Autosuggestions, change any circumstance! Fast and effective Manifesting

Autosuggestions, An introduction to a different manifesting tool


All of our problems, have the same root cause.


The root causes is “at the root” of every single problem that the world experiences, but we are concerned with ourselves and the improvement of our own lives mainly, so lest think about how the root causes are hidden from our view, but still, causes the expression of problems in our circumstances.

On a global scale

Our of misunderstandings of ourselves, and our shortcomings is the root cause, and this is why there is a saying “There is no one to change but self”. – Neville Goddard

The problem is that we are blind to the root, but we can see the “leaves and branches”. Most of us try to fix the leaves and branches in our manifesting, and at best, the result is short-lived.

When it comes to problems in our life, that have already manifested as our circumstance, those problems are best left alone, at least as far as our attention to them. This is why expressions like “ignore 3d” exists.

When you look at these images, you can also clearly see why we say things like “Your circumstances are the past”, because the root cause that lead to the manifestation has already happened.

If you take a moment to understand this, you will also understand Neville Goddard’s sayings like “To the pure, all things are pure”

And you will be able to understand HOW EIYPO (everything is yourself pushed out) works.

.Nobody wants to have issues with anger, greed, laziness etc, but most of us don’t know where to even begin to improve on these problems.

This is where autosuggestions come in.

Saying your assigned autosuggestion 3-5 times a day is very effective in creating stability in your life. The impressions in the subconscious mind receives the instructions, and because we are working at a root level, many expressions of circumstances disappear from just one single autosuggestion.

Working on a root cause like this is infinitely more effective than saying affirmation, which only target the “leaves and branches of the tree”, but leaves the root cause firmly in place’

There is not one single problem in the world that can not be overcome by auto suggestions.

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