Can you change another person? Law Of Assumption

Can you change another person?

Can you change your SP?

The answer is yes.

It is in absolutely yes. A resounding unequivocally absolutely yes. The fact is that just like we are all always manifesting, and there is no off button to manifesting, there is also no off button to how we affect other people with our assumptions. We are ongoingly, always and forever affecting others by our assumptions, an they affect us with their assumptions. We affect others with our behavior, with our thoughts about them, and with our talking about them, but he biggest impact is our assumptions.

This goes on weather we know about it or not.

It goes on without our understanding of how or why.

Just like with manifesting, we only gain mastery of this fact once we have learned about it, and then we can use it for ours and everyone else’s benefit.

Until then, it is just unconscious behavior, and it is a matter of past programming if we use it for our good, or use it negatively, to our own detriment.

Every person is malleable, I am and you are. Every person can change and every person does in fact change daily back-and-forth between states, and every person has the ability to change positively and negatively. Every person has the ability to change in a beneficial way or in a harmful way.

So, yes, you can change in a person, and yes you can choose your specific person to change.

The only question is, are you are you aware of how your assumptions about them affect them?

The question is, are you experiencing them negatively or positively?

The question is, are you helping them, or are you harming them with your assumptions?

Are your assumptions benefiting your relationship, or are they destroying your relationship.

Yes. We can change other people, and there is not ever a time when we are not asserting a change upon people, the only question is, ar we aware of it, and once we are made aware, in what way do we choose to assert our assumptions of them

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