Is my desire from my ego, or is it a divine desire? Manifesting Fail-proofing

Remember who you are!

Is my desire from my ego, or is it a divine desire? Manifesting Fail-proofing

This trips people up sometimes, I can see that, a second-guessing of desires. “Do I have a right to want this for myself”, is what is usually at the root of this. Well, of course you do, but let me explain why.

We learn to feel unworthy in many ways, and early in life is the most common time to get an “unworthy” message. Others get through childhood just fine, and feel very worthy, but later bump into a relationship that is toxic or abusive, and suddenly find that your previous feeling of value has disappeared.  That you were the cause for the bad treatment. Small children are extremely sensitive to the messages from the mirror of their parents, and I am observing my grandbabies social engagement system develop as we speak, she is two months old, and ever since she was born, she has been seeking for happiness in other peoples faces. I also remember when my youngest was a small child, whenever she arrived somewhere she would announce it like a very happy occasion. “I am here!!” Just so sure that this was going to get the party started. 

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The opposite development happens easier than we realize, people often ask what they did to deserve their bad childhood, and the answer is nothing, no one deserves bad treatment at any age, but children are like sponges and they absorb the messages from the mirror very fast. Let me show an awful video of what happens to a baby that does not receive a value message:

Trigger warning.

Some people receive a value message, only as an “asset” to the parent, their value comes from making the parent look good, they are over praised, but for things that have nothing to do with their core value. Their core value is unseen, and this could cause someone to develop what is labeled  narcissists.  In the Law of Assumption, psychological labels don’t really exist or help, so I won’t use them much. 

A label like that, for our purposes, is only important in a couple of ways. 

One is that the people who feel unworthy usually worry that they will be “like that”, that they will be selfish or narcissistic if they give more space to their hearts desires, they feel that they don’t deserve money in the same amounts, or love that is easy, satisfying and fulfilling. They are overly conscientious and don’t want to be seen as selfish. You will not be. Don’t worry, you will 100% NOT become a narcissist because you follow your heart, but rather, you will contribute the beautiful gift of being yourself to a world that sorely needs leaders like that.

Second, Other times when the narcissist label could be a little helpful, is for the narcissist themselves, since the inability to show vulnerability might stand in their way to move towards their happiness. Acceptance of self, is different from self aggrandizing, and one involves validating your heart’s desire in the face of potential rejection. The message is the same for you as for anyone else. DARE to dream your dream.

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If you are one of the people who are wondering if you are worthy of your desires, you most likely belong in the first category. Both categories feel unworthy, but only the first is usually aware of this pervasive sense of  unworthiness.

Let me walk you through who you truly are, and why your desires are all God-given, and I’ll also tell you a personal manifestation that is so out there, that it is hard to believe. You know I don’t share a whole lot of personal stuff, because I don’t want to use my loved ones as marketing tools, but this one manifestation that happened two or three years ago is very out there, and she won’t mind me sharing.

But first let’s make it perfectly clear that there is not one thing here in the world that survives death, nothing that you can achieve or accomplish will follow you into death, so all things belong here, in the material experience. There is not one thing that is somehow more “holy” over another thing, except for…that one thing that survives death… and that of course is your consciousness. AND In consciousness, lies the operating factor of the material experience, and that is intent. YOUR intent. Have you heard  the saying “it’s the intention that matters”? Well that ends up being way more true than we expected. It IS our intention that matters! It is ONLY our intention that matters. 

SoHOW is it that our experience of having desires is God given, how is it that YOUR desire for a loving relationship that checks all the boxes is divine in origin? How could it POSSIBLY be that your vision of a mega corporation with a hundred thousand employees is divine in origin? Why on earth would your desire for beauty that brings all the boys to the yard be GOD GIVEN? You gotta be kidding right? 

Nope, I am not kidding, and I am about to explain, so that you will stop holding yourself back.

Abraham Hicks, by the way,  tries to point the way, every day, in so many ways,  tirelessly, and still many people worry that it is inherently selfish to want, and that going for your dream is not realistic, and maybe other people can live their dreams but maybe their karma has positioned them to have a better life?

