Limiting beliefs: Are beliefs real or are they unreal?

Are beliefs real or unreal?

Are some beliefs false, and other beliefs real and true?

We are told that to be a “master manifester”  we need to get over our “limiting beliefs”, or suspend our beliefs, or disbeliefs (aka rational mind)

But how do you know what beliefs are limiting beliefs, and which ones are not. How do you know what is real belief vs a belief that you keep thinking? 

What is the deal?

Let’s dive in and sort this out once and for all.

Let’s start by going as far back in time/space  as we can:

Let’s visit some of the earliest known texts of all time.

The Ashtavakra Gita defines ourselves for us:

“Have faith my child, have faith,  never confuse yourself in this. You are consciousness itself, you are the Lord, you are the self, and you are beyond nature.

(A second translation, same thing said slightly differently:)

“Have faith my child have faith,  do not be bewildered, for you are beyond all things, the heart of all knowing,  you are the self,  you are God

This is who we are.

(The Ashtavakra Gita is an ancient Sanskrit test, it is a dialogue between the 12 year old sage “Ashtavakra”, and the king Janaka of Mithil.  King Janaka is mentioned in The Bhagavad Gita as a king who has attained liberation. The Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahahbarata, which was compiled beginning in the 3rd century BCE, but the oldest preserved parts from around 400 BCE. Late Vedic literature such as Brihadaranyaka Upanishad also mention King Janaka, and dates his life to ca. 8th or 7th century BCE.)

I share this because the inner knowledge that we are God, we are self, and we are beyond this body is as old as time.   It dates back  AT LEAST  to the 700 BCE as we just saw.   So Neville Goddard didn’t make this up, out of the blue, and also, this awareness existed LONG before even the Bible was written, but you probably knew that.  This is one of the hardest ideas to swallow though,  for newbies to Neville. 

“I am God.”

It feels so blasphemous!  Is it really okay to believe something like that?

I had my own personal experience meeting this God, Self, Higher self, in a mystical experience (sans hallucinogens, I never do drugs) and it was a life changing meeting, Without this I guess I would have to take everyone’s word for the existence of a self that is so blissful, and  all-knowing. A self that is fully unbound by earthly attachments and this body. Different story for a different post.

Beliefs vs disbelief.

“I want things, but they are unattainable, I am separate from all things including my hopes and dreams, it is so far away…. How do I bridge this gap?”

This ancient knowledge which predates Neville Goddard by several thousand years, tells us that we are already that. Asking “How do I get this thing into my life? “ is like sitting in a chair, and asking  “How do I get to this chair to sit in it?”  The answer is that you are already sitting in it.

You are already sitting in that chair, don’t ask for instructions on how to get to the chair to sit in it, because you are already sitting.

Basically, to wake up to the understanding that all of our beliefs are false, is like discovering that we are already sitting in the chair.  You are everything, and you are beyond “nature ,” you are God and you are self.  The discovery is that you are already all things, all things that are currently within your consciousness are already yours.  They belong to you because you “dreamed it up.” 

You are already sitting in the chair, and you are already one with everything.

So how does that make “all beliefs false”?

“It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.”

– Neville Goddard

“Most of us are reflecting life and not affecting it. Your inner speech mirrors your mind, and your mind mirrors God.  If you do not change your thoughts, you haven’t changed their activity.  And if you do not change their activity, the conditions of your life cannot change, for they are only bearing witness to the inner action of your mind.” 

~ Neville Goddard

In Daoist thought models, there is a mind that is called “Shen” that pertains to the conscious mind. This Shen-mind is self aware, it is conscious of being conscious. Basically, this is the prefrontal cortex, reasoning, and logical mind.  Now, there is another mind as well, and it is called “Hun”. The Hun-mind is inspiration,  it is creative, it is the subconscious, it is the mind that journeys in our dreams, and in our visions. This mind is in contact with the divine mind.  Divine inspiration. The healthier the balance between the Shen-mind and the Hun-mind, the greater our life is. The Hun-mind can expand our horizons beyond what our Shen-minds are capable of thinking of or hoping for. Beyond horizons, beyond belief, and beyond disbelief.

A Shen-mind without the Hun-mind goes nowhere fast, is stuck in a restricted lifestyle, and it can only reflect back responses and reactions to what already is, and a Hun-mind without  the anchor of the Shen-mind, hallucinates, dissociates, and is unable to materialize all the wild dreams that it dreams. Strike a balance by having a healthy lifestyle and  nurturing both minds.

A Hun-mind is the creative force that provides direction for the Shen-mind, and the Shen-mind is the will to focus exclusively on what the Hun-mind has imagined, or is capable of imagining. The greater the balance in your life, the more connected to divine inspiration. The more connected to divine inspiration, the greater the possibilities for expansion of our life. 

Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone.

Taking the step into understanding that the logical mind is not capable of fathoming this truth is step one.  It simply is not capable.  You can take the most brilliant mind on the planet today,  and that reasoning mind is still not capable of fathoming this truth, only the unbound creative mind can fathom this.  Conversely, the unbound creative mind does not depend on a brilliant reasoning mind.  You can be the dumbest person on the planet, and still be able to intuit this divine truth through the creative mind. 

Belief vs disbelief.

The creative mind expands the reasoning mind beyond its comfort zone.

“We are all born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” 

~ Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard now goes a step beyond by suggesting that the creative mind is also a creative force.  Neville Goddard’s thought model argues that the creative, inspired, divine mind is the generative, creative force behind all that is manifest in this world, and I supposed that that means that it is also the generative force behind the rational mind as well.

“Through your ability to think and feel, you have dominion over all creation.” 

~ Neville Goddard

Our minds are in fact part of that creation.

“Each person is born with an infinite power,  against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” 

~ Neville Goddard

He separates the generative force of the divine mind from the reasoning limited thoughts of the rational mind.

“There is no limit to your creative power.” 

~ Neville Goddard

  • HUN-mind = Inspiration. Creative. Imagination. Dreams.  Visions.
  • SHEN-mind = Rational thought. Logic. Reasoning.

There is a limit to the reasoning mind and it is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all of our beliefs, all of our disbeliefs and all of our “limiting beliefs”

This is how we know that ALL beliefs are false and limiting.  Beliefs belong to the rational mind, not the creative mind. 

To manifest your dreams, your desires, your hopes and wishes, you must tap into the creative mind, and you must temporarily disengage the logical mind.

ALL beliefs are false.

All beliefs belong to the reasoning SHEN-mind, and all creation belongs to the HUN-mind.  ALL beliefs. Not some beliefs. Not just the limiting beliefs, but all beliefs, and the HUN-mind has within it the power to expand the SHEN-mind, and the SHEN- mind has the power to give a desired direction to the HUN-mind, which is the only creative force in the universe.  Because you are God, you are self, you are beyond nature, and are unbound by space and time.

So what should you believe?

The answer is, “Anything you want.”

Anything that you think serves your life goals, your purpose and your hopes and dreams. 

And someday when the logical reasoning mind is completely still, completely suspended, without a single ripple in that still lake of mind, the creative mind, the Hun-mind, will reflect back to you God’s mind completely undiluted by belief. That is  “The Promise” from Neville Goddard’s “The Law and The Promise”

There are NO limitations to the creative mind, absolutely none, not even the sky is the limit.

Anna Bäck

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