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Can’t imagine the end? Segment intend instead!

You probably already know that you are supposed to go to “The End”, and imagine a scene that could only happen after you get your desired manifestation. Sometimes that end is too hard to imagine. Since you have been taught to go to the end, you still try to  push for that. But you don’t know what the end will feel like, so you feel like it’s impossible Let’s say that you have now education, and you are working at 7 – 11 or something, but you want to be CEO at Tesla, but you feel like a loser.

So…. now you can’t imagine the end, because you are busy imagining that you are a loser.

Your imagination creates, so no matter what you want or hope for, your imagination is that you perceive yourself as a loser, and this is what keeps manifesting for you. It is not that easy to shift out of that slump, and if your goal feel so far away, or it feels like such a slim chance, like being CEO of Tesla, you will continue to not be able to “generate an imagination of the end”, as long as you are also imagining that you are a loser.

OR….You might be a completely different personality, a go getter, and if you are convinced that personality wins, all day and every day, and if you believe that education means nothing, but hard work and great work ethics win over a degree, like a yuppie of the 80s, then you can EASILY generate an imagination that might VERY WELL land you the gig as CEO of Tesla. Your personality is as much a part of your imagination about yourself as anything else, and personality is changeable.

If this yuppie go-getter personality seems too far off for you, then you can use segment intending.

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(This is where people get mixed up with not wanting to mess with the middle, but segment intending is not messing with the middle. It is still just using intentions to manifest, which by the way is the simplest and quickest manifestation technique anyway. An intention generates an automatic image of the end result.)

To segment intend you simply intend the next most obvious step to take. If you can’t do THAT either, then break it down even more. Sit down and break things down into smaller and smaller and smaller goals, until you are able to imagine yourself actually doing it. Small goals are great goals!. Let’s say you start with the end goal; CEO of tesla. Now what education do you think you need? What education do you need to get accepted into? What schools could this happen at, is it online or in person? What papers do you need to gather to apply to these schools, and keep breaking the smaller steps into as many small steps as you need to, and when there are no more smaller steps to take, finally outline all the steps on a paper. 

Now each step is your next segment, so instead of going straight for imagining CEO at tesla, imagine your next intention, will it be to gather the documents that you need to go to school? Great, imagine that. You can now suddenly probably more easily imagine yourself with your suit on, looking powerful. Each intention will feel manageable now, and a natural imagination arises suddenly. Now you are no longer subconsciously imaging that you are a loser.

When you manifest, you gather momentum, and if the goal feels impossible to imagine it is like you gather up a lot of momentum for collision. If you have no clue what direction to go, a lot of momentum can easily head for a halt. If you know where to direct your momentum you will continue to imagine a smooth ride.

Momentum and intention should match. If there is a tiny segment goal and your exuberance and positive vibration is bigger you will deflate like a balloon, and in that case make the goal bigger, and better.

Adjust your end state based on your belief in your abilities, and allow for this to change from day to day. Try  to not start a battle with yourself because you can’t imagine the end, rather allow for the ease of the next segment. Can’t imagine that “really really big thing” right now? That is fine, so imagine organizing yourself towards the next segment, get back in control, and your state will instantly shift out of panic or looser state, and you will be in a state of accomplished and competent, and oh, by the way, that state is exactly what the ceo of Tesla is in!

Imagine the next most logical step.

Is the marriage too far off, and do you have bad memories of marriage? Try to segment intend, and manifest nice and safe dates where you are treated right, and imagine an end when you are courted properly. 

If you were rejected, imagine that you feel so good that you don’t really care about the rejection anymore because you got your groove back independently of a partner. Then imagine that you are pursued or courted, and asked out. Then imagine that there is a lot of romantic interest in you. It is okay to go in baby steps so that you don’t veer off the road, it is okay to go at lightning speeds too, and to manifest bigger and better but it all depends on yourself and the state that you are in.

