Don’t let pendulums ruin your manifestation!

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The Law of Balance, as stated in the Kybalion, ( I always link to it below, it is an important book for every manifester), is one of the seven principles of Hermetic philosophy, which states that everything in the universe has two poles, or opposites, and that these two poles are necessary for balance and harmony. It is the same concept as Yin Yang theory in Taoism, just put in the simplest possible terms! The Law of Balance teaches that when these poles are in equilibrium, there is harmony, but when they are out of balance, there is discord. Consciousness ALWAYS seeks harmony, but dual life is always headed for discord. By using LOA,  you can always strike balance. That is, by applying the Law of assumption, the Law of balance, and the concept of pendulums, you can manifest ease and harmony, and avoid manifesting STRUGGLE .Lets learn how:

The way to apply this law in your own  life is essentially  to strive for balance in all areas of your life. For example, you can strive for balance in your work and personal life, in your physical and mental health, and in your relationships. This can involve setting goals and prioritizing your time and energy to ensure that you are giving equal attention to all areas of your life. Yes, setting goals and sticking to them, means that your impulses and whims do not get the best of you, it is that simple. 

Another way to use the Law of Balance is to practice mindfulness and self-awareness. By being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you can identify areas of your life where you may be out of balance and take steps to restore harmony. Noticing your thoughts and letting go of the realness of those beliefs, is the most important way to strike balance as far as LOA goes, since it is based on NO belief. Just consciousness. Mindfulness techniques teach you how to become the observer of our thoughts, and how to remain unattached to the identification with those thoughts. Just let them come and go.

Finally, you can use the Law of Balance to cultivate compassion and understanding for others. By recognizing that everyone has two poles or opposites within them, you can better understand their perspectives and behaviors, and approach them with empathy and compassion, rather than judgment and criticism. Aside from being a nice thing to do, this keeps your own energies neutral. Harmonized. Balanced.

Learn that two sides are necessary in the dual world, and you have chosen the path of LOA, that means that even if you used to strongly identify as something, you are now free, and recognize that others are also free, and when they are ready they will see that too.

The balancing act between pendulums.

Reality Transurfing is a philosophy and self-development technique that is fully atheistic, and unlike Neville Goddard’s LOA  in that it never mentions the word God, nonetheless, there is a recognition of a “ONE” operating behind the machinery, let’s call that “ONE” consciousness.  Just like  LOA , this  method that suggests that we can shape our reality by our  focus of attention, and our energy. In order to align with the desired outcomes. In Reality Transurfing, a “pendulum” refers to a collective thought-form or an energy field, or energy structure  that can sweep us up, and  influence and control our  thoughts, emotions, and actions. I think if you look back over history you can see some major pendulum swings, like the emergence of empires and religions for example. More recently you can look at a pendulum swing called “the pandemic”. There are smaller pendulums that are just as destructive and “hungry” for energy though. These energy structures are like energy vampires. Every day is a new opportunity for pendulums to grab your attention away with some meaningless drama, although it never seems meaningless when you are caught up in it. Pendulums are only there to sweep you away from center, from consciousness, from your manifestational power. 

To stay balanced and not get caught by pendulums Do these things:

  1. Practice awareness: The first step to avoiding the influence of pendulums is to become aware of their existence and how they affect you. Notice when you are being pulled in a particular direction by a group or an idea or an ideal, and take a step back to examine whether it is necessary for you to interact with it. If it is, then do it completely without attachment.
  2. Cultivate independence: In Reality Transurfing, independence is a key concept. It means being in control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, rather than being swayed by external forces. Don’t be EASY to influence. To cultivate independence, you can work on strengthening your sense of self and your self-confidence, and practice making decisions based on your own values and desires.
  3. Maintain balance: Balancing your energy and emotions is crucial in Reality Transurfing. When you are emotionally imbalanced, you become vulnerable to pendulums that can manipulate your thoughts and actions. To maintain balance, you can practice mindfulness  techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, or physical activities like yoga, or just hiking in nature, or anything  that help you release negative energy and restore equilibrium.
  4. Focus on your goals: Another way to avoid getting caught by pendulums is to focus on your personal goals and desires. Live in the end! By having a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you can resist the pull of external influences that are not aligned with your goals.

In summary, staying balanced and avoiding the influence of pendulums requires awareness, independence, balance, and focus on goals. By cultivating these qualities, you can create a reality that aligns with your desires and aspirations, rather than getting caught up in a reality that is nothing like what you wanted.

Live in the end action steps:

To manifest your desires by understanding the tremendous force that pendulums exert, and by becoming aware of the energy that they zap you of, take these five steps:

  1. Clarify your desires: The first step in manifesting your desires is to have a clear idea of what you want. Write down your goals and aspirations, and be specific about what you want to achieve. Clarity clarity clarity!
  2. Use the Law of Balance to maintain equilibrium in all areas of your life. When you are balanced, you are less likely to be influenced by pendulums that can distract you from your goals.
  3. Identify and avoid pendulums: Be aware of the pendulums around you, such as societal norms, groupthink, political boxes, religious sectarianism, and always, negative thought patterns, and avoid getting caught up in their energy fields. Instead, learn how to  quickly shift your focus on your desire.
  4. Use visualization: Visualize yourself already having achieved your desires, and feel the emotions associated with that achievement. Instead of getting caught up in the energy structure of the pendulum, use the image of “ideal self” on the go, to get out of tension and uptight feelings, or anger.
  5. Take action: Take practical steps toward your goals, such as breaking them down into smaller achievable steps, creating a plan, and staying focused on your progress. I am a huge fan of to do lists and goal setting, because it keeps FOCUS where it belongs. I always keep a running goals list when I cross off things daily. Big things, small things, doesn’t matter, as long as it is NOT getting caught up in something that will totally derail you from your goal.

THIS is HOW you “Live in the end”.

It is simple, it is doable for everyone!

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