Yes we are handed a prepackaged set of lack of self worth sometimes, but in addition to that, so  much of our self judgment comes from a longstanding tradition of MISTAKEN  religion, (any religion, I am not specifically picking on one). Even  Eastern traditions are included here BECAUSE, they  have a reputation for being more spiritual. For example,  Christianity and  Islam, being more dogmatic,is easy to see that there is guilt handed down through generations, but Eastern spiritual traditions have a history of throwing away the human experience entirely, in favor of meditating on a mountaintop. They simply overcame the problem of “desires cause suffering” by obliterating the Ego fully and totally, and that is just as dogmatic as say the Abrahamic religions, and ultimately, it is not a solution that is open to the vast majority of people living on the planet.

Raise your hand if you are ready to spend your life meditating, instead of pursuing friendships, relationships, building and strategizing a career, feeling satisfaction and accomplishment over your creative expressions and so on. 

I know I am  most certainly not, and even less so when I was younger and heading into life, with a fresh and hopeful  outlook on life! No, I wanted to LIVE, to experience, to fall in love, to explore my dreams.  NONE of my dreams involved a solitary monastic experience…. None. I wanted to kiss a man, and feel what it feels like to fall deeply in love. I wanted to write poetry and express my inner thoughts on paper. I wanted to be seen as lovely, I wanted to travel and see the world. This thing called life, it calls to us, in a way that makes our hearts sing, and quite frankly,  yanking the ego from out under our feet, so that our “desires never cause any suffering” , is A LAME SOLUTION.   It is the solution of a coward, and yet, a whole entire wellness industry is built around it. Is it any wonder why you ask yourself if your desires are selfish or God given?

Let me give you a wholly new perspective, the perspective of LOA, and of the TRUE ancient teachings.

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Now that you can see how pervasive this judgment culture is every day, (for example the other day, someone left a comment under my video on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras chapter Three, the chapter that is exclusively dedicated to manifesting, the chapter that most spiritual Gurus breeze by as if it doesn’t even exist, and this die hard person claimed that those are NOT the right Sutra’s.)  … Well, actually, thay ARE the right sutra’s. The eastern spirituality go- to authority, Patanjali, dedicated a full quarter of his book to

manifesting powers. Interesting….

We are  God’s creation

  • God is consciousness, eternal, infinite, omnipresent, God is the observer
  • The observer is still, constant, bliss, eternal, infinite and omnipotent
  • You can NOT see the observer, because your eyes point outward, all you can see is a projection on a screen of space, this is what is your material experience.
  • God, the observer, is like a lightbulb installed into a projector, and the projector is your body, the lens of the projector is your eye, and the screen that the movie is showing on is your life. 
  • The lightbulb is forever just a lightbulb.
  • Sometimes there is a horror movie showing, sometimes a romcom, but the light bulb is always a lightbulb.
  • You can not see the lightbulb, it is impossible.

But you can become aware of its existence by noticing the way that there is a movie showing on the screen, and you can deduce that there is a light bulb somewhere, in the back of you, the projector.

This is a simplification, obviously, but let’s imagine for a second that you are a lineman, a person, drawn on a piece of paper, like Linus the lineman. I used to watch this guy on TV when I was little, Linus på linjen, was his name in Sweden. 

Imagine that you are him, Linus, and all that you are,  is a line that moves across a line, your eye are no longer three dimensional, but rather one or two dimensional, so that when you look out on your world, your line world, all you can see are lines, or slices of lines. Your world consists of lines or slices of lines. Dots. Everything that happens to you, if there is a curve in your line, is completely mysterious to you, there is a chaotic randomness to the way the line dips and curves.  If I draw in an apple tree in front of you and you bump into it, you don’t see an apple tree, you just see a line, and you don’t know how that tree was suddenly in front of you.  Maybe you draw conclusions of a “punishing God”,  to explain why you bumped into that line, but the truth is that I just drew it in there, and that all you are is a line on a piece of paper, so you  search for ways to explain the mysteries of your line world using the limitations of that line world, and that you will never be able to see me as I am, or my pen.

I explain this so that you can understand that there is a physical impossibility of the human eye to detect certain dimensions. Not only is the human eye, and its operating system; the brain, incapable of seeing the next dimension “up” (which is a fourth dimension),  but  it is also incapable of picking up vibrations that are outside of a certain spectrum

A quick bit of quantum physics, to explain that ALL is vibration. There is no actual matter in the universe, everything is vibration, the double slit experiment shows us that until we observe a particle it is vibration. It appears to be a particle when we observe it. Look up videos on the double slit experiment. 

Bottom line here is this:  We deduce things based on how they appear to our eyes, but it is an inaccurate version of the universe. 

