The Lullaby Method | Neville Goddard’s Toolkit

The Lullaby Method | Neville Goddard’s Toolkit

This method for manifesting PURE MAGIC is overlooked and underused!

If I had a penny for every serendipitous miraculous event that manifested INSTANTLY from using this method….

Let’s just talk about yesterday.

But let’s remember that EVERY DAY has its own yesterday to bask and relish in!

Neville Goddard’s lullaby method ( he didn’t call it that) is the congratulatory conversation repeated until a state of total satisfaction is reached. It is taking the reign completely of the mind, and steering it with total confidence straight where you want to go, without doubts, fears or fails.

Two days ago I had a client who was in a mentally bad state. The client had taken a handful of pills a couple of nights before, an event that felt UNBEARABLE had come back to rear its ugly head, and “in spite of healing” left the client feeling suicidal.

Without going into the whole situation, we ended that session on the best most positive, even blissful not possible. From suicidal to zen and blissful.

Sometimes our subconscious imprints gang up on us and paint us into a mentally very dark corner where there are only black and white, or only one way out. This is of course nonsense, but it feels like it is “the truth” when you FIND YOURSELF IN THAT STATE…. (I have to all caps that so that you can relate this back to what is most important of all. States. Finding yourself in a state.)

With this client I skipped all the talk about “Why did it go so wrong” because NOTHING actually went wrong. Understanding why nothing went wrong, and how the subconscious mind works, have a look at my amazing video explaining this perfectly.

The lullaby method

The next day (which was yesterday) I was hiking in the mountains, and my mind was drawn back to the client, and went through the session in my mind, and I was doing this, I reminded myself that instead of thinking though my session, I could just skip that, and go ahead and manifest my own miraculous day filled with zen and blissfulness!

It is easier to tell 20 what to do, than to do it yourself…

I skipped my rumination, and noticed that birds were chirping, crows and hawks were flying up above, chipmunks and bunnies were out scampering through the hills. Lizards darting across my path. The mountains were vibrantly giving me their very best and I found myself in a new state, a state of gratitude.

I recorded this:

Bird chirping in the Santa Monica Mountains

Birds Chirping In Santa Monica Mountains

SKIPPING the rumination, and instead, using the technique I had given my client, but adjusting it for MY desires (which I almost have none, I am so fulfilled most of the time) I decided to repeat “It’s Amazing!’ and “Thank you” and “I had an amazing day” in my head.

For the rest of my two hour hike in this garden of eden, the Santa Monica mountains, I repeated this over and over, even saying it out loud, because only the animals could overhear and they were in full agreement with me.

Almost finished with my hike, my cousin texted me to call her, and instead of waiting until I was back to the parking lot where there is reception, I decided that the call would go though, and it did. Of course. Who need cell phone reception when you are plugged into source? She had a last minute invitation to go with her to the Ebell Theater of Los Angeles. For those who don’t know, that is where Neville Goddard held is famous lectures! I love this little theater, it is full of good vibes and interesting history. The tickets she had were for a concert/kirtan with Krishna Das, that night. Of course I said Yes (and if I also relayed to you how my evening had just become available, you would see how pieces just fall into place, lets just say serendipity)

Back story to her tickets… She apparently bought them two years ago, for her and two friends. The pandemic came, concert was postponed, and now FINALLY it was going to happen. The friends couldn’t go however, so she invited another friend and her daughter, but low and behold the friend cancelled last minute. She called, me, and of course, I had just been saying “Thank You!” in my mind for an hour, and here was the manifestation, instant, perfect, and exactly my cup of tea!

It doesn’t end there of course, because I had also repeated “It’s amazing” and ” I had an amazing day” so obviously full of anticipation, I knew that was coming too.

The beauty of how our reflected consciousness mirrors ourselves back to us ALWAYS is, to me, awe-inspiring.

During the kirtan, Krishna Das took a moment to speak his beautifully divinely inspired words of wisdom, and his words mirrored back to me the exact conversation I had with my client, word for word. I felt the amazing gift of being on the receiving end of such love, and what a lovely place to be in! So much gratitude, and so much wonder at how quickly the mirror works. What goes around comes around. Making sure that we love what comes around is the power of our own Godself, none of this is fate, chance or destiny, unless we are unaware of what we create.

To top it off, he echoed a blog post I have been working on, on the Bija Mantras (Seed Syllables), how they work as planting a seed, and how this is all you need, and you can skip all other methods, but that is a blog post still in the making, keep your eyes peeled, it is coming soon! Hearing him speak, was hearing my own words reflected back to me, from a beautiful soul, in a magnificent way.

AT the end of the concert I exclaimed “It was amazing” Thank you” to my cousin, and that is how the LULLABY METHOD works.

This is the method for instant serendipity. Skip all the nonsense-thoughts altogether, put them aside for now because all of your thoughts, regardless of what the are, are “not your monkeys and not your circus”, even if you have convinced yourself that somehow those thoughts belong to you and you MUST chew them over. They do not. You can safely and easily brush them all aside, those thoughts are all nonsense, skip them. Dive straight into the lullaby method instead.

Using exclamations such as:

Thank you!

I love it!

It’s amazing!

I had an amazing day today!

Today was the best day ever!

Now, if you are spiritually ready to stop knocking on the door of awakening and finding that you are already there…. then skip all that… and instead, dive into the Bija Mantra’s, the Seed Syllables!

Gratitude to Krishna Das for being my reflected consciousness 🙏

Krishna Das at Los Angeles Ebell Theater:

Two hours of drumming…
Gratitude to God

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