It all depends on the momentum that you are able to gather, and it depends on how you can stay the course and not drive into a ditch. If you are going too fast and you do drive into a ditch it is totally fine, just see it as a learning experience from your Godself. Maybe you want to be able to pull this off in an “instant manifestation” kind of way and you are learning, you are segment intending your way towards that end as well!


If you go too big, and your manifestation feels out of reach, you will automatically start to active imaginations about possible failures and all of your shortcomings, and yes, those imaginations are instant manifestations as well. Shrink your end goal to a size that gives you confidence but challenges you. If on the other hand you decide to go bigger, better and more fantastic, if  you feel excited about the greater end goal, your momentum will get you there! Just don’t give up on yourself just because you can’t get a feel for your end state, just segment intend every step of the way, shrink the end goal to a bite sized snack, do that for as long as you need to.  There is no true end anyway, the true end is the next end that you CAN imagine, it is a false belief that it has to be only certain things like “after the job promotion”, “after you own the business”, “after you get married” etc, but the only true end is death, and surely that is not an end we need to imagine lol!

The end can be “going to get burgers together with an sp”, the end can be to “establish interest” in the first place, especially if you have been very a insecure person. The end can be monogamy if you have had a hard time with that before, and the end of marriage is too scary to think about. Go segment to segment, and do it as slow as you need to, because in the end you will have received you manifestation faster, because slow and steady wins the race, and this is like the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Segment is different from messing in the middle, in the way that messing with the middle is “problem solving” and trying to figure out the how.

You can stay in a vibrationally still place where you allow “the how” to unfold, without finagling, or you can segment intend, trying to hammer every bit into place. Manifesting is equal to doing nothing BUT intending, and then staying in that vibration of having intended and in the state of ” it is already done”. (Sometimes there is some amount of problem solving to be done, and in that case, that can be your first segment intended, but commit to actually solving the problem then. Like this: Get a paper out, draw a line down the middle, and write a yes on one side and a no on the other for the problem that you want to solve. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes, and jot down all the pro’s and con’s and the side with the most reasons wins. DONE.

Problem solving is a skill that many people don’t have, and sure, it does make a difference in your life, and it also makes a difference in your manifesting, because if you can learn how to do this, you can return to “being in the state of the wish fulfilled”

BUT. Problem solving is not manifesting, manifesting is trusting in the mystery that fuses two atoms together to create a molecule. You want a hydrogen and two oxygens fused so that you can have a sip of water, but are you  REALLY going to go out there to fuse them before you drink water? Or do you just trust in the mystery that created water out of atoms so that you can drink?  You need the faith and stillness to manifest, not problem solving.

You need to dwell on the sabbath.

It is already done.

Drink the water. 

Play with this idea today:

How much doing actually belongs to you?

Is there even ONE SINGLE THING that you can create?

No, all you can do is  intend.

The fusing of atoms, you can not accomplish that, no matter how much you plan or worry or manipulate.

If you can’t manifest imagining your end, it is because you can’t give up your belief in your own history, and this belief will change when you learn how to live in the end of your smaller segments. You will change, and you can observe your change.  

There is a surprising amount of old-school new-thought teachers that include action steps in the manifesting methods, and I have read most of these teachings. It is safe to say that Neville Goddard stands out as the teacher who grasped the concepts, and clearly explained that manifesting is a non-action method.

Yes you will take actions because that is life, it is full of living! But manifesting is equal to living in the sabbath.

On the seventh day God rested, and that is us.

We are on the seventh day, and we are resting. So be in the sabbath. Whatever helps you give up the struggle and rest and be still, whatever helps you be in the sabbath, do that. Size your goal after your internal ability to rest in that goal. Remember the only true end is the grave so you get to decide for yourself what end you want to manifest now, if your end is to “wake up happy tomorrow” fantastic, it is a perfect end, so do that.

If your end is establishing a liveable community on the planet Mars, fantastic, it is a perfect end, life in that sabbath.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your old state, you are free to give up struggling anytime, and to be in the wish fulfilled, in the sabbath, immediately.

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