Imagine a few hundred years ago when people thought that earth was flat, their inability to imagine another dimension was even more restricted, we evolved, and we also happen to have something called “the third eye” that sees vibration, and is able to detect what for example the fourth dimension looks like. 

Why does this matter?

Because we can’t see who we truly are, and we CANNOT see the universe as it truly is, so we believe ourselves to be living in a random and chaotic world, where if we walk into an apple tree, I might attribute the cause to be “God’s wrath” or something like that.

People attribute the wrong cause to effects every day and all day due to the inability to see who we truly are.

 We are told that we are “Created in “God’s image.” 

God, we are told, is eternal, bliss, awareness, infinite, all, consciousness etc

This means that we are: An out-pictured mirror image of consciousness. 

We are an image of God, and our world is an image of us. 

Why does THIS matter in terms of our desires being GOD given, or divine in origin?

Consciousness is BLISS, love, eternal, etc etc. Consciousness is NOT equal to striving, fear, judgment, anger, greed, envy, wrath, or apathy and so on.  IConsionsess is: Sat Chit Ananda, (awareness, bliss and consciousness. Don’t skip over the bliss part please, a lot of people do. Bliss is the same as an insane and amazing love unlike any other. 

What consciousness, or God, is not, are all the things that are felt as negative emotions. 

Whatever is NOT Bliss and omnipotent consciousness, is NOT God.  


Awakening to consciousness is an experience of utter bliss, utter perfection, and an empowered sense of oneness.

Our desires are generated by this source consciousness, which has no other way of experiencing pleasure and joy other than through us.  “It” has no ability to have any experience, other than by way of our experience, so whatever you are experiencing you are also experiencing on behalf of God, the observer, the consciousness in you.  

When you rob yourself of the fulfillment of your dreams, you rob God of his/her/its  only way of experiencing this pleasure.

Florence Scovel Shinn says: 

One’s ships come in over a calm sea. So long as man resists a situation, he will have it with him. If he runs away from it, it will run after him.  

This is just another way of expressing the law of nonresistance. Nonresistance simply means that you are not adding in ideas and concepts of evil, lack, unfairness, or unhappiness. “A calm sea” is your alignment with divinity. Divinity is calm, or zen


God/consciousness has no material acting power beyond the intent to give us life. When you think of God as an external force that acts with vengeance upon your life, as unwanted events occur, you are just being like Linus the lineman who is unable to see the cause of the effect. 

The effect is something beyond your ability to see it, but it is not random, it is not chaotic, and it is not God’s punishment, it was a direct effect caused by a wrong intent.

Consciousness has only intent in its toolbelt. Your intent manifests, and so everything that you THINK that you are not manifesting because you think of it with a judgemental mind, manifests, because your intent is to show how righteous you are, and immediately, its opposite has to be created. 

The material world is dual, and if there is a cold end of your thermometer, there is also a hot end. If there is small, there is large. If you manifest being righteous, you are simultaneously manifesting unrighteousness. The intention has to take the plug out of that socket entirely for you to have the divine experience. The thought of good desire vs bad desire has to be removed from your consciousness, or else you will always manifest the experience of both in your own life. “There is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so” means this. It materializes, or manifests as matter in YOUR world, as soon as you think it “matters’, pun intended. If it doesn’t matter, it will not “matter” in your world. (Never mind other people’s world. Just keep focus on yours.) The polar opposites HAVE to manifest, but they are always dependent on one another, being the SAME. That is cold, and will never have an opposite of “hate”. And “love” will never have an opposite of “heavy”. The dualities are the same. Love and hate are the same, they are emotion. Hot and cold are the same, it is “temperature”, light and heavy are the same. If you manifest one, you manifest the potential for the other. Always.

The same thing happens when you manifest competition, if you want to be a “winner” over others, you simultaneously manifest the existence of “loser” in your world. There is no duality in the divine mind. There is only what? Bliss, awareness, and consciousness.  Remove the competition awareness from your own mind, align with the divine mind, and experience the bliss of your win being everyone else’s good simultaneously. The dog eat dog world is unreal and you are not obligated to believe in it. You are forever free to label your good the same and equal to everyone else’s good as well, this aligns you with the divine mind.

Abraham Hicks calls this allowing your cork to float.

Everything that you can think of doing instead of manifesting polarity, instantly aligns you with your divine core consciousness. Bliss, love power. 

Every time that you want to assign a goodness or a badness to your one desire, remember the divine mind. Remember that you are also given freewill to forget your divine origin, and  to  unplug from your divine experience and replug into the illusion, and to fall for duality. 

