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New Thought

New thought, is in truth “old thought” or even ancient. The concept of manifesting has been documented as far back as thousands of years ago and is outlined in utmost detain in the Yoga Sutra’s. Over time, religion and other THOUGHT CONTROL measures were implemented to hide this essential knowledge, and to even call it sin. These days, New Though is gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Enjoy free audiobooks here!

Joseph Murphy

“The robbers of time are the past and the future. Man should bless the past, and forget it, if it keeps him in bondage, and bless the future, knowing it has in store for him endless joys, but LIVE FULLY IN THE NOW.” – Florence Scovel Shinn.

That could mean going for a walk and enjoying it. It could mean sipping hot chocolate, and enjoying it, or it could mean playing sudoku and enjoying it, taking up a new hobby and enjoy it …. or taking a bath, and enjoying it, or take a yoga class and enjoy it… Do vigorous exercise, and enjoy it. Are you noticing a pattern here? The enjoyment of the present moment is the way to being present. Enjoyment. It really is that simple. It doesn’t matter WHAT it is that you do, it only matters that you immerse yourself in the enjoyment of it. That means NO agenda. No goal or ulterior motive. No disengaging from what you are doing and dwelling on the past. Just enjoy your activity or non activity in this moment.

Florence Skovel Shinn

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