Law Of Assumption is an essential part of spirituality, not an accidental byproduct.

LOA is an essential part of spirituality, not an accidental byproduct.

For thousands of years, the old matrix has kept the manifestation aspect of spirituality hidden, secret or obscured, causing such words as occult and mystical to be attributed to this inevitable aspect of life itself.

Pershaps, a time long ago when this knowledge was to complicated for the average Joe to grasp it, hiding this knowledge was necessary, but remember that most of the population was once also illiterate.

The outcome of this hiding of the truth of LOA has caused a pendulum to swing towards a tendency to disbelieve in the science of LOA, and it has also caused a mistaken belief that LOA it is bad, occult or even satanic.

This is typical of a pendulum swing so is not at all surprising, but another side effect to this phenomenon is that even people who fully embrace spirituality consider that LOA is the part of spiritual practice that is is inferior and is to be avoided. This is false, and the truth is that it is the other way around. Without the Law of Assumption we will never be able to fulfill our process as one consciousness and come together in harmony.

The goal is to see ourselves as one, and to see God in everyone, to see everyone as our brothers and sisters, or even closer, and that can not be accomplished by a solitary spiritual pursuit, for most people anyway. For most people, love is the greatest path.

By ignoring the addictive highs of transcendental meditation, and opening the third eye, and instead focusing on the very practical results gained from applying LOA techniques we can both experience the transcendental effects, open our third eye, and live a healthy and balanced life in harmony with our human sisters and brothers, and the existential experiences will happen in an organic and balanced way that does not trigger psychosis which is otherwise a serious problem for seekers.

The only purpose for this post really, is for you to see that the aspect of single pointedness that is introduced to us when we learn about spirituality is best applied towards living a healthy and wholesome life, unless we have decide to narrow our life down to the path of a monk, which of course is a different story.

Let me clarify that for the manifester who is also a spiritual seeker. The concept of one pointedness is the idea of focus. Where attention goes energy flows. This means that for anyone who is hoping for a harmonious life, within the current materialistic lifestyle, the single pointed focus should be on the desired outcome, and not on the multitude of spiritual teachings that are circulating. Not on random channelings, by energy complexes, not on new age “everything is truisms” and not on believing in one dogmatic spiritual teaching above another, but to simply remain as we are thought, single pointed in out focus on the desired outcome.

Living in the end (or from the end)

The natural progression of a balanced human is towards a higher consciousness and a recognition and experience of oneness with the creator and with all, but the first step is to take practical steps to build that harmonious oneness with the human being that exist in our life. For som e of you that will actually be to change your circle of human beings to resonate more truly with who you are, this is true for me, as I just sort of always went along with whoever wanted to be in my life. As I have come to see how important it is to self reflect, and to allow each other to go through growth, and personality improvements, and how beneficial it is to use the presence of a loved one to perfect and check our own ego, I am more picky about who my circle consist of.

For example, my own goal manifestation is now to build a healthy small community of loved ones, and not to waste time and effort on people who do not ultimately fit into that life. This is the opposite end of misery loves company, this is a recognition that it is more beneficial if all loved ones have a similar tolerant understanding, and helpful and loving attitude. this is one way that LOA can be applied practically towards the harmonious goal of the creator. Another area is in our career path. These approaches will do more for us than a lifetime of lofty spiritual seeking that neglects the most important and valuable part of earthly life

Having the ability to create better relationships in all areas of life is the most obvious sign of spiritual development, and is a sign that we are in fact able to create oneness on a practical level. this also develops our empathy, something that is necessary for the spiritual seeker. Another downside to focusing only on personal spiritual development over the Law of Assumption or conscious creation is that we get stuck with a feeling of having to believe in magic or miracles in order to live the kind of life that we desire to live, and that leaves us feeling powerless. The Law Of Assumption is practical and scientific so this powerlessness is eliminated. results come as the methods are applied, and it just doesn’t get easier than that!

These practices are two side of the same coin, and both sides are necessary to have a coin. One is not superior to the other.

Neville Goddard developed his spiritual understanding in the course of his life time, and this is the way it works. By simply applying the tools in the manifesters tool box, a natural understanding of greater spiritual truths develop, and they will have a practical application that helps us become better people, more successful people, and more pleasant people for everyone to be around. For these reasons, the Law Of Assumption is an essential part of spirituality, not an accidental byproduct.

As a final thought, The law of assumption is the scientific aspect to spirituality, and without if, spirituality strongly tends toward a mere moral issue with no real practical application in real life. The scientific aspect gives us direction, tools and practicality, something that benefits mankind tremendously. We find ourselves in between these two forces, the egoic Law of Assumption, and the Altruistic Spiritual development. By applying both we rise to the degree of the creator in who’s image we are.

Dr Anna Bäck.

Photo by Askar Abayev

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