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Impatience equals resistance | Manifest faster by not wanting it faster!

Man’s dreary desires are answered drearily, and his impatient desires, long delayed or violently fulfilled

Florence Scovel Shinn
Florence Scovel Shinn

The insistence consciousness that is strongly present in impatience is equal to a resistant thought.

Florence Scovel Shinn

Think about it. If you were actually living in your end, then the feeling of insisting that this happen NOW would be absent, you wouldn’t even think about thinking about insisting. Impatience is filled with the insistence of now now now, and it is equal to living from the end of NOT having your desire.

For as long as you are LIVING FROM THE END OF NOT HAVING AND NOT HAVING AND NOT HAVING, you will continue to not have. This is why your “Impatient desires are long delayed” or, alternately the are fulfilled in a disruptive way with a traumatizing Bridge Of Events.

Living from the end seems to be so elusive when we are new to manifesting and it is one more Neville Goddard terminology to try to decipher but it is actually much simpler than any other manifesting technique you have ever heard of. It requires no doing, and no thinking, no writing, and it doesn’t require that you fell happy, elated, vibrationally aligned, it doesn’t require a special diet, or meditating, subliminals, or affirmations. You can be upset and live in your end. Think about it. Once you have your desire you will still have days when you get upset about something and that is fine.

Living from the end only requires that you hook into the satisfaction of a fulfilled desire, and then leave everything else be.

You don’t have to have an imaginal scene, you don’t have to do revision and you don’t have to do a congratulatory conversation. Nothing. You can, but it isn’t necessary.

Just this:

What would you feel like if you were now the person that you want to be? How would you see the world if things were as you desired them to be?

Neville Goddard

This means that you can stop looking for reassurance that it is happening, and start seeing with new eyes. What does the world look like for you now that you ALREADY have your desire? You don’t have to know beforehand what it would feel like because you get to create the feeling, so if you are wondering how to feel it real when you have never felt like that, well, don’t worry because you can DECIDE what it feels like.

Limiting beliefs causes impatience

Limiting beliefs is one the most used terms in manifesting communities, and yet, so many people trip themselves up on this and fail to understand both what it means and how to move beyond this space. First of all.

ALL beliefs are LIMITING because by nature a belief is false, and falseness belongs to the illusion, beliefs belong to the world of CIRCUMSTANCE. If you know a little bit of foundational spirituality you know that there is ONE underlying Truth, which is CONSCIOUSNESS, and that consciousness is also unconditional love, eternal joy, even ecstasy, it is perfect bliss, harmony and stillness.

All circumstance belong to the illusion and it is FACT that circumstances are void and empty, that you get to assign the MEANING, if you want a meaning.

Assigning a meaning is the same as a belief, so everything else is belief, and all beliefs are limiting, but what beliefs do you WANT to entertain in your life?

Letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you means to let go of victimhood, and letting go of believing that other people have created circumstances and that you are an innocent bystander.

What things DO you know?

These things:

Your next breath comes natural.

The sun rises.

The earth’s gravity holds your feet on the ground.

You can go make a cup of tea right now.

Hot water comes out of the tap.

You have clothes to wear.

The sun sets.

If you drop something it falls down, not up.

These things are natural to us, so we don’t create opposing beliefs that hinder them. We don’t have any sense of urgency, impatience, or resistance, so THESE manifestations are not ‘long delayed or violently fulfilled”

You don’t think manifesting these things. But actually, without knowing that you are doing it you are manifesting these things every day by knowing it into place. You don’t consider it a belief because it is so natural that  you never question this belief.

You don’t believe in unicorns so you will not see a unicorn.

You don’t believe in apparitions of mother Mary so you will not see one. OR you are a Catholic nun and you have spent every living moment loving and praying to the merciful mother Mary and you WILL SEE and apparition of Mother Mary. You don’t believe in Aliens and you don’t see aliens, or maybe you do believe in aliens. The thought of belief or disbelief has to be somewhere in your consciousness, and when it is the world of circumstance will show you.

When it comes to the most beautiful love story of your life, that kind that ends happily ever after, with you both, in love for a lifetime, having weathered the storms in life and still holding hands and laughing together at 80, the relative ease or difficulty with which that happens with, depends ONLY on your foundational beliefs in terms of marriage or long term relationships. NOT on theirs, but just on yours.

If all you experience growing up was strife, fights, domestic violence, abandonment, cheating, finding out the mom or dad had a lover, divorces, family court battles, using children as weapons in the divorce, abandoning children in favor of new partner or new partners children, witnessing sex or love addiction or codependency in one or two parents, or growing up with one parent who renounced love altogether because they had been so burnt by love, now, manifesting a life long love relationship is a unicorn for you.

Because it is a unicorn belief, you start to become insistent that it happen NOW, but the only reason that it is not happening NOW is because you don’t believe that it even CAN happen.

It not only CAN happen now, it would happen now if you knew that it was easy. As easy as letting the sun rise.

There is a Taoist saying, that “Those who don’t believe it can be done should not stop those already doing it.”

In this case your own thoughts and disbeliefs are stopping your own desire. Those thoughts and disbeliefs should not stop the desire that know that it is already done.

As sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

As sure as gravity will hold you feet in place this moment.

That is how sure it is that LOVE is real, and that your heart deserves its happily ever after. It was a sure thing the moment that you were born.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Not only is this real, but is the ONLY thing that is real even, when matter and circumstance fade. Love remains.

Replace your lack beliefs, with the certainty of love being not only real, but is is all that is real. The amount of importance you give the empty void called circumstance that is the amount of importance and power you will give it outside of you … Only make things mean love, and remove all other meanings from your mind.

Adjust your beliefs throughout the day. Do what it takes. Make everything mean something amazing. Literally everything. This is where you create the beliefs that you actually want to hold.

LIVE FROM THE END by using your daily tasks, your day to day living as obvious signs that you already have your desire. Make your morning coffee be filled with the feeling of having your desire already, and when you get into your car to drive to work, do this as if you already have your desire. This is what Florence Scovel Shinn means when she says “Do not neglect the day of small things, for little beginnings have big endings”, and including the “little things” into your living from the end makes your desire feel mundane and normal, whereas if it is a really BIG desire it can start to feel as unlikely and against the odds as winning the lottery….

Be fully in control of your world, not in an aggressive way, but in a normal, mundane and easy way.

As soon as you ease up on your insistence, you have shifted state, and NOW, living in the STATE of the wish fulfilled, you are on the bridge of events already.

Dr Anna Bäck

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