Meaning Making, Narrative Telling, and Rewriting Your Subconscious Program | Part One | Amygdala and Alignment!

Meaning Making, Narrative Telling, and Rewriting Your Subconscious Program | Part One | Amygdala and Alignment!

If you try to change the wrong components in your life first it will either backfire or just simply won’t work.

If your subconscious program is to expect harm or disaster, abandonment, poverty, cheating, being “cancelled”, neglected or anything that is damaging to mental and emotional health, then the first place to start making changes is to the amygdala, a brain component responsible for emotional processing. this brain area can not be deliberately regulated, by “thinking about it”, just like other autonomic nervous system programs, it runs on autopilot.

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You can’t decide to beat or un-beat your heart, and you can’t decide that the amygdala process emotions differently, it has been programmed and it is simply doing what it was taught to do. The way to retrain the amygdala response is from the body → brain, not form the brain → brain. Using affirmations as a method to retrain a traumatized amygdala is difficult and usually causes more anxiety, and the only to successfully do that has to be a rhythmic pattern that gets absorbed by the right brain, think children’s rhymes etc., but this is a bit like a band aid on a gaping wound.

By addressing the “director” of emotional response, the amygdala, we end up with a relaxed autopilot that has no anticipation of disasters. It makes us go from a person that expects the worst, to a relaxed and confident person.

One way to target the amygdala is to do some type of mindful body movement practice such as Yoga, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, or interpretive dance, or Kundalini Yoga. These movements adjust the nervous system, signals safety to the amygdala and since the amygdala sends signals to the cerebral cortex, which controls conscious though, and our thoughts then automatically adjust. This approach is OPPOSITE of repeating affirmations. This is how we “get into alignment” first, and only then work on fine tuning our thought patters. Signals that are sent from the amygdala to the autonomic nervous system also regulate skeletal muscles and control physical reactions. This can reduce physical pain syndrome, and knee jerk fear reactions, triggers and more.

So first things first.

Alignment = healthy Amygdala response.

Order of operations!

There are other things you can do to SIGNAL SAFETY to the amygdala. You can do meditations, any type of meditation, including walking meditations. You can do breathing techniques, and you can SING, you can CHANT, say the rosary of other chants or prayers, you can also engage in your favorite hobby. If your body has an opportunity to engage in your hobby daily, it signals to your brain that you are safe, life is good, and it is fine to relax and enjoy yourself. This is called a BOTTOM UP approach.

Among manifesting coaches there is a strong pull to spiritual bypass, to just hammer out affirmations with force or to focus on the “getting’ rather than the “feeling”. As much as I would love for this spiritual bypass to be true it simply isn’t. Addressing amygdala activation and reducing it, is such a simple step to take, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it before.

Amygdala relaxation = Alignment

“Felling is the secret”

Neville Goddard


  1. Begin a daily movement practice, even if it just five minutes. Keep track in a calendar, note how you felt immediately after your practice.

2. Spend some time in some type of introspection, meditation, or nature walk daily. There is a little bit of time even when we don’t think we have time. Just take five minutes out of your Netflix time, or other time waster, all you need is a few minutes. Figure out if morning or evening or mid day is best for you.

3. Explore making time for your hobby. if don’t have a hobby, then wonder what it would feel like to just indulge in whatever this moment calls you to do. Explore. Try different things. Every day for thirty days do something brand-new and different that you have never tried before. It can be anything, learning a new language, knitting, line dancing, playing an instrument, writing poetry, solving word puzzles. Literally anything between heaven and earth BUT try to make it OFFLINE. Unless electronics is an integral part of your hobby, see if it can be done without any electronics.

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