The habit of unnecessary judgment, in the case of this video, self-judgment,  keeps the thing being judged alive, and conversely,  removing judgment from your mind, takes its lifeforce away, and it will no longer  be sustained IN YOUR WORLD. We are meant to have a garden of Eden experience, and as soon as you learn to say yes to that experience you will have it. 

Remember that God can only have this experience through us, and if you want God to have a good experience you have to give “him” that,  the good experience has to come through you. 

BUT if’ like in the Eastern spiritual tradition, we just pull the plug on our desires, and go straight for the meditative bliss on a mountain top, in other words, you throw away  desire to live, love, travel, laugh, and to build and create, and evolve and grow, you take the experience away from God. 


God can only give

We can only receive.

I see some of the most spiritual people that I know, (including in my weekly group), pass judgment or be self deprecating, so that is how pervasive this programming of blocking our natural growth is.

Divinity and the human is a dynamic creative duo, it is a true symbiotic relationship.

Allowing your cork to float means that you diffuse the resistance, it means to create a space of acceptance and allowance.  It means to align with the divine mind,  as opposed to the dual mind.  

If you have a desire, rather than to say to yourself that it is selfish, say that it is God’s way of speaking through you, and HIS desire to have this experience via your vessel.  

There is a method of making Gods’ desire your desire, and then he makes your desire into his desire, and basically, this is just a mind trick around our judgemental nature, because your desire is already one and the same as your divinity. 

The human body, can not create anything, can not give anything at all to consciousness, and consciousness can only give, but can not receive, in any other way, except through us. It is a true symbiotic relationship. 

Shiva and Shakti. 

Abraham and Sarah. 

Hippos and birds…

A perfect pair.

Consciousness and our human nature.

Florence Scovel Shinn says: 

“God sees man perfect, “created in his own image,” (imagination) and given “power and dominion.” This is the perfect idea of man, registered in Divine Mind, awaiting man’s recognition; for man can only be what he sees himself to be, and only attain what he sees himself attaining. “Nothing ever happens without an on-looker” is an ancient saying. Man sees first his failure or success, his joy or sorrow, before it swings into visibility from the scenes set in his own imagination. We have observed this in the mother picturing disease for her child, or a woman seeing success for her husband. 

Jesus Christ said, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

So, we see freedom (from all unhappy conditions) comes through knowledge—a knowledge of Spiritual Law. Obedience precedes authority, and the law obeys man when he obeys the law. 

The law of electricity must be obeyed before it becomes man’s servant. When handled ignorantly, it becomes man’s deadly foe. 

So with the laws of Mind! “

Divinity and the human is a dynamic creative duo, it is a true symbiotic relationship.

In the truly symbiotic relationship, both parties gain an advantage by sticking together.  This is “love thy neighbor as thyself in action” There is no “one against another” There IS NO ZERO SUM GAME. There is no ‘manifest your own good at the expense of another” UNLESS WE CREATE THAT. All negativity is a polarity that is manifested by mental belief in it. 

We are ALL instantly manifesting everything, and most people have absolutely no clue that they are instant manifesting, so they make no effort to control their intent. They think that their intent is hidden, but actually it is perfectly visible in your world around you. There are no secrets here, everything about you is on full display.

Does everyone you love leave you eventually?

That is your self rejection on display, and so on. 

Your intent is your creative force, your intent is all that consciousness has at its disposal. Your intent is your ONLY creative force, and no action is in fact creative in the truest sense.

Florence Scovel Shinn puts it like this:

“Many passages in the Bible state that the battle is God’s not man’s and that man is always to “stand still” and see the Salvation of the Lord. This indicates that the superconscious mind (or Christ within) is the department which fights man’s battle and relieves him of burdens. We see, therefore, that man violates law if he carries a burden, and a burden is an adverse thought or condition, and this thought or condition has its root in the subconscious. It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious, or reasoning mind, as the reasoning mind (the intellect) is limited in its conceptions, and filled with doubts and fears. How scientific it then is, to cast the burden upon the superconscious mind (or Christ within) where it is “made light,” or dissolved into its “native nothingness.” 

For example: A woman in urgent need of money, “made light” upon the Christ within, the superconscious, with the statement, “I cast this burden of lack on the Christ (within) and I go free to have plenty!” The belief in lack was her burden, and as she cast it upon the Superconscious with its belief of plenty, an avalanche of supply was the result.”

