Meaning Making, Narrative Telling, and Rewriting Your Subconscious Program | Part Two | The Insula and Alignment!

Meaning Making, Narrative Telling, and Rewriting Your Subconscious Program | Part Two | The Insula and Alignment!

“If you try to change the wrong components in your life first, it will either backfire or simply won’t work.”

Understanding the difference between addiction and your desires.

The insula and alignment.

The INSULA is the part of the brain that is responsible for PRESENCE.  An insula that is activated, or “online” is capable of healthy self-awareness, interoception, and pain processing. An off-line insula is involved in lack of self awareness, dissociation, and is also involved in addiction.

 Interoception is a word that means to have a sense of the physical condition of in the body, it is both a sense of gut feelings and a wider range of physical sensations. It is a two way communication from the brain to the body, and the body to the brain. It is a messenger and translator of the gut-brain axis.

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You can think of the insula as and ethernet cable. Like Wi-Fi. It should communicate a healthy sense of self awareness, and keep the gut brain communication active. Gut instincts and hunches use this Wi-Fi. Gut feelings can also be called somatic awareness. The insula allows us to experience feeling states, and a sense of self, by interpreting and processing feelings of joy, sorrow, pleasure, and pain etcetera. The insula influences our cognitive reasoning, or conscious mind, as it is called in Law of Assumption. This is what contributes to the formation of our beliefs. Our beliefs are responsible for motivation, direction, and inspiration in life. If the amygdala is responsible for unconscious, life saving, knee jerk responses, the insula is responsible for our ability to be more reflective in our processing of sensory input.

If the insula is “offline” it will disrupt our emotional, cognitive, and motivational processing, and we will be in a dissociated state, unable to “feel into” our own experience, and unable to connect what the body is feeling. An offline insula can leave us feeling disconnected, dissociated, and feeling like we don’t know or understand ourselves. An offline insula prevents our gut feelings from being felt or experienced by us, and the lack of emotional-cognitive-motivational cues can feel like numbness, depression, anxiety or it can translate in to undesired motivations, such as addictions.

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Part of our consciousness is awareness, is to be PRESENT, and to feel the wholeness of our physical life experience, and this is why so many mindfulness techniques focus on presence, on being here now, and on somatic awareness. Taoist and Tantric methods very explicitly focus on bringing conscious awareness into every pore and every cell of the body. Becoming present in the now. Be Here Now. An offline insula blocks a now experience.

Disconnecting and dissociating from our present experience doesn’t only prevent potential pain experiences, but of course, it also prevents joy, love, and happiness. Because the now experience is blocked, an offline insula also blocks greater spiritual experiences such as awakening.

To get the insula reactivated, to get the Wi-Fi back online, is simple and we use the exact same techniques as we use to relax the amygdala, that is with body relaxation techniques, or what is called somatic techniques. Some common techniques to use is Yoga, Tai Qi, Qi Gong.Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques, and somatic meditations and so on, so rather than focusing on the MIND, or the BRAIN, we bring the focus of the treatment to the body. The methods are simple, but the courage that you have to bring with you might feel difficult, but just remember that it isn’t dangerous and you are safe.

Letting feelings back into the body turns the insula back on, and you will find that your brain now is back in control. Think of it as putting the head back on the body. Some people call it a heart brain connection.

Coming into manifesting techniques where you are told to say affirmations or get into the state of the wish fulfilled, or to live from the end, and everything will be fine, with an off-line insula, can seem very difficult, and it might feel like you are just getting more and more anxious, and farter and farter form your goal, or that your desire is always just out of reach. It might feel like you are chasing the wrong thing, and you will never get there.

If you dissociate:

Remember, if you have dissociated from your experience, there is nothing wrong with you, this dissociative mechanism is actually a normal survival mechanism, and unless we become aware of it and address it through the body, and somatic experience techniques, it remains elusively always just out of our control. Ancient cultures addressed this with Yoga, Tai Qi, Tantra and so on. The reason why you can completely free yourself of addictions, is that by reconnecting your brain with your body, and allowing feelings back in, you will be able to experience your feelings. Instead of running from feelings, you’ll simply go through them. Your brain stays in communication with your body, and does not signal a wrong motivation.

