“I had an amazing day today”

“I had an amazing day today”

Manifesting a specific person seems to evoke a host of upset feelings in about 50 % of the Law of assumption community. The reason must be, because they don’t yet understand the law, how it works, and that it is always working, and that the unfavorable circumstance is also a creation, it is just that it is an unconscious creation.

A specific person can be any relationship.

One person I know, was struggling because she had lost contact with her grown daughter. Well not exactly lost contact, but she had been explicitly told that she was no longer welcome in her daughters life. She was aware that while she had been in no contact, she had had grandchildren, and her hearts was breaking at the loss of contact with her own daughter and grandchildren that she had never met.

This is also a specific person situation. Every time I met her she talked about this, retold the story and solidified it more. The more she talked about it the more reasons she found to feel guilt and shame, and the more she resented her daughter. As we talked, I told her that she had the power to change this, single handedly, and that she didn’t need her daughter approval, or anyone else in the world, to agree with her, she alone held the power to turn this around, and this was long before I even knew about the law of assumption, or that our consciousness creates our entire world.

I talked to her about letting go of resentment, and forgiving, and also about saying that she is sorry to her daughter, because even though she wanted to be self righteous and say that “she had done nothing wrong”, it didn’t matter, because her daughter felt wronged, and that was all that mattered. Saying you are sorry when someone feels wronged is an act of love.

Now that I understand law of assumption, I also know that her own inner arguments kept this rift alive, and the guilty consciousness that she had, was expressed out , or pushed out, and the way to help a guilty conscious is to apologize, and also to listen, to hear what the other person felt was wrong, and to take steps to improve and not repeat the same mistake.

It didn’t matter how many times she tried to tell me and others that she was the victim in this story, because her true feelings were showing up as her world of circumstance, and she felt that she had done wrong.

I told her to apologize to her daughter, in a text message, since her daughter didn’t want to hear from her, and then, from then on and going forward, act as if everything was going to be fine, inwardly. Encouraged her to let go of the past, and to start each day with the hope and expectation that she can build a relationship only in the now, I told her to send a text message to her once in a while, perhaps once a week or less, but just a short message, a message that just kept in contact, saying “I love you”, or “hope that you are well”, and nothing else. I told her that she can in fact just leave all the resentment behind once and for all, and this way she would never make her daughter feel bad or guilty again.

In hindsight, this was a Neville method called “acting as if”, and this is a method that I have personal experience with. It works.

The last time I saw this woman, she was back in full contact with her daughter and her grand children, and she had just celebrated a birthday party for one of the grand children, she was so happy and radiant, and she had pretty much forgotten about how she had resented before. And that is how shifting states work. You forget the old state.

I share this specific person story to let you know that it is your own story about the other person that keeps the UNWANTED state alive. Every day that you retell that story you “blow life into its nostrils” of that story. The day that you decide that your story is in your hands, and yours alone, then you can begin to change it. Tell the story that you want to tell, and begin to live from the end by “acting as if”

I have my own experience with completely changing a relationship that was very important to me, and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to everyone who thought it couldn’t be done.

“The one who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the one doing it’.

Chinese proverb

To think that there is such a thing as a law, which is really just a way to frame the concept that our own consciousness creates, shapes and manifests the possibilities and circumstances of our own world. Our own front row seat to this show. Our own perspective. To think that this assumption of who we are can create literally anything and everything between heaven and earth, including physical healing, material wealth, success, fame and you name it, but NOT our relationships is absurd. We absolutely create our relationships too, and we are single handedly exclusively responsible for how we think about theses relationships. Thumper even knew about this ( in Bambi) when he says “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”.

Every old scripture tells us this. Even as far back as the Yoga Sutra’s are we told to not maintain negative thought about anyone. Neville Goddard takes it one step further, and maintains that not only should we not maintain unloving thoughts, but we are responsible for thinking loving thoughts about everyone we meet, and to be sure, he includes not just random strangers who have fallen upon some misfortune, but also those closest to us. Our parents, our children, our spouses and our friends. No specific person is ever excluded form the law of assumption.

To take any expectation out of a relationship that you are changing, release them from all of your negative thoughts, and every time you are tempted to go back to resentment, anger, hurt, or bitterness, imagine yourself going to be at night thinking to yourself: “I had an amazing day today”, and begin to feel that feeling immediately. If you had an amazing day, then why not embrace the day right away?

I start every morning with imagining myself sitting down on the side of the bed, thinking to myself, “I had an amazing day today”, it creates an expectation, an expansive and open feeling, an anticipation of what good might happen, and that is a feeling of “Felling it real”

Feeling is the secret

Neville Goddard

Dr Anna Bäck

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