focus on the desired state and don’t worry if you have to use a substitute person to represent the og person.

It is YOUR state that we are changing, nothing else.

It’s the inner speech that is frozen in the world round about us. This whole vast world is but “frozen” inner speech. What are we saying on the inside? 

-Neville Goddard

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