You don’t have to believe in yourself, you just have to do the steps! | Manifesting | Neville Goddard

You don’t have to believe in yourself, you just have to do the steps! | Manifesting | Neville Goddard

You’ve set a goal, and end state and now, do you have to believe in your end?

You do not have to believe in it, but you do have to do the steps.

You don’t have to believe in yourself.

If your brain is more complex, more on the rational side of things, or if you have some self esteem issues that you have to overcome eventually, it is truly okay, and this is not an obstacle to manifesting, it isn’t even a delay.

Over time you will gain some faith in yourself, and naturally, as you see your manifestations come in, you will start to believe in yourself. In the meantime, just stick to using the tools, and keep going towards your goal.

Set a final goal, an end, and a timeframe if you wish. None of this is up to chance, or luck, vibration or just happenstance, it truly works like a recipe, and just like a recipe, even if you don’t believe that the ingredients you have put in the bowl will end up being a cake eventually, if you just follow the recipe, it will become a cake, weather you believe it or not.

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The manifesting toolbox is a manifesters best friend, and if you have a goal, and you have a daily routine , then your manifestation will happen.

In the end, if you want your goal more than you want to remain in the old state, it will happen, because weather you believe in your manifestation or not, if you use the tools you are set for success.

Little by little you will begin to believe, and before you know it, the disbelief will be forgotten, left behind with the old man state.

Part of being a creator is in fact creating the never before seen, the innovative, the fantastical and the amazing. You do not have to believe that you are capable of your goal but you do have to believe in possibilities, and sometime, in possibilities that do not yet exist. Believing in the possibility gives us the gusto to ask for what we want, and the courage to articulate our desires, and the bravery to dream.

Believing in possibilities means to let go of rigid thinking, denying access of the rational logical mind, and inviting the ability to grow, adapt and revise, to become malleable and creative, and letting go of being rigid, being right, and noticing the truth.

Possibilites are the unseen world of the artist, and a conscious creator is an artist of life.

We are never 100 % objective in or truth telling anyway, we always color our version of the truth with assumptions, and learning how to experience our assumptions in the moment brings attention to the subtleness of our psyche. We notice how our assumptions are based on prior experiences, but creation is based on the never before experienced. We easily believe in the past experiences, but for some, learning how to believe in the never before seen takes practice and bravery. If one tool fails to produce, it does not mean that your manifestion has failed, it just means that our flexibility and malleability has to be in charge. Fall down seven time get up eight. The assumption that “it isn’t working” is simply produced by a state and the state is based on past experiences. The shift into a new state needs vision and bravery, but it does not require belief. Just a belief in the possibilities of the unseen to become seen.

I tried a new ice cream flavor today, lemon curd ice cream, I didn’t know that it existed, and I didn’t believe or disbelieve the flavor, but I believe in the possibility of new experiences, and yummy ice cream. Not believing in something doesn’t mean that something does not exist, nor that it won’t ever manifest in your reality. If you are willing to give up rigidity and rational thinking for a part of your day, you can have any flavor of life that you desire.

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