(She calls our divine mind “superconscious”.)

Now, there is a supply chain, that can only be followed in the correct order, and it goes as follows: 

Consciousness (superconsciousness, God, Divine mind) feeds your creative soul, and when it is unhampered, you get to live out your perfect dream regardless of what it is. 

As an example: Apparently Henry Ford , who was a middle aged man by the time  when he had his dream of seeing the car being mass produced and put into every man’s household, received A LOT of criticism. His own dad thought that he was an absolute fool and Henry could have talked himself out of his dream. But he “cast his burden on the Christ within”, he let his divine mind fuel his dream, and if he hadn’t, we could have been a horse and buggy society still. 

Don’t hamper your dream, let God’s pleasure run through you. 

Elon Musk is receiving an equal amount  of criticism as Henry Ford, and if you look around your world today, our cancel culture, and so on,  you can easily see just how brainwashed we are into believing in powerlessness and judgment.  The subconscious program seems real and true to the vast majority of people, still, even with the abundance of these teachings available. As religious guilt trips are removed they are swiftly replaced, at a rapid rate, with political cults, and with an equal or greater measure of judgment. But we can easily change our thinking if we want to.

This program is hard to overcome, because we believe that this is how we become good people. 

That, by complying to the judgment of society’s  current demands, we become good, but actually this is our own mirror reflecting our programmed thoughts back to us. 

Realizing WHO you are, you suddenly  understand, you feel and embody that you are one with your desire, one and the same, like one breathing moving body. This is why it is divinely given. The end result is a realization that we are ALL one, all 8 billion, the whole entire universe, but the path there begins at home in your heart. With realizing oneness with your desire, and that can be anything. 

There IS no judgment, if your desire is for wealth, then the realization that you are one with your wealth is your process, and if it is a specific person, it is the embodiment of them inside of you, in your heart, in your mind. It is realizing that THIS desire is alive in you, and that it is NOT separate from you. It IS God. This desire is  God within, and you are already one. 

The more we allow ourselves to follow this guiding light the closer we come to realizing total oneness, with all. It is the path. And this is why the path of killing off your desires as is done in Buddhism, is a side path that does not really work for most. 

For example, I am manifesting my desire to share my message with you guys, and I have to overcome a baseline personality of shyness. I manifested becoming healthier and a coach, starting in 2007, and in 2016 becoming a licensed acupuncturist, and connecting with clients at trauma centers, and addiction centers, and I had to overcome all these ideas of “that is not possible” on the path. 

But every day I wake up, and my desire leads me back to writing another blog post or video, or connecting with a client, and helping them overcome whatever insecurities that they have. 

I have walked this path myself,  I am walking it daily, so I know the path, I know it can look scary, difficult or even impossible, but I want you to know that if you have the dream it is not only possible, it is Divinely inspired, it is your path, already forged for you. “I go before you and make the crooked places straight”- Jesus

You can not change your desire, or your dreams, you can only refine your mental state. What you accomplish by trying to kill off your inner dreams is more and more apathy, and God’s wish will no longer be fulfilled through you. Your apathetic state will manifest all around you in dreary surroundings. 

You give your own creative power away when you judge your desires.

Florence Scovel Shinn says:

“Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely nonresistant person. The Chinese say that water is the most powerful element, because it is perfectly nonresistant. It can wear away a rock, and sweep all before it. Jesus Christ said, “Resist not evil,” for He knew in reality, there is no evil, therefore nothing to resist. 

Evil has come of man’s “vain imagination,” or a belief in two powers, good and evil. There is an old legend, that Adam and Eve ate of “Maya the Tree of Illusion,” and saw two powers instead of one power, God. Therefore, evil is a false law man has made for himself, through psychoma or soul sleep”

Now for my strange manifestation success.

I moved from my home country thirty years ago,  when I married. I have had family here, but over time, I have lost my in-laws and so on, through their passing. I started to wish for family here, just because it is such a good feeling to have family nearby.

Two or three years ago, in the most bizarre way, it turns out that an acquaintance that I have had since I moved, for almost thirty years, is sort of a cousin, her family, is my family on my dad’s side. It changed the quality of our acquaintance completely, and we both were completely speechless for a good long time. For SO LONG, we had no idea, and it wasn’t revealed until I started to manifest being closer to family!

The fact that you have a desire is proof that it can manifest for you, because it is divine in origin, and there are no limitations in the divine mind.

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