DON’T do affirmations this way! Neville Goddard and Manifesting

DON’T do affirmations this way!

This post has to be read by everyone who is choosing affirmations as their only method

I already made a blog post about how to do affirmations the right way, but I still see that people are continuing to spend their days “parroting vain repetitions” (What Christ condemned was not repetition but “vain” repetition)

If you truly want to understand, watch my video on the subconscious mind, because it lays the foundation for this post.

Understanding that the subconscious mind is mace up of millions of impressions, all of which make up your own general idea of who you are, what you like, what you think, your opinions, your fallacies, your fears and your hopes, your ego, your personality traits, what you identify with and as and so on and so forth, This is what acts as a stand in for your free will, until you decide to put a stop to that.

People who have NOT grasped the concept that YOU have to be bigger than your state, and bigger that any trigger, are bouncing around aimlessly and helplessly back and forth between these imprints.

The whole idea of manifesting is actually to reclaim your power and to overcome the spell of your state, and to rise above the outer things that control you.

When you have this knowledge of how to manifest, you are told at some point to just go to the end state and dwell there. If you fall out of your state, just find your way back. You might have gotten the message to affirm all day long, but the problem with that is this: You never actually leave your old state. You just bounce form positive imprint to negative imprint back and forth. Half the time feeling positive, and half the time feeling anxious. That is NOT manifesting.

Essentially that is like doing a week long detox, and then saving the toxins in a bucked and re-injecting it through an iv-line at the end of the week, in higher concentration. You get toxin free, and then what do you do?


Affirmations are like that. Re-toxification unless you know that you are the infinite, all powerful source. If you are affirming to have something that has power OVER YOU.

All that is accomplished by repeating vain repetitions like a parrot is shuffling the imprints around, you try hard to reinforce some but the old ones are still there. That is not the best way. The idea is to remove the imprints entirely, and the only way to do that is by meditation, or chants, or prayer.

That is it. Calling on the divine center, is the only way. (Actually there is another way and it is called Bhakti, but that is a different path) For the LOA path, meditation, chants or prayer is a must. Neville says to put yourself in a dreamlike state of reverie, a state akin to sleep, and I call that meditation. Get into a state akin to sleep he says. Don’t do vain repetition he also says. The meditative state begins to grow the divine center (see picture below) and the growing divine center starts to remove the imprints in the subconscious mind. Affirmations GROW the subconscious imprints in your mind. That is why they are re-toxyfying.

Many coaches tell you to “align” first, and I for one used to be very confused about what that means. I thought it was a hyped up excited state, and who can be like that all the time? Not me.

No, that is not what alignment means. Alignment means “get into a dream like state of reverie” Or find your inner zen. You can be sen and excited. Or zen and peaceful. Or zen and neutral. Excitement is not necessary. When you are aligned, zen, you have detoxified. The subconscious imprints are not getting through to the conscious mind, rather the divine center is in control.

So what is the divine center?

That is what Neville Goddard calls Christ, you imagination. You will not allow the divine center, your Christ, to be in control if you force affirmations, because you are forcing the subconscious imprints to be in charge of the thoughts that come through, so the divine center is sitting back, waiting for you to stop trying to be in charge. Once you hand over control to the divine center, things manifest for you. This handing over only takes a moment, if you decide to to it. Or maybe it takes 10 minutes, maybe it takes days or weeks of practice but this part is what separates the boys from the men when it comes to manifesting.

Disabling the subconscious mind from its shenanigans and letting the divine center grow and lead the way is what is meant by “seek first the kingdom” and all these things will be added unto you.

The Neville way to do this is through the SATS. State Akin To Sleep. The imaginal scene.

The real yogic way to do this is the much more powerful way, meditation, pranayama, chants and prayer, and yes all of them not just one.

If you focus on just the Neville Goddard methods, you will soon find that the need for repeating affirmations over and over again disappears and you spend your days in a state of comfortably zen instead of a state of anxiety.

So from now on, no more re-toxification!

If you use affirmation as a manifesting tool, keep to your schedule, and say them in the morning and in the evening, and maybe for lunch, but other than that, let it go. Let go and let God. Let go and let “divine center” that is. Learn some rock solid NLP techniques to power up your affirmations. That is what Neville means when he talks about us being God, he doesn’t mean that are neurotic thoughts are God, he means that the divine center is God. Christ. imagination.

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