Indecision: The Opposite of Law of Assumption

Indecision: The Opposite of Law of Assumption

In the teachings of Neville Goddard and the Law of Assumption, we learn that fear, doubt, and indecision hinder the manifestation process, while faith brings it to fruition.

Fear and doubt stand in opposition to faith, and indecision is the opposite of ASSUMPTION.

Consider how we manifest things effortlessly without consciously thinking about them. That’s because we naturally ASSUME their existence.

The sun rises and sets. There is air to breathe. Your blood circulates. Countless things occur, and your assumption is that they will continue to do so. You might assume your competence in a skill, your beauty, or that people enjoy your company.


We also assume many negative things, and these manifestations occur just as easily.

We might assume:

  • I have to work hard.
  • Going to school is necessary for career advancement.
  • You need money to make money.
  • Others don’t understand the challenges I face.
  • My partner never truly listens to me.
  • My kids are not performing well enough.

Endless negative manifestations stem from our unconscious assumptions, and we don’t experience any indecision when assuming these negative beliefs, so they quickly and effortlessly manifest. Florence Scovel Shinn refers to these as “dreary desires,” and her book “The Power of the Spoken Word” delves into this perspective. “Your DREARY desires are answered drearily, your impatient desires are long delayed or violently fulfilled.”

Florence Scovel Shinn

By “dreary desires,” she means assumptions of misery, poverty, sickness, and loss, which are answered in kind—with more of the same. This is how the Law of Assumption operates. The power to form new assumptions lies within your hands or, more precisely, within your mind.

Indecision simply reflects a lack of assumption altogether, and this is why your manifestation is in limbo—on hold, waiting for you to make a choice. Do you truly want it or not?

This is why both detachment and COMMITMENT are required in equal measure.

An assumption that is NOT dreary represents an assumption of “the wish fulfilled,” with the keyword being “wish” rather than focusing on what you don’t wish. Can you see that? Dare to imagine what you desire the most, setting aside all those “dreary” assumptions, and allow yourself to dream big—maybe even bigger. Immerse yourself in that dream long enough to feel what it’s like, and you might witness a breathtaking view from this perspective. Stay in this state long enough to fully ENJOY the breathtaking view.

Observe it.

Feel it.

Immerse yourself in it.

Smell, sense, and experience it.

THIS is the state of the wish fulfilled. Spend more and more time in THIS state, and those dreary desires will soon dissipate. This is what inventors do. It is what artists and musicians do. It is what lovers do…

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