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Sleep MP3, perfected with brainwave state EMDR technology

Subliminally, effortlessly, easily reprogram the old record of your mind. Stepping into a new reality is as easy as walking through a door. Open the doors of your mind by playing subliminals as you sleep, or leave them on all day. You can even flood your living space all day while you are gone to work or school

This recording works best with headphones, the movement from right to left brain hemisphere relaxes the brainwave patterns and allows the new messages to enter your subconscious program, just like when under hypnosis.

Think of this as a “sleep hypnosis”

Everything about this recording is perfection, it is soothing, warm, zen and most of all, it is easy to fall asleep to. Feel as comforted as a little baby getting rocked to sleep, and just soak up the positive and uplifting messages, and see your life transform for the better effortlessly.

Over ten hours of MP3, perfected with brainwave state EMDR technolog

(Subliminal affirmations)

I believe in quantum jumps.

I am a powerful alchemist, everything I touch turns to gold

I am living my dream life, everything in my life translates into perfect love

My vibration is high, light and zen. Bliss is natural for me.. 

I create my own reality.It springs forth out of my bliss center, easily and effortlessly

I am a master manifester.

I know how I manifest everything

I am highly intuitive.

I take perfect  action towards my goals instinctively

I am a magnet for money, love, and success and bliss

I live a life of passion and purpose.

I shift realities easily, it is like walking through a door

I radiate love. 

I let go of unwanted attachments now, I am easily free of any craving or need, there is a total release of unwanted attachments now. I am free.

I am quantum jumping into my new reality.

There is a person that is right for me, and I am right for them. We are a perfect fit.

I am living my best life.

All my dreams are coming true.

I am sending the right energy into the world, I freely send love, I freely give kindness, and I share who I am with an open heart.

I am happy and confident.

I am an infinite being with infinite potential.

I live a life of abundance. 

Positive energy flows freely through me. 

My possibilities are endless, and I see possibilities clearly, with creativity and joy.

Quantum leaps are normal.

Good things are constantly and consistently happening to me.

I am a quantum jumper.

I am reprogramming my mind, body, and spirit for success and happiness. 

I am raising my vibration with these positive affirmations.

I trust my heart to lead me where it must.

My heart is always open and I radiate love.

I am a magnet for love and there is nothing I have to do to be different, so I enjoy my life to the fullest right now 

The love I desire is already within me so therefore it is also with me. As within so without, and I stand in the frequency of love right now.

The right person is worth waiting for, and there is no sense of urgency or impatience in me, I am fully in my joy in every season of my life.

Abundance is the most natural part of my life, and the allowance of flow state is a faucet for all abundance in all forms.

I Am a beacon of light in the universe, and only good things see me, and come to me, I am a magnetic force of goodness and perfect blessing after perfect blessing.

I create romance by being in a loving romantic mindset, my heart is set to the frequency of romance, and true love.

I give and receive love in abundance.

I recognise love when I see it. I am in the right mindset and like a lighthouse for my love to recognize me..

The universe wants to bring my perfect partner to me, and I receive.

I attract the most loving person into my life and my life is now full of joy.

I intuitively know when the right person comes my way.

The universe is moving, circumstances and events create my quantum jump, I stand still in my flow, at ease and at peace, and all the moving parts happen in my favor now.

I attract love on every level in my life, in my family, in my friendships, and in my romantic life.

I am in a loving and lasting relationship with my soulmate, and our love grows deeper and deeper..

I am a quantum jumper

Walking into a new reality is easy.

I love and accept every part of myself and I know that even my flaws are what my partner loves and I don’t have to change myself. I am perfect the way I am.

I attract love in abundance, and abundance in love, it is like I just magnetize all the good things in life, I feel like I am blessed beyond measure.

I happily give and receive love, it is easy for me to give love. I give love to friends, to my family, and I give and receive a very special sweet love to my partner.

I deserve love and affection, I deserve adoration and pampering. I love and adore my partner without fear.

I choose love over fear, because I know how I manifest everything

I am highly intuitive.

The more love I give, the more I receive, abundance is drawn to me from every direction.

Love flows through me, True love starts within, and comes from everyone and everywhere

I am attuned to the frequency of calm, ease, bliss, peace, love and abundance.

I am the perfect person for me, I am self accepting of every part of myself and any negative personality traits that I no longer want are easily and effortlessly released right now.

I give and  receive love.

Love surrounds me and everyone around me.Love surrounds my family and friends, love surrounds my community and creates positive growth and friendships

I am grateful for all the love and affection I get.

I am attracting  real connections.

I am loveable.

The more I love myself, the more I attract my soulmate.

The more I love myself the more abundance flows into my life

I walk through the open door into my perfect life.

I am ready  to change my life.

I am manifesting my dream life.

I connect with others easily, and everyone who is going to be of benefit to my healthy life is entering my life now. If a thousand people will need to move my life, the universe easily mobilizes them now and I just walk through the open door to my perfect life.

I trust that my life is a blessing to others.

I am completely debt free and abundance is simply so easy for me, I enjoy this free and easy life, I have passive income streams from multiple sources.

By doing what I love, the right person is attracted to me.I don’t have to pretend to be anything, I can just be myself.

I have created space in my life for my soulmate. I love to open space for my soulmate to enter into my life.

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