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Turn the worst situation into the best situation

Are circumstances still throwing you off?

Law of Assumption, Manifesting, is all about finding the satisfaction that we experience after we have a desire come to pass, once to goodies are in our hands, the money in the bank and the lover in the bed. This means that the need, the wishing and hoping, the desperation or even the desire itself has to be toned way down. The desire is what compels us to manifest it in the first place, but it is just a propelling forward factor. What happens then if you are unable to find that satisfaction of the wish fulfilled and you stay stuck in the needy state? Well, what happens is that circumstances look like they are negative. A negative circumstance is not real, and this is what we have to understand in order for them to not throw us off.

If you continue to try and try, but no matter what you get triggered by new circumstances and find yourself saying things like “this isn’t working”, then it is a sure sign that you have fallen for the apparent reality of circumstances, or for someone else’s version of reality, or have fallen for their judgment of you, and that you are continuing to seek validation from the outside world rather than self-validating from the end state.

The circumstances are not meaningful, they are just things that are passing by on a journey, and the destination of the journey has nothing to do with the circumstances, it has to do with your STATE. When you feel that something happening is particularly negative, this is actually a great sign because the time has come for you to level up. You are always presented with opportunities to level up to what you have manifested, and this is the moment that you can use as a stepping stone. The seeming negative circumstances are anything but negative. They are positive, they are a sign that you are well on your way. This moment is where you get to rise above what has up until now tripped you up, and to use that as a stepping stone instead.

Always look on apparent negativity as a perfect moment, because it is. It is a perfect moment for you to turn crap into gold. You are a manifester and you are wearing pants that have an unlimited supply of cash in the pockets, you are Midas and everything you touch turns to gold. You turn the worst situation into the best situation, so the worst is equal to the best.

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