Manifesting and the Law of Assumption:

Manifesting is something that is FUN, when you understand that you are the conscious creator of your experience, BUT, if any of these manifesting techniques don’t actually feel GOOD to you, you might need to address any underlying issues.

If you experience a disconnect from yourself, or notice that your motivation seems to be missing, or your motivation seems to be oriented towards addictions, this could mean that your “Wi-Fi” is offline. To reactivate the insula you will use the exact same techniques that you use to relax the amygdala, that is somatic experiencing techniques. Get in the habit of a daily practice of noticing how your body feels, using methods like yoga, or mediations, and nothing further is needed. All you need is just an awareness of physical sensations, and the courage to notice how you feel.

Along with the courage to notice how you feel, also bring with you a heap of self compassion, patience, and love for your own experience.

There is no goal to this, beyond the present moment, so try not to think in terms of “getting better at yoga” or “better at manifesting” and definitely don’t think of it in terms of “clearing emotions or purging” because if you do that, there will be no end of purging. This is a bottomless pit. Try not to go there.

This is simply a method for coming into the now moment, and reconnecting with your own experience. Remember now is always now, it is never in the future, so there can be no goal.

The only goal is to reconnect the “ethernet cable”.

Flip the Wi-Fi back on.

And to reconnect it again.

And to reconnect it again.

And again.

That is all.

Every day.

Right now your sense self awareness can be In-Touch with your physical sensations.

Right now you can feel safe in your body.

Right now you can enjoy your experience.

Right now everything is okay.

An online insula signals safety. An online insula is alignment. Mindful movement and somatic practices gets the insula online.

An insula that is online and connected to the fullness of your experience, is capable of allowing of your desires in.

An insula that is offline and disconnected is not really able to understand or interpret your true desires nor is it able to let through your true desires, but rather, will most likely misinterpret addictions for true desires, and this is how the insula is implicated in addictions. (Remember, addictions are not just substances like drugs or alcohol, but also codependency, behaviors and sex addictions, and for the purpose of MANIFESTING it is also and addiction to any CIRCUMSTANCE.)

Desire of Addiction?

Now you know what to do if you don’t know how to tell if your desires are addictions, or if they are a true desires, or what you can also call your purpose if you like. (This does not imply destiny, since there is no such thing, but rather as sense of self-fulfillment). Simply pause and notice if you are present, or if you are disconnected from your body’s sensations. If disconnected, take a moment to reconnect. Notice that you can reconnect if you so choose. You can spend a few minutes meditating, or you can say your chants/mantras/prayers with your prayer beads, you can visit your yoga class, or Tai Qi class. This is also something that can be very personal to you, for example you might play an instrument and can use that to reconnect. There are fifty ways to leave your lover, but there might be over 7 billion ways to reconnect and align!

The more accustomed you are at reconnecting your insula the faster it will be. If at first it takes daily reconnection attempts, several times a day, for an hour or more every time, and it still doesn’t seem to “work”, it is working, and over time, all it will take is a simple reminder. Nothing more. Just a reminder to drop into your body, to feel what is present, connect, and you’ll immediately be back online.


Lifting this up from a purely brain mechanism and psychology viewpoint, and into the light of manifesting and Law of Assumption, we find that with an insula that is online and functioning, we are able to not react to circumstance in a healthy way, and also that we are able to live from the end without having to disconnect or dissociate. An online insula lets us enjoy the moment, and it connects us with more spiritual concepts such as “seeing God in everything”.

Being able to receive intuitive communication, so called glimpses or hunches, is another enormous benefit of staying connected, online and aligned. The glimpses and intuitive leads are the guiding light that leads us across the bridge of events (LOA) easily.

A disconnected insula might mean following the voice of addiction to circumstance, and a connected insula means the ability to listen to your Godself, your higher self. Your superconscious.

Manifesting from a state of alignment is exponentially more effective than manifesting from a state of resistance, it is the difference between “plugging in the toaster or not”.

Your capacity for feeling it real will be greater.


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