Affirmations  affirmations  affirmations….

Affirmations  affirmations  affirmations….

The LOA community is up in arms over if they work or not. 😲

Here is my answer:

The concept of affirmations go as far back as all the oldest spiritual teachings, hence they must have some validity.

The question is more in HOW are you using them, for what purpose, and do you know how to create an affirmation, and do you know when to stop?

Using affirmations on repeat in the brain does not do much good and it seems that people are doing that. There is no need for any of that. It is better if you find yourself present in the moment, rather than constantly having a divided mind. Having a need for doing affirmations on repeat is probably an indication of a problem of its own, perhaps anxiety?

Try to stop doing any affirmations for one week, and instead write down all negativity that comes to you. In thoughts, emotions and circumstances. Don’t stay and linger over the negativity, just NOTICE. Notice it and write it down. You can keep doing all your other practices that you do to improve your life, like meditation and whatnot. Just stop the affirmations for a week.

When the week is up, sit down with your notebook, the one in where you wrote all your negativity throughout the week.

The reason for this is so that you can uncover the weird reasons that you think you have for repeating affirmations non stop throughout the day, people have surprising and bizarre beliefs all the time without being totally aware of it, take for example master manifester Will Smith, who can’t seem to figure out why he is in a toxic marriage…. There is a lot to be said about celebrities who manifest, but fail to manifest happiness or beautiful relationships…. The reason why people manifest a lopsided life like that is simple. They are unaware of their own beliefs. So lets say that you follow through on this, and if I was your coach I would have you go through this process with me.

The following week, take a look at all that you have written down, add in HOW you were made aware of the negativity, who made you aware? Was it you, or did someone else tell you? Make sure that you add in other people’s opinion of you, we have to sort that out as well. Because EIYPO. Everything is  YOURSELF PUSHED OUT.  You  are on full display out there in the world, as well as on the inside, in your thoughts and emotions. Too many people use affirmations wrong, and it does nothing. It isn’t meant to be a band aid on a gaping wound. It is meant to be Like the smell of baking bread spreading throughout the house. Subtle, effective, and wonderful.

It isn’t until you sit with your perceived negativity that you can stare at yourself in black and white, and create an effective and meaningful affirmation. What have you been repeating up until then? Look at what a discrepancy there is!

Take the negativity and start forming what is called an “auto suggestion” out of this negativity. 

An auto suggestion is similar to an affirmation but it is only said once, and it is a message to the mind that you have NOTICED, and that you are now breaking the pattern. The bad habit, the negative behavior, the ruminating thoughts are now on notice. Time is up, and we are done with that nonsense. You Might get a little kickback from the negativity, but that is normal, don’t give it any attention. Think of it as if you had just told a child that they have to eat dinner before dessert, they will be upset and have a tantrum, but so what? Tantrum will be over eventually, eventually they will eat, and eventually dessert comes. A tantrum from your mind could come in the form of increased effort of ruminating thoughts, and increased presence of the bad habit, or increasing negative circumstances, but again, pay it no attention.

So let’s create a few auto suggestions together!

Let’s say in your notes for the week you had written down “ I had argumentative inner thoughts of a defensive nature, with my spouse”

You noticed this because you were finally paying attention to all negativity. If you have read Neville Goddard you know that “inner conversations” is a manifesting technique, and here you are using it to manifest discord in your marriage… Let’s change this and watch how quickly your marriage can improve just because of one single person cleaning up their inner world! 

An auto suggestion around this would sound something like this:

“Whenever I notice that I am having an inner argument with my spouse I will start to chant my mantra/or say my prayer, until the inner argument ceases, and I will turn my focus on what is at hand in this moment.”

REMEBER it is only stated ONCE.

For this, you need to have a mantra or prayer that you turn to, for a shift of the monkey mind. I recommend   “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”  Or simply   “I AM”   or for example psalm 91 or 23, or a prayer.  Something that steers your mind, and even better if it has a root in divinity or spiritual expansion, because this alters your subconscious mind faster than anything else. Nothing else is as effective as a reinforcement of the divine in you. Make the selection of your mantra based on your faith, lack of faith etc. but pick something, and have it ready to go morning, noon and night.

So to recap this, Do NOT repeat affirmations, create an auto suggestion instead, state it authoritatively only once, and then turn to your mantra.

Let’s say you had also written down in your negativity journal “ I have fears about my finances, my future, and about my income”, then you can use the same auto suggestion method, just reframe it to fit the fear. “Whenever I feel the fear of my future come, I will start to say my prayer” State it clearly, you are making a point to your mind that fear no longer has a home in your mind.

To create affirmations:

Take these negativities, and create a couple of affirmations that are COMPLETELY absent of even a hint of negativity. To use the above mentioned examples, create:

“My thoughts are so peaceful, joyful and loving.”

“I feel so stable, serene, and secure”

Affirmations are meant to be used at a specific time every day, just like you say your prayer of gratitude before getting out of bed, or before going to bed at night. Don’t reach for affirmations as a band aid for anything, just say them along with your morning and evening prayer, trust that it is done. TRUST THAT IT IS DONE. Whenever you feel negativity creep up during the day, just remember that it means absolutely nothing, it has no relevance how you feel, there is nothing that can change your manifestation and you are NOT THE ONE CREATING, it was done already when you spoke the word. Just reach for your auto suggestion instead, and remind yourself that all is well.


  1. Notice your negativity.
  2. Create auto suggestions.
  3. Choose a mantra.
  4. Reframe your affirmations only be positive, and reflect your true needs, not a band aid.
  5. Limit affirmations to morning and evening. (Or whatever schedule you choose)

If you use affirmations this way, they will absolutely work.

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